Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 60 - Debut appearance [OW]

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The swimming pool and the sports centre are just next to each other, but the building style was completely different. The shape of the sports centre is spherical. The sphere at the gate is concave and protrudes on both sides, so Su Ling and Lin Meng can't see the centre's entrance at all. Fortunately, they were not too far away. They ran along the left wing and soon saw the entrance. Not far away, a group of Alpha is fighting.

Su Ling frowned, and Lin Meng's face was uglier than him, "Alpha’s pheromone."

Su Ling acknowledged with an En. From the mixed Alpha pheromones, he can easily distinguish that it belongs to 5 different Alphas, and male god’s scent was not in it. Staring hard at the fighting crowd, he quickly found Gu Liheng. Gu Liheng's face was cold, and he punched very fast, seemingly not injured.

"Ah Rui!" Lin Meng exclaimed when he saw someone throwing a fist at Xiào Rui.

At the same time, Su Ling heard a violent crash and screeching sound of friction behind him. He turned his head, and his pupils shrank from what he saw. A truck seemed to have lost control and ran full speed on the roadside shrubs, quickly approaching him and Lin Meng.

"AH..." Lin Meng screamed out in fright when he turned back from the noise.

Gu Liheng and Xiào Rui turned to look at them immediately.

Su Ling subconsciously pulled Lin Meng forward to run, but in just a few steps, the sharp sound of tires rubbing against the ground sounded very near to his ears. At that moment, Su Ling's mind was blank; the distance was too close, it’s impossible to run away.

"Ling Ling!" Gu Liheng kicked away the person in front of him and ran to Su Ling.

"Meng Meng!" Xiào Rui's expression suddenly changed, and he ran to Lin Meng recklessly but was blocked by someone. That man followed Xiào Rui’s gaze and glanced back and became speechless.

Huge vines that have never been seen suddenly appeared out of nowhere. One end of the vine wrapped around the second floor of the swimming pool and the other end spread to the edge of the sports centre, tightly entwining the out-of-control truck. The outer of all 4 car tires were cut by the leaves in the blink of an eye, spilling the debris on the ground. At the same time, the entire truck was pulled back in the air, as if taking off in the opposite direction. When the truck is about to hit the swimming pool building, the vines loosened, and the truck landed with a BANG, like thunder.

Lin Meng knelt on the ground with a thud; Su Ling was no better than him, using all his energies to stay standing. However, because he was holding hands with Lin Meng, he was pulled downwards once Lin Meng knelt down and couldn't hold himself up again. He knelt down with soft legs, and in front of him were tire fragments scattering everywhere.

He almost got hit.

His heart was beating wildly as if it is about to jump out of his chest in the next second.

"Ling Ling," Gu Liheng rushed over, knelt down on one foot in front of him. He stretched out his hand to hug Su Ling but stopped when he is about to touch him(SL). His voice tense as he asked, "Are you hurt anywhere?"

Su Ling grabbed Gu Liheng’s hand and fell on him, "I didn't get hurt, but I was super scared, and my feet are soft."

Gu Liheng hugged Su Ling tightly, with his palm against the side of his(SL) neck, feeling his strong pulse.

When Xiào Rui ran over, Lin Meng threw himself into his arms and burst into tears, "Ah Rui, I was scared to death. I thought I am dead for sure."

Distress was shown on Xiào Rui's face, and his hand was lightly touching the back of Lin Meng’s head as he comforted, "Don't be afraid, you're all right now."

The sound of police sirens and ambulance could be heard approaching nearer, and the manager of the sports centre ran over with two security guards. The manager was sweating cold sweat from seeing what happened.

"President Gu, Young master Xiào, all the troublemakers have been arrested. I'm really sorry that something happened in the sports centre and the security team could not provide timely support."

Gu Liheng said solemnly, "I want to the specifics of what happened in the centre."

"Yes, yes, the recording of our CCTV will be sent to you by our personnel soon." The manager responded quickly.

A patrol police car stopped on the roadside, and 4 tall Alpha police officers got out of the car. An officer approached Su Ling, and the other 3 all went to the truck. The police officer worriedly asked, "Mr. Su, are you okay?"

Su Ling leaned on Gu Liheng's shoulder and nodded, "Yes."

Officer: "Don't worry, we will find out what happened as soon as possible."

"Thank you."

The police officer said a few more words before turning to go to the truck.

"I want to stand up," Su Ling patted Gu Liheng on the shoulder and stood up with Gu Liheng’s help. He moved his feet and said, "I can stand by myself now."

Gu Liheng's complexion eased slightly, but he still held Su Ling firmly by his arm.

On the other side, Lin Meng finally stopped crying, and the tears seemed to take away all his fears. His eyes were red, but he was very energetic. He pointed to the vine enthusiastically and asked, "What is this?"

Looking at the enlarged version of Lóng Mo Téng, Su Ling subconsciously touched his wrist. His wrist was smooth, and there was nothing on it. At this moment, the police officer walked back to them and asked, "Mr. Su, is this your spiritual plant? Can you let it loosen its grip? The car’s door is stuck, and we can’t check the driver."

Su Ling saw that Lóng Mo Téng still maintained its current posture and was a little worried. With Lóng Mo Téng's low-key way of doing things, it shouldn't have left itself exposed so long and should have rushed back to his wrist. Right now, it is too eye-catching. He walked towards the truck and said, "I will try."

Lóng Mo Téng's stem is about the size of an adult’s wrist at the moment. Its color is shiny black, and it looks very textured, while the color of the leaves becomes very light, as if it is about to break with a touch. Su Ling observed Lóng Mo Téng’s appearance and touched its leaves at the door, "Thank you for saving my friend and me. How are you?"

One word after another appeared in his mind, "Out of control, not good." Holding tightly, a close-up of Xian Mo Yu appeared in his mind.

Su Ling: "Do you want Xian Mo Yu to help?"

The leaves moved up and down.

Many guests from the swimming pool and the sports centre, plus some passer-by, formed a crowd as they surrounded the scene to check out what happened. The ambulance and more police cars arrived quickly. The police officers who have just arrived quickly pulled the cordon to prevent the crowd from getting closer. Some young people have turned on their bracelets and took photos while standing on tiptoes. Some other people started a live broadcast from their bracelet and wrote, "Super Cool Spiritual Plant makes an awesome appearance!"

This live broadcast room's popularity has skyrocketed, and a barrage of words like ‘My Gawd!’, ‘Handsome’, and ‘So cool’ filled the chatbox. Then someone asked about what happened. An uncle standing next to the guy who started the live broadcast is a passer-by, and he was very excited. He grabbed the young man's shoulders and explained with spit flying everywhere. With an exaggerated way of talking like what some uncles and aunties would say, the uncle retold the scene of the spiritual plant saving someone from the truck. The young man wiped his face and tried to get rid of the uncle. However, seeing how the barrage seemed to be crazy, and his popularity skyrocketed, he silently endured the spits while quietly learning the art of speaking.

Su Ling lightly touched Lóng Mo Téng’s leaves and said to the police officer standing near the car, "Excuse me, can you make this space available?"

The police officers cooperatively moved from the position. Su Ling thanked him and took Xian Mo Yu out. Xian Mo Yu found out that something is wrong with its little partner right away and used its roots to entangled with the vines, "Why are you so big?!"

Lóng Mo Téng mentally shared what happened with it. Xian Mo Yu was so angry that its roots slapped the front of the truck. One end of its roots opened up and sprayed poison on it. All of a sudden, the truck’s right front lights melted.

The crowd exclaimed in excitement and became noisy. The officers retreated quickly. The audience in the live broadcast room went crazy, ‘My God, what is this?’

‘It's so cool!’

‘If I had this kind of spiritual plant, wouldn't I be powerful?’

‘Its owner is definitely the most unprovoked person.’

It was apparent that Xian Mo Yu is angry. Su Ling lightly squeezed its roots and said, "Don't be angry, I'm fine. Please help your friend first."

When the people around saw him doing this, they all gasped. This black root is so poisonous, but that Omega dared to touch it. The terrible things they thought did not happen, and the Omega's hands were fine. The roots even went and wrapped around the Omega's wrist. The audience in the live broadcast room instantly turned into lemon essence (sour from jealousy), ‘Where can I find such a cool and well-behaved spiritual plant? Address, fast!’

The roots rubbed against the vine, "You are so kind, thank you for helping me protect my son."

Lóng Mo Téng: "Stop talking nonsense! That's my nephew! Hurry up and absorb my vine liquid. I don't want to be watched. I’m warning you though, don't absorb the liquid for yourself."

Xian Mo Yu: "Don't worry, I don't want to keep getting bigger, but seriously, you haven't lost control for a long time."

Though it is chatting, its roots have started to move. Many roots moved to the surface of the vine’s stem and the front end opened up, clinging to the vine-like a sucker. Soon, the shape of the roots changed slightly, and it was obvious at a glance that there was liquid passing through.

Su Ling was stunned. Xian Mo Yu is absorbing Lóng Mo Téng's stuff?

Lóng Mo Téng: "I haven't used my vine liquid in this way for almost 1,000 years. The situation was too urgent, and I couldn’t control it well. If it weren't for your son, I wouldn't do it."

Xian Mo Yu: "You are super awesome! If only I can control your vine liquid and shrink and grow at any time, then I can always protect my son."

"What stupid thing to say," Lóng Mo Téng said and added, "this is my characteristic of as Lóng Mo Téng. I already said it, your son will be fine with me here."

Xian Mo Yu: "You are so kind!"

Lóng Mo Téng's leaves moved and stabbed the roots, "Why do you always like to talk nonsense?"

Soon, Lóng Mo Téng could be seen getting smaller and smaller at speed visible to the naked eye. Xian Mo Yu retracted part of its roots until Lóng Mo Téng shrunk to Su Ling's wrist again before retracting all the roots. Su Ling found that the color of Lóng Mo Téng’s stem and leaves are much lighter, and couldn't help but worry, "Are you still in bad condition?"

The leaves swung left and right. Receiving a positive answer, Su Ling relaxed and squeezed Xian Mo Yu’s root before putting it back into the space storage.

"Mr. Su, I'll send you back." The police officer suggested, looking at increasing onlookers.

Su Ling looked at Gu Liheng, who nodded. Lin Meng's eyes were shining, and his eyes fell on Su Ling's wrist when he spoke, "Didn’t we said to go for dinner together? Let’s go to President Gu's house to eat!"

Amused, Su Ling thanked the police officer and nodded. In the car, Lin Meng curiously took Su Ling's hand and stared at his wrist, "Is it also a Grade S spiritual plant?"

Su Ling acknowledged with an En and said, "Lóng Mo Téng."

Lin Meng blinked and let go of him. Then he tapped on his bracelet, "I seem to have seen it somewhere."

Seeing that Lin Meng is checking for some information on his bracelet, Su Ling turned to ask Gu Liheng, "How did you get into a fight with those people?"

Gu Liheng frowned, "Just after we got out of the sports centre, a group of drunk Alphas coincidentally passed by the entrance and were bothering 2 Omegas."

Xiào Rui turned his head from the front passenger seat and raised his hand, "My fault, I couldn't hold back and got myself involved," then he tsk-ed and said, "Thinking back, I think there’s something wrong about it."

Su Ling thought of the 2 Omegas who screamed and ran away. Lin Meng apparently also thought the same and said, "It turned out that you were trying to help them. If it weren't for them, we would be standing at the entrance of the swimming pool while waiting for you guys."

Gu Liheng glanced at the message coming from his bracelet, "There was an accident in the sports centre at that time, so most of the security staff were transferred away."

"What a coincidence." Xiào Rui said.

Gu Liheng uttered an En with a sullen face, and the police officer who was driving said, "Don't worry, those who made troubles were taken away by people from the Ministry of Security. If there is a problem, we can definitely find out."

Upon arriving at the Gu villa, Lin Meng pestered Su Ling to the spiritual plant room. After Su Ling took out Xian Mo Yu, Lóng Mo Téng immediately rushed to Xian Mo Yu’s petals and clung to them. After a while, the color of its leaves became darker. Standing next to Su Ling, Lin Meng observed closely and asked, "Is this something that was absorbed by Xian Mo Yu earlier? And now it is absorbing it back?"

The roots nodded up and down.

Lin Meng stared at the roots and exclaimed, "Whoa! So smart, can I touch it?"

Xian Mo Yu slapped his forehead lightly and said to its little friend, "The juniors nowadays, they speak so nicely, but they are quite rude."

Lin Meng touched his forehead with a look of envy, "I really want to raise a Grade S spiritual plant too. So safe, and I can interact with it, just like pets."

A root rushed in front of Lin Meng; the end opened up and emitted a stench.

"He’s too much! What pet?! I'm Papa!"

Lin Meng wrinkled his face from the stink, clutching his nose, and stepped back.

Su Ling also suffered the smell attack from the side, but the impact was much smaller than Lin Meng. Moreover, he is used to a similar smell from his pheromone, so his reaction was relatively calm. He squeezed Xian Mo Yu's roots soothingly and said, "Meng Meng is not bad-hearted. He is complimenting you for being amazing and smart. You are not a pet, but my friend."

"PA~" A root flicked on Su Ling's forehead.

The flick was quite gentle, but Su Ling touched his forehead dumbfoundedly. Did he make a mistake? After the root hit him, it then drew close. An enlarged word appeared in Su Ling's mind, "Son!"

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