Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 60: Survival on Snake Island (5) Part 2

Zhou Yi sat on the ground, wrapped up with a sleeping bag, and trotted to Ah Jin's side.

Lowering her voice as she said, "Qiao Jin, let's both talk. I can't sleep."

Ah Jin answered in the same way she did, "Sure, what do you want to talk about?"

Zhou Yi sat on her butt next to Ah Jin and started complaining like a little girl.

"Hey, I actually regretted it. Why did I sign up for this adventure game when I had nothing better to do? Now I can't get enough to eat and drink. I’m scared every day. I’m afraid I'll die if I'm not careful."

Ah Jin asked her, "Then why did you not admit defeat at the beginning?"

Zhou Yi stuffed her head into her sleeping bag and muffled her voice, "I was just trying to save face.

I thought it was just a matter of adding some grass snakes to make it more difficult. When I was a kid, I wasn't afraid to fight more grass snakes. So even if I was bitten, it would just hurt for a few days. Venomous snakes are different. One bite, and I'll be dead."

Ah Jin reassured her, "There is a serum. It does not matter."

Speaking of the serum, Zhou Yi seemed angrier.

"Not sure if it's true. There are some venomous snakes whose toxins that the serum is of no use anyway."

Ah Jin narrowed her eyes.

"No, the given one is real. What is the point of giving a fake one."

Zhou Yi cursed, "Who knows what tricks they play. This darn company! I'm going to sue them when I get out! We are all in this together. We can't just be fooled by them for nothing."

Ah Jin poked the fire again and said to her, "Don't overthink it now. Sleep first. Let’s talk about things after we get out alive."

Zhou Yi laid back with a sad face.

A moment later, Ah Jin heard the sound of her steady breathing.

It was not clear whether to say that her heart was really big or she was not worried at all.

At 12.00 midnight, Thirteen got up on time to change shifts.

Snakes were initially nocturnal animals, especially venomous snakes.

Thirteen’s shift time was highly critical.

Thirteen would get up every half hour and patrol along the cave, hitting the wall with a tree branch to scare away the snakes that entered the cave.

The night passed peacefully, and Thirteen nudged Zhou Yi out of her sleep in the early morning.

Zhou Yi remained hazy-eyed and did not know what had happened.

Thirteen told her, "It's time for your shift. I’m going to sleep."

Zhou Yi then yawned and stretched to get up for her shift.

The temperature was slightly lower in the early morning.

Fortunately, the fire had not gone extinguished at night.

Zhou Yi looked at the few remaining branches.

She got up and walked outside of the cave and broke some branches, and collected some leaves.

On her way back to the cave, Zhou Yi seemed to remember something else.

She dropped the branches in her hand and went to the other side of the cave.

When she arrived back at the cave, the fire's branches had already been extinguished, with only a few sporadic sparks left.

The cave was dark.

She hurriedly brought the branches and leaves on the sparks and took out the lighter to rekindle the fire.

"Click" came the sound of the lighter in the silent cave.

Zhou Yi raised the lit lighter.

The flame illuminated everything around Zhou Yi.


When a face suddenly appeared in front of her, Zhou Yi was frightened and shouted out loud. Because of her panic, the lighter was also thrown away.

Ah Jin caught her lighter and lit the fire again for her.

She was so pale with fear, and her heart was pounding.

When she looked closely, it turned out to be Qiao Jin.

Thirteen was also awakened by her shout.

He quickly sat up and scanned the surrounding area.

There was no danger found.

Zhou Yi felt her heart and looked at Ah Jin.

"What the hell are you doing at this time that you scared me to death."

Ah Jin smiled and apologized to her, "Sorry for scaring you. I got up and saw how the fire went out. You, where did you go just now?"

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