Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 6 Luoyang Ancient Village (NPC)

The loud sound at the door awakened all the people in the room, and they ran out to take a look. The person who opened the door is a member of the Level 1 team. Seeing Lou Fan lying on the ground with a bloody arm, the man exclaimed, "There’s a lot of blood, a lot of blood! Are you okay? Are you dying?"

Lou Fan is still panting, and turned speechless from the question, "I've been hurt a bit, not dying yet."

Qin Tan walked over and pulled Lou Fan up to check his wound. The wound is long and deep, and there is a hint of black in the bloody mess, which makes it look a bit scary. Though Lou Fan said he is not dying, but when Qin Tan touched him, he couldn’t help gasping in pain.

Lou Fan's scary wound is exposed to everyone. He Yong stepped up and asked, "This is..."

Lou Fan smiled bitterly, "I was scratched by a ghost."

20 people squeezed into the yard and stood there. When they heard Lou Fan say that, they turned silent. Isn’t that thing's offensive power a little too strong? It’s obvious how one will end up if they get a few more scratches.

He Yong frowned, but said, "I have medicine here. You can take it later. The wound will start to heal when you return to the train. Any injuries will be completely healed in Lazuli, regardless of the severity of the injury. The premise is that you must be still alive when you get into the train."

This information is not said only for Lou Fan, but also for all newcomers.

Lou Fan nodded, "Thank you, Team Leader He."

He Yong turned and walked into the house, while Qin Tan supposed Lou Fan to follow in. The medicine works well, but it doesn't look like modern medicine, it looks more like an ancient medicine bottle. Lou Fan glanced curiously but didn't ask much.

"Can you tell me what did you two saw?" After He Yong put the medicine that Qin Tan returned into his bag, he clasped his hands and looked at them.

He Yong had a very good attitude and both Lou Fan and Qin Tan hadn't intended to conceal anything. So they told him everything they saw in the house at the end of the village, without subjective overtones. He Yong's face worsened as he listened to it. When Qin Tan finished speaking, He Yong’s face looked solemn. After thinking about it for a while, he said, "Based on your description, I guess that Yu Erniang is likely to become a fierce ghost. I remember hearing this story regarding the incident of Luoyang Ancient Village before (in reality). It is said that all of a sudden, the villagers began to die one after another. Some who showed the symptoms of dying will die as quickly as half an hour to a few days later. Maybe it is because of Yu Erniang."

Lou Fan had never heard of such things, and Qin Tan had never cared about it before this. So both shook their heads to express that they never heard of it.

He Yong sighed, "After tonight, we can conclude that this ancient village is very dangerous at night, but the task can only be completed at night. Tomorrow is the 5th day, and the day after tomorrow is the latest day we must act. We don't have much time left."

Both the Level 1 team and the Level 6 team have tasks on them so there is no way to escape from going. But the newcomers only need to get on the train on time. Except for Lou Fan, the young man with glasses and holding a book wanted to follow along. The rest of the newcomers are planning to stay in the house. Someone in the Level 1 team cried out, shouting ‘I’m not going, I don’t want to die’.

If you don’t go to do the task, you’ll die for sure. But if you go, at least there is still a glimmer of hope. From the first day in, some seniors already warned them, don’t try to skirt around from completing the task. They only have one life.

“Goddamnit, just go early and finish the task early! You can't hide and stay by the side. If you don’t go, you are just waiting for your death!" The bald man who scolded the newcomers at the beginning cursed out. He seemed to have a bad temper, but everything he said is the hard truth.

When everyone has gone back to the house, Lou Fan stopped He Yong and said, "Team Leader He, I suggest that when you are asking questions again tomorrow, please ask why Erniang Yu died."

He Yong is stunned for a moment. He didn't seem to understand why Lou Fan wanted to ask this question. He thought for a while and said, "How about this? I’ll leave a turn for you, and you ask the question yourself."

Lou Fan quickly agreed, it couldn't be better.

Qin Tan checked Lou Fan's arm again. The blood had stopped flowing, the medicine is working well. He asked Lou Fan, "You really don't play games usually? Why do I feel like you are good at this?"

Lou Fan laughed, "Well, if you never ate pork, you have at least seen a pig run, right? My cousin is a master in playing video games. He will recommend games to me whenever he sees me, and will also show the gameplay. I can’t not know."

Lou Fan didn't expect either that the gaming experience his cousin used to ‘teach’ him can come in handy so much. This is a matter of life and death. If he can go back to the real world, he must praise his cousin well and thank him for his tireless effort in instilling experience in him.

Because Lou Fan is injured and the two are considered to have paved a way for everyone, He Yong spared them from the night watch. After running around in the middle of the night and getting attacked as well, Lou Fan’s stomach is croaking with hunger and he desperately needed food to comfort his injured arm. He sat on the edge of the fire and waited for Qin Tan's roasted sweet potatoes.

The boy with glasses held his book as he sat next to Lou Fan. Lou Fan glanced at him. The young man pushed his glasses and proactively said, "Hello, my name is Chen Shuyang. I’m in my 3rd year, a junior."

Lou Fan nodded and smiled friendly, "Hello, my name is Lou Fan. His name is Qin Tan." Lou Fan had some impressions of this person. He is the one who said that the radish flower is the ‘Twilight Flower’ before.

Chen Shuyang is not very good at communicating with people. He is a book nerd, and he pushes his glasses unconsciously when he is nervous. "You guys are amazing."

"You are also very good and know a lot." Lou Fan said.

Chen Shuyang lowered his head, his voice sounding lonely, "I'm stupid, I've never passed any sports assessment. Thinking about it now, it's really useless to be a scholar, it's better to run/exercise more."

Lou Fan is amused by the young man’s words, but it’s not polite to laugh, so he comforted, "Who said that reading is useless? More practice will make you run faster, but books/knowledge are things that accumulate every day. Like you know radish flower, but we don’t know at all."

Chen Shuyang seemed to be comforted by Lou Fan’s words. He raised his head and nodded, "I also know about the Luoyang Ancient Village. At that time, some experts said that this village may have a genetic disease, which is why they died one after another."

This young man sure knows quite a lot, Lou Fan thought, he is a bit interesting. After the young man finished speaking, he looked up at Qin Tan and Lou Fan. As if a little embarrassed, and then summoned the courage, he asked in a low voice, "Can you take me with you? I promise to try not to hold you guys back."

Lou Fan didn't speak and looked at Qin Tan. Qin Tan said, "You are a newcomer. You can just get on the train as soon as the time is up. Why do you want to go on with the trip and deal with ghosts? You have also seen his wounds."

Chen Shuyang glanced at the bandage on Lou Fan’s wound and the blood on his face faded completely, making his face look pale. Chen Shuyang closed his eyes and opened his eyes again. His expression is firm as he replied, "I want to go back alive. My parents must be so anxious, and they are still waiting for me. If I can't adapt to this world, there will be so many worlds after that. It makes no difference whether I die sooner or later. I want to grow up as soon as possible. If you can do it, why can't I?" Chen Shuyang spoke with much excitement that his face turned red.

Lou Fan smiled encouragingly at him, "You can do it." This young man must be a good and obedient boy, the kind that parents love.

Qin Tan took a deep look at Chen Shuyang before saying, "Okay, we will take you with us, but we don't guarantee your safety."

Chen Shuyang nodded excitedly, reassuringly.

Lou Fan looked at the book Chen Shuyang is holding tightly in his hand and asked curiously, "Your book is your weapon? How do you use it?"

Speaking of this, Chen Shuyang is like a deflated ball. With a frustrated expression, he replied, "I don't know. It's completely blank inside, and there are no instructions on how to use it."

Lou Fan took the book handed over by Chen Shuyang and opened it. There was indeed nothing inside. It was clean, cleaner than white paper. He passed the book to Qin Tan and Qin Tan opened it. After a glance, Qin Tan closed it and said, "Let’s ask Team Leader He tomorrow."

Chen Shuyang reluctantly put away the book. This book is really worrisome. He felt like even a stick is better than this!


When a ray of light appeared on the horizon, the moon disappeared. Since there is no task today (as the main task is to be done at night), He Yong leads the people who are willing to go out to ask the old man while the rest are free to move around. There are 5 people from the Level 6 team, plus Qin Tan, Lou Fan, and Chen Shuyang. A group of 8 people went to pick the radish flower and then went straight to the old man. This old man is a bit like an NPC in the game, and the Level 6 team has been calling him like this. Lou Fan feels that he really just entered a game world, but the catch is he can't be revived and only have one life.

Holding the flower in his hand, Lou Fan’s mind wandered away. Suddenly He Yong said, "Lou Fan, please ask first."

"Okay." Lou Fan returned to his senses. He stepped forward and asked the old man, "Why did Yu Erniang die?"

Lou Fan handed the flower to the old man. The old man took the flower as if recalling a memory, he said, "She is also a pitiful person."

It turns out that Yu Erniang is born beautiful and had a childhood sweetheart. When she became an adult, the childhood sweetheart went out to work and promised to come back to marry her after earning money. Within 2 years, he returned to marry her according to his promise, and they had a happy and sweet life after their marriage. It is a pity that the good times did not last long. The village has a dry season and the harvest is not good. Her husband could only go out again to earn money. Yu Erniang is pregnant and could only stay in the village. Her husband promised to come back before the child was born.

Although Yu Erniang is born beautiful, she was not liked by her husband's family. Her sister-in-law is even more jealous and cut back on the food for her. With her husband gone out and no one taking care of her, Yu Erniang gradually loses weight. But she has her child supporting her will in her belly so she didn't feel any hardship at all. However, things in the world are not that if you don't cause trouble, they don't trouble you.

One day, Yu Erniang is awakened in her sleep. When she woke up, there is a disheveled man in her room. Before she could figure out what happened, a group of people rushed into her room. Everyone saw the scene and yelled at her. It is unknown who started it but more people began to push at her. Yu Erniang fell to the ground and blood pooled on the ground, but no one helped her. Everyone backed away while scolding her.

With the child gone, Yu Erniang's health is even worse, but she persisted. She wanted to wait for her husband to come back. She wants to tell him the truth, and he will believe her. But fate seemed to be really cruel to her. It didn't take long for the news that her husband has died in an accident to reach her. Yu Erniang is distraught. At this moment, her mother-in-law's family brought people to the door and scolded her, saying that she is promiscuous, shameless, and an unlucky person that caused their son to die. This is not the end as the villagers felt that she had tainted the village, so they set fire to her house.

The NPC old man shook his head, "Such sin! She won't let anyone of us go." Then he walked into the house with his hands behind his back.

Everyone didn't expect it to be such a story and the NPC also gave additional information. As for how Yu Erniang died, both Qin Tan and Lou Fan made it very clear yesterday. At this point, a complete storyline has appeared. Yu Erniang was burned alive while suffering false accusations and she came back to take her revenge on the villagers. One doesn't need to think to know that the hostile she would be.

Though Qin Tan already saw what happened to Yu Erniang, his task still shows that it’s not completed yet. It seems that they have to go to the cemetery. Thinking of this, the Level 1 team felt heavy in their heart. A fierce battle is inevitable.

Raw word count: 3176


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