Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 600: So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 35)

“You even remembered my name…..”  Ji Hao Chen was clearly very surprised as he looked at Feng Xiao and said, “I thought that people didn’t really know me.”

Feng Xiao said with a smile, “You’re thinking too much, there are many people who are talking about you!”

“Right, right!”  A girl with glasses in the fourth row shyly turned back and said, “Hello, classmate Hao Chen.”

“Hello……”  Ji Hao Chen was suddenly feeling like he was being noticed.

There was a haze in his heart, it seemed like there were many people who were silently noticing him.

Luo Qing Chen gave a soft laugh as she put her chin on her hand, watching this ‘familiar new student play’.

The girl with glasses shoved her and two people took the seat to sit down beside Ji Hao Chen.

Feng Xiao pouted her lips as she revealed an unhappy look.

After all, B class was just too different from A class, other than Su Mu, there weren’t any good looking men.

Adding in the fact that Su Mu was completely made of ice, B class had no one to talk to!

Ji Hao Chen’s appearance created ripples in the heart of many B class girls.  Luo Qing Chen saw Feng Xiao’s appearance and couldn’t help being worried.

Properly speaking, Xiang Tian Qing shouldn’t appear.

After all, the three of them had met abroad.  Now that she had come back early, that person shouldn’t exist.

But if she didn’t appear, the system wouldn’t need to classify her as the supporting female lead.

So….will she appear?

[The system has found that the host is getting smarter!]

He, he…..as expected!

“Feng Xiao……”  Her throat was a bit sore, but she patted her shoulder and said, “There are times that something that doesn’t look good isn’t actually good…..”

“Ah?”  Feng Xiao looked away from Ji Hao Chen to look at Luo Qing Chen, “Qing Chen, what did you say?”

Seeing this girl’s cute appearance in her spring time, Luo Qing Chen decided to let her experience love in her youth.

After all, only by falling down can you know what is the right person.

After class ended, Luo Qing Chen didn’t hear anything being taught because she could feel her forehead becoming a bit warm.

This is bad, what she discussed with Luo Qian Zhe wasn’t just real, there was even a more serious development.

Feeling very bad, she laid on her table and weakly talked to the system!

System, system, do you have any fever medicine?

[The host is getting more and more stingy.  Not wanting to use your exchange points and you want to exploit the system!]

Damn!  How could you be this stingy!

[Ding, the system very reluctantly gave the host some fever medicine and cold medicine.  It is in the right hand pocket of the host’s coat!]

Although it wasn’t willing, the system couldn’t bear to watch its host suffer like this.

Is your medicine useful?

[The host will know after eating it!]

Luo Qing Chen gave the system a roll of her eyes that it couldn’t see and she swallowed the three pills that she took from her pocket.

It had to be said, the system’s medicine was a bit useful.

The biggest effect was——drowsiness!

Luo Qing Chen at the medicine the system gave her and she was deep asleep by the second class.

She didn’t even know what happened when the teacher brought in two transfer students.

After the bell rang, the teacher slapped the ruler on the podium as they said to everyone, “All the students in the third row stand up.  You’ll sit in the last row behind the fourth row.  Someone will bring in desks and chairs in a bit.”

Even if it was just a temporary increase, it was because an important person was coming to class B.

The teacher wanted to say something, but Luo Qian Zhe walked in.

There were cheers that filled the entire classroom, as he instantly became the focal point of everyone in class B.

There was only one thing in his heart: Since you won’t come to my class, there’s nothing wrong with me coming to your class!

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