After Rebirth, the Scum All Cry for Forgiveness

Chapter 6 - What happened to Shi Zhitang?

The Shi family’s background was also quite good, second only to the Zhong family's, and the two were old family friends. Before she was born, the family decided to betroth their children. In other words, not only should her family have been Zhong Youyou’s, but this fiance, Shi Zhitang, should also have been Zhong Youyou’s.

At this time, it had been 8 minutes since the exam started. Shi Zhitang is holding the pen with one hand and his eyebrows are slightly twisted, very absent-minded, his thoughts unknown.

Meng Shixuan couldn't help frowning.

She didn’t know what’s been going on with Shi Zhitang these past two days. He was always inattentive when he talked to her, as if his mind was full of thoughts. He has been looking at her with a strange gaze lately. There was a little bit of resentment, a little anger, and even a well-hidden indifference in that gaze.

She had a bad premonition, but she couldn't tell where this premonition came from.

And the eyes of her younger brother Zhong Xiyou in the corridor this morning had the same exact gaze as Shi Zhitang’s for the past two days! She was a little stunned then.

Meng Shixuan couldn't help but rub her eyebrows. Perhaps it was because she hadn't rested well in the past two days that she was letting her imagination run wild. She settled her mind and tried her best to return her attention to the paper.


And it’s not that Shi Zhitang, who was sitting in the back row, did not feel Meng Shixuan's gaze. He just chose to avoid it. He never expected that he would be born again! He was actually born again!

Before his rebirth, the Zhong family of five had a car accident. He originally thought that the Zhong family would suffer heavy casualties in such a tragic car accident, but unexpectedly, only Zhong Youyou died.

Before that car accident, Meng Shixuan was trying to break their engagement. At that time, the Shi family encountered a major crisis. It coincided with the death of Grandfather Shi. The Shi family fell from their elite status and was leered at by wolves and tigers from within the circle. They urgently needed the help of their old family friend, the Zhongs.

But he did not expect that Uncle Zhong and Mrs. Zhong were also not good people. In the short six months after the Shi family declined, they did not help them at all and even asked Meng Shixuan to break her marriage contract with him.

And Meng Shixuan had actually requested it of him.

Thinking of this, it’s very funny. Shi Zhitang thought somewhat mockingly. The Zhong Youyou of the previous life liked him very much to the point of obsession. Only did she hold her heart out to him, but she also did all the bad things for him.

But when he was a high school student, he knew that the Shi family was declining. If he wanted to stabilize their power, he had to marry Meng Shixuan, the most treasured daughter of the Zhong family, and Zhong Youyou was not favored so how much power could he get? So he always ignored Zhong Youyou.

Unexpectedly, once the skies changed and the Shi family broke the contract, Meng Shixuan was able to easily withdraw her feelings for him, as if her previous affection from the time when they were childhood sweethearts was all just an act.

He didn’t care when the Zhong family had a car accident. As early as after Meng Shixuan - this woman - broke off their engagement, he became disgusted with Meng Shixuan and the Zhong family.

But no matter how much he thought, he really didn't expect that after Zhong Youyou died in that car accident, the person to inherit her will would actually be himself? There was not much left in her name, just a few million and a small dilapidated house, which was not enough to help him through the crisis of the Shi family —— but that was all she had.

Why did Zhong Youyou do that? Shi Zhitang looked at the key and the bankbook, and a piercing pain stabbed at his heart. He had to confess that he felt regretful for the very first time of his life.

Just like that, he took all of this and was reborn again.

Two days ago, he returned to the classroom in his third year of high school. Looking at the textbook in front of him and Meng Shixuan, who was still a young girl, it was simply incredible! Meng Shixuan smiled slightly, still that gentle and noble little princess.

But he knows that after he was born again, how he treats Meng Shixuan will never be the same as before.

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