Somehow, The Villainess Who Regressed in Time Lost Her Magic Power, so She Turned into a Secluded Maiden

Chapter 6

Rachel wondered why she was so obsessed with the prince before.

As a prince, Louis was a remarkable man who prioritized his duty more than anything else. He worked hard for the citizens; for the country. Moreover, his face was ridiculously handsome.

Rachel was elated when she saw his gentle smile. She mistook it as proof that Louis loved her.

But she understood now.

It was definitely just an ingratiating smile.

Thinking back, there was no joy in the prince’s smile. He also had the same expression when the other noble ladies surrounding him, making a clamour.

And yet, she tried to eliminate all of the girls who approached Louis. Rachel realized that what she did was shameful.

It became even worse when one of her classmates received the blessing of the Spirit King of Light.

Rachel bullied the Saint and tried to poison her. How stupid. Someone like her wasn’t suitable to be the future queen.

Rachel remembered that Louis only showed a natural smile to the Saint. He often spent his time with the Saint, Ernest, and Cyril in the courtyard.

And yet, Rachel only had a conversation with him in the thirty-minutes tea party once a week. Most probably, Louis did it to fulfil his duty as her fiancée.

That’s why Rachel was burning in jealousy.

She believed that she was the only special woman for Louis.

Now that Rachel had become sickly, she had completely discarded her past love towards the prince.

Yes, let’s end the engagement peacefully. We’re actually not close at all. If I offer the annulment of our engagement, His Highness will surely be happy. He can deepen his relationship with the Saint as well.

Knock, knock.

When Rachel was renewing her determination, the door opened. Then her father appeared.

“Ah, Rachel. You woke up. His Highness, Ernest, and Sir Cyril come to visit us.”

Sarah helped Rachel to sit down and put a large cushion behind her back.

And from her father’s back, Rachel could see the-always-smiling-Louis, Ernest, and Cyril.

Eh? Looking at how the prince was acting like usual, Rachel wondered if they didn’t hear about her condition yet.

Then she noticed that Ernest and Cyril’s faces were rigid.

So they have heard, huh. And yet His Highness doesn’t look any different at all. As expected from the next king, Rachel thought, impressed with Louis.

“Is it okay for you to sit up?”

“Yes. Please forgive my rudeness for welcoming you from my bed, Your Highness. I can’t move my body well.”

“Don’t worry about that. I won’t stay for long since I only come here to see your face.”

“I’m sorry for taking your time when you are busy.”

Indirectly, Rachel tried to say, “Just go home already,” but Louis pretended not to understand her. On the contrary, he ordered everyone to leave the room.

Louis also told Sarah to wait in front of the door. The maid looked at Rachel anxiously, but she had no choice but to obey the prince’s words.

There were only Rachel and Louis left in the room.

Hmm, it’s awkward.

Louis moved the chair next to the bed and sit there.

You already saw my face, so just go home now, okay!?

But if course Rachel couldn’t voice that out. She listlessly laughed.

“I‘ve heard about your condition from the Marquis. It must be tough for you, Rachel.”

“No. Actually, I’m glad that I became like this.”

Perhaps Rachel’s reply was too unexpected. Louis, who always smiled, now widened his eyes, surprise clear on his face.

Ohh, it’s unusual for him to make that expression. So he can also act normal, huh.

Such thoughts passed Rachel’s mind as she observed Louis face with a cool head. Being able to do that should mean that her love towards him had disappeared.


“Because it made me realize. That I was overconfident of my power.”

“Overconfident? But even if you lost your magic power, you still have your status. You are also clear-headed.”

“No, I’m not talking about that. I finally knew that I lacked so many things as a person.”


Louis’s smile disappeared. He narrowed his eyes, staring at her with a searching gaze. And then, he crossed his long legs and fixed his sitting posture before encouraging her to continue.

“I was Your Highness’ fiancée. But I was only looking at your appearance. What kind of people are living in this country, and what do they want? I didn’t even try to know it.”

“And you are regretting it?”

“Yes. I lost my magic power and I couldn’t move my body as I want anymore, but I found the kindness of people.”

“Aren’t you a bit too fast in accepting this situation?”

“I immediately realized when my magic power was gone. And I had a guess about the cause. But I felt apologetic for my parents and everyone who have helped me.”

“Can you tell me the cause?”

“...I’m sorry.”

“I see. Then tell me when you’re ready.”

Louis nodded once. It’s like he was convinced with something after hearing Rachel’s vague response.

After that, Rachel looked up and stared at Louis’ eyes. She encouraged herself and opened her mouth.

“Your Highness. I think there’s no need for you to keep someone like me as your fiancée. So… I want to ca...”

“I understand. Then I will visit Rachel frequently.”

“Huh? No, Your Highness…”

“It’s a shame that we can’t go to school together. But I can’t visit you every day since I have to fulfil my duty as a student council member and a prince.”

“Your Highness…”

“I’ll tell you about the school. Rachel, you previously said that you only looked at my appearance. But that’s also the same for me. From now on, let’s talk a lot so we can get closer to each other.”

Unlike how Louis ignored Rachel’s uninteresting story in the past with a smile, he kept interrupting her now. It made her wonder if he was really Louis.

Despite her confusion, Louis stood from his seat as soon as the talk was over. Then he headed to the door in quick steps.

As Louis held the doorknob, he turned back to Rachel with a smile. But it was different from the usual one; she could see that he was genuinely enjoying this.

“Ahh, right. You said that you ‘were’ my fiancée, but you are still my only fiancée. I have no intention to listen to hasty talks like cancelling our engagement. Please keep that in mind. See you later.”

Then he left the room.

Left alone, Rachel was shocked speechless.


The engagement isn’t cancelled?


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