His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 6 - Straw Bag

Shen Ziqiao didn’t know that she had a younger female cousin. She thought that she was Shen Family’s youngest miss. However, even if she knew, she didn’t feel close to her younger cousin either.

She and Sheng Peiyin chatted for a while. She did her best and Sheng Peiyin didn’t get any information out of her. She finally sent that deity away. After that, Shen Ziqiao started transcribing [Virtuous Ways] as tears streamed down her face.

What would Sheng Peiyin do next? After spreading the rumors that she and Qi Zheng were alone in a room, she probably would try to make Qi Zheng marry her.

If Qi Zheng was really a fool, he might marry her. However, he might not really be a fool.

She didn’t know what happened to Qi Zheng in the end. What a pity that she didn’t get to read the ending.

While Shen Ziqiao was in a daze, Sheng Peiyin had arrived at the back courtyard in Qi Family. She was chatting with Duke An’s wife, Xiao Gu.

“...He was really with that Shen Family’s idiot alone?” Xiao Gu leaned against the scarlet red cushion and seemingly smiled at Sheng Peiyin.

Xiao Gu appeared to be in her thirties. She had a pair of astute, charming red phoenix eyes with long brows. She had an overly tall nose bridge, making her face look tough. She was quite skinny, wearing a purple muslin and honey-colored dress. She looked noble and reserved, hard to approach.

Sheng Peiyin said as if she was in a difficult situation, “It seemed like Young Master Qi didn’t feel well and she helped him back.”

“Humph. Who’d believe those words? In Shen Family’s idiot’s eyes, there’s no way she’d pay attention to someone else besides the Ninth Prince.” Xiao Gu snorted at Sheng Peiyin’s explanation.

“No matter what reason, it ruined Third Miss Shen’s reputation.” Sheng Peiyin replied.

Xiao Gu sneered. “Why would an idiot care for her reputation?”

Sheng Peiyin kept her head down and stayed silent, seemingly feeling awkward.

Everyone knew that she and Shen Ziqiao were besties. Now that she went to find Xiao Gu, people thought she was just here to explain for Shen Ziqiao.

“An idiot and a fool is a match made in heaven. Why not grant their wish?” Xiao Gu naturally didn’t want to find a good marriage for Qi Zheng. Although the Shen Family was an influential family, Shen Xiao was an idiot. Even if she married into the family, she won’t be able to escape her clutches.

When Sheng Peiyin heard this, she was delighted in her heart. “Is...this suitable?”

Xiao Gu covered her mouth and smiled, wearing a disdainful gaze. “Why isn’t it suitable? Does that idiot think she could be a princess consort?”

The content of the conversation quickly spread to Qi Zheng’s ears.

Qi Zheng was feeding the parrots corn grains, a dull and immature expression painted on his face. Listening to the servant chattering nonstop, he just smiled. After a while, he ordered something towards the middle-aged man standing in the corner, quiet.

Because Qi Zheng was talking while wearing a foolish smile, outsiders weren’t suspicious either.

Within two days. Old Madam Shen found out that Duke An had the intention of passing the position of heir to Qi Zheng. He was worried that the eldest son would have no one to rely on in the future, so he decided to give him that position. Meanwhile, he gave the second son, Qi Quan, the power over the household.

“Wouldn’t that girl become the marquis’ wife in the future?” Old Madam Shen was unwilling to let Shen Ziqiao marry Qi Zheng.

“Old Madam, he’s just a fool.” Mama Li replied.

Old Madam Shen was even angrier. “How could I bear to let Zixin lower her status to an idiot and a fool? No, just find anyone for her to marry. Let her leave the capital. I don’t want to see her.”

Seeing Old Madam Shen’s face full of disgust, Mama Li didn’t advise her anymore. “It’s about time the Lord comes back…”

Shen Xiao naturally wouldn’t want the daughter he pampered the most to just casually marry someone when he comes back.

Old Madam Shen’s face was so dark that it felt like ink was about to drip down.

“Can I not decide my own granddaughter’s marriage now?”


Shen Ziqiao stayed in her room to repent for two days. Besides learning more about her situation, she didn’t gain any other information.

She went over the plot in the novel, realizing that she hadn’t paid attention to the novel. She had skipped around, causing her to not have a full understanding of many things and people. She only knew that Sheng Peiyin would scheme for her to marry the fool, but she didn’t know the process.

At this time, Sheng Peyin probably hadn’t started being with different guys yet...

Those handsome men were all her helping hands. They were either wealthy or powerful men. As a cannon fodder, should she act like a cannon fodder and stir up trouble for the heroine?

“What are you thinking? You’re smiling quite widely.” Sheng Peyin’s gentle voice rang behind her.

Shen Ziqiao almost snapped the writing brush in her hand from the scare. She looked at Sheng Peiyin as if looking at a ghost. “Why...why are you here?”

“The maids called for you a few times outside. However, you didn’t react, so I just came in. You were smiling really happily. Was it because you thought of the Ninth Prince?”

I was thinking about how to bully you...

Shen Ziqiao dryly laughed. “Sister Sheng, is something of the matter?”

“I just came from Old Madam Shen’s. She agreed to let you leave. Shangpin Teahouse is opening for the first day today. I came to find you, so we can go try it out together.” Sheng Peiyin said this and reached over to pull on Shen Ziqiao’s hands.

She didn’t want to go! She’d be bullied at Shangpin Teahouse! Even if she was beaten to death, she wouldn’t go.

“Sister Sheng, my head hurts…” Shen Ziqiao supported her forehead, saying weakly in a low voice.

Sheng Peiyin smiled and pinched the tip of her nose. “I bet you don’t have a headache. By the time you’re outside, you won’t feel a headache or anything. You think I don’t know you?”

Shen Ziqiao hurriedly replied, “I really have a headache.”

“Jiao Jiao, Jiao Jiao…” A young and tender voice rang outside. The curtains were lifted and a young short boy walked in. He wasn’t of age, only about ten years old or so.

This boy should be ranked third of the children in the Shen Family, Shen Ziyang. Only he dared to call her by her name. His mother was a concubine. Because that concubine was from Old Madam Shen’s maiden home, although Shen Ziyang was an illegitimate son, he was actually raised like a legal son.

“What?” Shen Ziqiao glared at the brat who was already in front of her, knitting her beautiful brows.

“Come to Shangpin Teahouse with me. I already told grandmother and she wants you to bring me over.” Shen Ziyang was about half a head shorter than Shen Ziqiao. He had a round and cute face, his skin delicate. He wore autumn-colored sleeves with an unlined upper garment. There was a jade pendant tied around his waist. He looked at Shen Ziqiao in disdain.

A pampered and spoiled brat! Shen Ziqiao replied, “You can go by yourself.”

Shen Ziyang tugged on Shen Ziqiao’s arms hard. “Grandmother said for you to accompany me, so you must go with me.”

Sheng Peiyin smiled and said, “Jiao Jiao, since the Old Madam wants you to accompany Yang’er, then let’s go together. You haven’t been out for a few days, so you must be eager to go out.”

“That’s right. If you don’t go with me, I’ll tell grandmother that you hit me again.” Shen Ziyang grinned as he said this.

“Shut up!” Shen Ziqiao glared at him moodily.

Shen Ziyang stomped his feet, acting shamelessly. “I want you to come with me, I want you to come with me.”

Embarrassed… Why did she have such a mad younger brother?

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