Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 605: So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 40)

At that moment, Luo Qian Zhe stopped.

His breathing became a bit heavy.  Because of her sudden actions, his heart was rolling around.

“Luo Qing Chen.”  His charming voice slowly sounded in her ear, “If…..you want to eat pizza…..then just order it!”

“Ah?”  Luo Qing Chen was surprised.  Her little head suddenly came up and looked at him with a confused gaze.

Why did this person suddenly undergo a 360 degree change!

“But…..”  He paused as his tone returned to normal, “You still have to eat your medicine.”

As his voice fell, he carried her to the master bedroom before quickly leaving to help her get her cold medicine…..

Luo Qing Chen watched as he quickly left and she couldn’t help revealing a smile.

It seemed like Luo Qian Zhe had times when he was shy!

But, his love was really more stubborn than normal people’s…..

There were times when she thought that this kind of love was very terrifying.  He could die for the previous host even when his affection was only at 30%.

Now that she had 90% affection, he would definitely protect her.

No mistakes, no harm.


Since Luo Qian Zhe transferred to class B, class B became the class that was completely blocked.

Not only was the door blocked after every class, there were even more people when school was over.

The direct result of this was being especially late when going to the cafeteria.

It was no wonder Luo Qian Zhe didn’t like going to the cafeteria and having people buy food for him, so this was the reason.

“Qing Chen, you take this soup and I'll order from the second floor.  There isn’t anything that delicious on the first floor.”  Feng Xiao handed her the hot tomato and egg soup before running towards the second floor.

Luo Qing Chen found that there wasn’t a seat at all and began walking outside.

The cafeteria was divided into inside and outside.  There were many more spots outside, but since it was winter, there were less people eating outside.

Xiang Tian Qing was perfectly in time to see Luo Qing Chen carrying her soup outside.

She looked at Su Mu who was also eating outside and her lips curled into a proud smile.

If she couldn’t approach Luo Qian Zhe in class B, at least she could choose to approach Su Mu.

After all, this man’s popularity was comparable to Luo Qian Zhe’s.  She had to suppress Luo Qing Chen’s momentum and make this male god stand on her side!

She thought this as she headed towards Luo Qing Chen.

Luo Qing Chen was walking up and she was walking down, the moment that they passed each other.

She suddenly pushed Luo Qing Chen.  Luo Qing Chen’s cold eyes narrowed and quickly dodged.

When she was prepared to throw the soup down and fight back, Xiang Tian Qing poured the tomato and egg soup from her plate all over herself.

“Ah!”  With a pitiful cry from her, the soup scattered all over the ground.

Ji Hao Chen ran over right away after hearing Xiang Tian Qing’s cries because he had been eating with her.  She said she was going to buy a drink and in less than a minute, he heard her screams.

“What is going on?”  Ji Hao Chen came over.  He first saw Luo Qing Chen and softly pushed her aside.  Then he pulled Xiang Tian Qing up and put her behind him as he asked in a worried voice, “How did you become like this, you’re turning red from being burnt!”

“You….How could you do this?”  Xiang Tian Qing looked at her as her tears came down.  She cried while pointing at her and saying, “Just because I don’t know the rules of the school and almost became young master Qian’s deskmate by accident!  You didn’t need to do this…..”

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