Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 60 Part 2

The trio made their way around and finally found a small cave when it was almost dark.

Ah Jin lit the hay outside the cave, hopefully, to smother the snakes out of the cave.

It did not turn out as expected.

The snake did not come out, but some insects did come out.

Thirteen came in with a branch and knocked on the wall.

The cave was not big, and there were no snakes inside.

Three people were a little surprised that there was a python inside.

The python was not yet an adult, but it was also as thick as an adult man's arm.

It was unknown whether it was docile or because it knew that the people in front of it were not messed with.

The python did not take the initiative to attack the three people.

It was driven out of the cave and did not get angry.

It just slowly crawled away.

The three were assured that it was safe to enter the cave.

Then, as in the case of the snake he killed, Thirteen skinned it and roasted it to eat.

This snake was not big.

Ah Jin had not eaten enough and then ate some cookies to feel full.

The darkness in the summer was late.

Until about 8, the sky finally darkened.

The first half of the night shift was taken by Ah Jin.

The company-issued sleeping bag was a simple and lightweight type.

The warmth was barely enough, and the comfort was no need to think.

Thirteen had fallen asleep, Ah Jin was bored and fiddled with the fire.

Zhou Yi sat on the ground, wrapped up with a sleeping bag, and trotted to Ah Jin's side.

Lowering her voice as she said, "Qiao Jin, let's both talk. I can't sleep."

Ah Jin answered in the same way she did, "Sure, what do you want to talk about?"

Zhou Yi sat on her butt next to Ah Jin and started complaining like a little girl.

"Hey, I actually regretted it. Why did I sign up for this adventure game when I had nothing better to do? Now I can't get enough to eat and drink. I’m scared every day. I’m afraid I'll die if I'm not careful."

Ah Jin asked her, "Then why did you not admit defeat at the beginning?"

Zhou Yi stuffed her head into her sleeping bag and muffled her voice, "I was just trying to save face.

I thought it was just a matter of adding some grass snakes to make it more difficult. When I was a kid, I wasn't afraid to fight more grass snakes. So even if I was bitten, it would just hurt for a few days. Venomous snakes are different. One bite, and I'll be dead."

Ah Jin reassured her, "There is a serum. It does not matter."

Speaking of the serum, Zhou Yi seemed angrier.

"Not sure if it's true. There are some venomous snakes whose toxins that the serum is of no use anyway."

Ah Jin narrowed her eyes.

"No, the given one is real. What is the point of giving a fake one."

Zhou Yi cursed, "Who knows what tricks they play. This darn company! I'm going to sue them when I get out! We are all in this together. We can't just be fooled by them for nothing."

Ah Jin poked the fire again and said to her, "Don't overthink it now. Sleep first. Let’s talk about things after we get out alive."

Zhou Yi laid back with a sad face.

A moment later, Ah Jin heard the sound of her steady breathing.

It was not clear whether to say that her heart was really big or she was not worried at all.

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