Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 60: Survival on Snake Island (5) Part 1

Thirteen stepped forward and picked up a branch to beat the snakes.

Several snakes sensed the danger and spread out.

They assumed an attack posture and prepared to fight.

Some snakes surrounded Thirteen in a fan shape.

The closest snake to Thirteen already began to raise forward.

The snake’s head shook, ready to attack at any time.

Suddenly, the snake jumped up in the air all at once.

Thirteen had been paying attention to its movements.

At the moment it jumped up, he quickly leaped to the side.

His hand flung a branch.

It issued a "swoosh" sound in the air, striking the snake's body at three inches.

It was hit to the ground.

He saw the snake rolled on the ground and passed out.

Thirteen movements did not stop at all.

The knife in his hand was thrown at another snake, but it was not so accurate this time.

The knife only pierced the snake's abdomen without killing it in one blow.

Everyone had the instinct to avoid danger, and animals were no exception.

The four snakes had already suffered more than half casualties.

The remaining two snakes seem to know that Thirteen was not easy to mess with.

They did not get hooked and slipped away into the grass.

Ah Jin just stood behind him and did not help.

It seemed that there was really no need.

Thirteen took the dirty little red flag on the ground in turn and picked it up.

There was mud and dirt on the red flag's surface and even some unknown transparent liquid on it.

Ah Jin retreated a few steps back in disgust.

Zhou Yi saw the small red flag was also disgusted.

"It is so dirty. It is better for us that we do not take it. Let’s go find something else."

Thirteen took out a transparent pouch from the bag and put the little red flag in it.

Ah Jin checked the time and said to Thirteen, "Let's go, we should find a place to settle down as soon as possible. It’s getting dark."


Thirteen took the dead snake in his hand and started off again.

The three then started looking for a place to sleep at night.

Snake Island was not like other deserted islands.

They did not dare to sleep in the trees.

The trees had more snakes than the ground.

The trio made their way around and finally found a small cave when it was almost dark.

Ah Jin lit the hay outside the cave, hopefully to smother the snakes out of the cave.

It did not turn out as expected.

The snake did not come out, but some insects did come out.

Thirteen came in with a branch and knocked on the wall.

The cave was not big, and there were no snakes inside.

Three people were a little surprised that there was a python inside.

The python was not yet an adult, but it was also as thick as an adult man's arm.

It was unknown whether it was docile or because it knew that the people in front of it were not messed with.

The python did not take the initiative to attack the three people.

It was driven out of the cave and did not get angry.

It just slowly crawled away.

The three were assured that it was safe to enter the cave.

Then, as in the case of the snake he killed, Thirteen skinned it and roasted it to eat.

This snake was not big.

Ah Jin had not eaten enough and then ate some cookies to feel full.

The darkness in the summer was late.

In the early morning, about 8, the sky finally darkened.

The first half of the night shift was taken by Ah Jin.

The company-issued sleeping bag was a simple and lightweight type.

The warmth was barely enough, and the comfort was no need to think.

Thirteen had fallen asleep, Ah Jin was bored and fiddled with the fire.

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