His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 60 - Fainted

In the middle of last night, after Housekeeper Cui notified Old Madam Shen that Lady Meng and the others beat him out of the village, Old Madam Shen had sent someone to secretly take care of the cheap maids. Who knew that the person arrived at Liu Yun Village only to see no one. Therefore, Old Madam Shen was certain that Shen Ziqiao must’ve hidden them.

Shen Ziqiao didn’t care about the Old Madam’s unwell expression. She just wanted to sleep right now. She hadn’t slept much last night and she came over early in the morning. It was tiring to deal with Xiao Gu, that mental case, even at Marquis Luo’s place.

“Grandmother, if there’s nothing else, I want to go back to rest. I’m feeling dizzy and nauseous. I can’t hold on anymore.” Shen Ziqiao said while swaying back and forth.

“Jiao Jiao, I know you must’ve heard quite a bit of rumors during your stay at the Liu Yun Village. Those people belong to your mother. Your mother wouldn’t have died that early if they had taken good care of her. Did you forget? You were the one that personally chased them away back then. Those cheap maids. They must’ve found excuses to coax you. Don’t easily believe in them.” The corner of the Old Madam Shen’s lips twitched. In the end, she tried to put on a friendly smile, speaking gently to Shen Ziqiao.

That’s what she had said to the original owner too, causing her to chase away Lady Meng and the others.

Shen Ziqiao really wanted to curse this scheming old woman out, but what a pity that she couldn’t.

She still needed to depend on the Shen Family.

“I really don’t know where they are.” Shen Ziqiao said with an unwell expression.

Old Madam Shen faintly smiled and said, “Then you can stand there and think about it. When you remember where, tell me and I’ll let you go back.”

Damn! Shen Ziqiao almost wanted to curse her out loud.

Stupid old woman!

Old Madam Shen didn’t care for Shen Ziqiao’s visible exhausted expression and held onto Mama Li’s hand, heading into her room.

Mama Li held the Old Madam and asked, “Do you think that the Third Miss really doesn’t know?”

“Humph. I know this granddaughter best. How could she not know? She clearly knows!” Old Madam sat by the bed and placed her prayer beads on the table besides her.

“How does Shaoyao, that bitch, know that someone was going there in the middle of the night?” Mama Li’s gaze was poisonous and she lowered her voice, “The Third Miss has been home all night yesterday.”

The Old Madam Shen looked expressionlessly outside. “She hates me.”

“Old Madam.” Mama Li lowered her voice.

“She probably knows everything, but was just keeping it inside.” Old Madam Shen replied.

Mama Li responded, “Then the Third Miss knows what’s best for her. Since the Pan Madam married into the Shen Family, Old Madam has the right over the dowry. Third Miss is still young and is going to marry into another family eventually. Therefore, why should she have that much dowry? It’ll just be making it convenient for the others.”

The Old Madam Shen agreed with Mama Li’s words from the bottom of her heart. “That’s right. The Pan Madam didn’t give any to her legal son, but rather her daughter instead. She clearly doesn’t want the Shen Family to do well.”

“So what if the Third Miss knows? What could she do? Wouldn’t she have to listen to you anyway?” Mama Li lightly massaged the Old Madam’s leg, pleasing the Old Madam.

Old Madam Shen’s dark face relaxed. “I wonder when the Lord and Kai’er are coming back.”

Mama Li smiled and said, “The Lord and Eldest Master are both filial to you. They won’t listen to the Third Miss’ nonsense.”

Thinking of her eldest son and grandson, a faint smile hovered on the Old Madam Shen’s lips.

“The Third Miss fainted!” A shriek rang outside.

The Old Madam Shen and Mama Li looked at each other. Mama Li hurriedly pulled the curtains to the side and hollered, “What’s that shriek for? The Third Miss must’ve gotten tired from playing too long last night. Hurry, carry her back and let her rest.”

Mama Li walked to Shen Ziqiao’s side and glanced at her. Seeing Shen Ziqiao’s pale face and colorless lips, a sneer flickered in her eyes. When no one was paying attention, she firmly stepped on her hands and feet. Then, she said out loud, “Where’s Cui Liu? Where’d they go off to? Quickly help the Third Miss back!”

“Mama Li, do we need to find a doctor?” Cui Liu asked worriedly.

This... Mama Li didn’t dare make the decision, so she went to ask Old Madam Shen.

The Old Madam Shen hesitated before letting Cui Liu to invite a familiar doctor over.

After carrying Shen Ziqiao back to her Qiao Xin Courtyard, the De’an Courtyard’s servants left. Shen Ziqiao immediately sat up straight and cupped her hands, groaning in pain whilst her eyes were brimming with tears. Damned Mama Li! Don’t think that she didn’t know that she secretly stepped on her.

“Third Miss…” Hong Yu didn’t know what to say. She was almost scared witless when she saw Shen Ziqiao being carried back. Yet, when she turned around, the supposedly unconscious young miss woke up with teary eyes and cursed Mama Li.

Shen Ziqiao said angrily, “I’m going to pretend to be dead. Let’s see what that old woman wants to do.” After that, she laid back down and acted dead.

Hong Yu looked speechlessly at her.

“Mama Li is here.” Hong Ying said in a soft voice from outside.

She brought a doctor over.

Mama Li personally helped the doctor take Shen Ziqiao’s pulse. Hong Yu and Hong Ying could only glance by the side, watching helplessly.

Mama Li pinched Shen Ziqiao’s arms a few times.

Damn her! Someone cursed her inside her heart.

“Mama Li, how could we trouble you? Let us do it.” Hong Yu, noticing the twitching of Shen Ziqiao’s eyes, became worried and wanted to keep Mama Li away from her.

Mama Li said coldly, “Old Madam is worried for the Third Miss and specially had me come over to take care of the Third Miss. You bitches. You guys must not have taken good care of the Third Miss. Wait for it. I’ll skin you guys alive later!”

Hong Yu and Hong Ying face paled at her words.

Hong Ying said, “Third Miss clearly fainted at the Old Madam’s place. Who knows why? When she left the residence this morning, she was still fine.”

“Presumptuous! You’re blaming the Old Madam for the Third Miss’ condition?” Mama Li stared sternly at her, making Hong Ying terrified and taking a few steps back.

“I didn’t say that. Everyone saw.” Hong Ying muttered.

Mama Li harshly glared at her. “You two took care of the Third Miss. If something really happens to her, you two won’t get off easily.”

The more Shen Ziqiao listened to her words, the angrier she was. While debating on just waking up, she heard Ping’er’s voice outside.

“The Lord and Eldest Master are back.”

Ah! Shen Xiao and Shen Zikai are finally back! Shen Ziqiao closed her eyes and went to sleep at ease.

However, Mama Li was shocked when she heard this. She stood up suddenly and ran out. “Lord, Eldest Master, you guys are finally back!”

A deep and rough voice rang. “What happened to Jiao Jiao?’

“Sister!” The curtains were pulled to the side and a young and clear male voice rang.

“Eldest Master!” Hong Yu and Hong Ying exclaimed in unison.

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