Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 6- Recipes (Part 2)

Chapter 6- Recipes

The qilin was the symbol of royalty. Who was the owner of this jade piece, you can guess the answer even with your toes.

It was the younger brother of the current Emperor, King Zhao An Hongyi!

On the way back from closing the stall, Su Yu absentmindedly drove the donkey cart.

King Zhao’s behavior was obviously intentional, but why did a prince with such high status and honor would come to him, a skewer seller, repeatedly? It’s really puzzling.

The kitten that was originally sitting in Su Yu’s arms crawled up his arm to his shoulder and sat steadily on him as if it was driving the donkey cart. This cat was not like a cat at all.

Like a dog, he wasn’t afraid of strangers at all. It followed him east to west, and Su Yu realized that he had picked up a treasure.

He warmed the bed, walked, played with him, and also charged money. Now if you gave him three taels or even three hundred tales of silver, he definitely won’t sell it.

Su Yu was prickled in the ear by the cat’s hair and felt itchy all of a sudden, so he rubbed himself against the cat’s body and noticed that there was a large area of rapeseed flowers that had bloomed in the field.

The yellow and orange flowers spread all the way to the horizon. The little cat on his shoulder was overlooking the field of flowers that was as bright as the clouds.

“Spring is here.” Su Yu stopped the donkey cart and sat side by side with the kitten on the carriage, quietly watching the afterglow of the setting sun fall into the flower fields.

“Meow.” The kitten gave a rare response, looking at the scenery in front of them with both eyes. It seemed as if he could compose a poem right away.

A strange feeling gradually came into Su Yu’s heart.

King Zhao would definitely not be interested in him, who sold skewers. It could only be because of this special cat. For a moment, an absurd thought suddenly flashed through his mind.

As a transmigrator, could the golden finger that God had given him be…

“Sauce, you’re not some kind of spirit, are you?” Su Yu turned his head strangely and met with those big amber eyes.

“...” The cat didn’t answer Su Yu’s question, he just gave him a scratch when he heard “Sauce”.

Stupid slave, how many times have I told you, you aren’t allowed to use that name!

Thanks to Lord Cat's ruthless blow, Su Yu temporarily threw King Zhao to the back of his mind, so he went home to fill both his and the cat’s belly. Then he lay on his bed and began to study his family heirloom.

The increasing number of grilled squid stalls in the market gave him a sense of crisis. After all, making grilled squid wasn’t a long-term solution.

If one wanted to make a lot of money, you still had to do traditional seafood delicacies. It’s just that the seasonings in this ancient world are very different from the ones in the modern world.

As a newcomer, Su Yu didn’t know much about the ingredients in this world. If he wanted to make popular food, he couldn't make it with his bare hand.

According to Zhao Shi, the ancestors of the Su family used to be famous chefs in the East China Sea, and they were the best at preparing fresh food from the sea.

It’s just that the people of the previous dynasty weren’t as enthusiastic about seafood as they were now. Although the Su family was prosperous, it never became a rich family.

These “Su Ji Recipes” were the secret recipes of dishes recorded by the Su family in the past dynasties.

Many dishes had been lost, because this cookbook only recorded the ingredients of each dish, but didn’t mention a single word about how to do it. Such as this first one - “White Jade Scallops Wrapped in Silk”.

The recipe said, “Fresh scallops, mung bean powder, garlic, ginger, and sauce”, it’s full of nine characters.

Then there’s a picture of the finished product, which was a line drawing of a shell with its mouth open, with a pile of strips piled on it, and it was signed “White Jade Scallops Wrapped in Silk”.

Su Yu was at loss, adding mung beans to fresh scallops, what was this practice?

An Hongche, who was playing with his claws in a bored manner, suddenly felt that it was an eyesore when he saw that person’s frown.

He looked down at the yellowed ancient book, ”White Jade Scallops Wrapped in Silk”. This wasn’t a rare dish, the imperial chefs in the palace could also cook it.

“Mung bean powder, mung bean powder, could it remove the fishy smell?” Su Yu scratched his hair and buried his face in the quilt. No matter how hard he thought about it, he couldn’t understand it.

The kitten, attracted by the movement of his head, pounced on his head, and scratched it quickly, turning the already messy hair into a tangled mess.

"Hey!" Su Yu hurriedly grabbed onto its flailing, unruly front paws. Unexpectedly, it immediately switched over to its hind legs, kicking them around quickly.

"Little rascal, my hair looks like glass noodles now thanks to you..."

Su Yu laughed and held down the fidgeting ball of fur, and suddenly froze for a moment, wait a minute, glass noodles!

Modern people often ate Longkou glass noodles, which were slender, translucent, and tender while eating.

The most delicious ones were made with mung beans. The so-called lv dou fen(绿豆粉) was not fen ( 粉 powder) made from mung beans, but rather fen (glass noodles) made from mung beans!

Why did they look so similar? White Jade Scallops Wrapped in Silk, to put it bluntly, isn’t it steamed scallops with minced garlic glass noodles?

Su Yu picked up the book in his hand and quickly flipped through it.

The ingredients were detailed, and the method was just a few words, but with the drawing to associate it with the dishes from his previous life, they weren’t so different from each other, it was just that the names of the ingredients were strange.

“Sauce, I love you so much!” Su Yu picked up the kitten that was still persistently kicking him, and he gave the fluffy cat a hard kiss on its face.


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