Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 6.3 - Meeting With Doctor Li (3)

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In the conference room, Wu Tong’s second uncle looked at the final additional clause. He frowned for a long time before he looked up at Executive Assistant Lin and said, “The marriage of convenience is also a cooperation, so I’m naturally inclined to hope that Wu Tong and the eldest young master can have an affectionate and harmonious relationship. However, this additional clause… seems to only protect the interests of the eldest young master.”

“Do you have objections to the terms of this cooperation, President Li?” Lin Wei glanced at the Qin family’s legal advisor before saying, “Then how about this? We’ll go back and change a few things. When you’re satisfied, we’ll sign the contract.”

“Alright, then.” The legal advisor nodded assent. He stood up and started to gather up all the documents.

“Wait a minute.” Wu Tong’s second uncle promptly stopped the two people getting ready to leave. On one hand, he was still unsatisfied with the final additional clause, but on the other hand, he couldn’t afford to drag things out.

“Executive Assistant Lin, can you tell me the truth? What is going on with eldest young master Qin?” Wu Tong’s second uncle wanted to know what kind of environment he was placing Wu Tong into if he were to sign the contract.

Executive Assistant Lin smiled at Wu Tong’s second uncle and replied, “There’s nothing going on with the eldest young master.”

Although Wu Tong’s second uncle didn't obtain the information that he wanted to know, based on his many years of business experience, he knew that such a despotic clause was basically telling him that there was definitely something wrong with eldest young master Qin. The Qin family had money, so this was basically them spending money to “buy” him a wife!

“Are you going to sign the contract, President Li?” asked Executive Assistant Lin.

The contract that Wu Tong’s second uncle held in his hands felt hot to the touch,[1]  but in the end, he put pen to paper and signed it. After sending off Executive Assistant Lin and the legal advisor, Wu Tong’s second uncle held the signed contract with a grim expression.

[1] In the raws, it says the contract is a little 烫手 (literally the characters for "scalding hot" + "hand"). 烫手 can also be translated to "troublesome or difficult to manage/handle."  

Upon getting in the car, Executive Assistant Lin gave President Qin a call to give a progress report.

“President Qin, Wu Liren has signed the contract.”

“He didn’t have any objections to the final additional clause?” asked Qin Huai.

“He had slight objections to it, but we quickly reached a compromise,” reported Executive Assistant Lin. “However, it seems like he will do his best to run his business and try to cut ties with the Qin family as soon as possible.”

“Obviously, we’ll be happy for President Wu if he is able to run his business successfully.” Qin Huai ended the call. He looked out at the city beyond the car window and slowly completed the latter half of the sentence. “But whether he will be able to escape the grasp of the Qin family will depend on the circumstances.”

After leaving the psychiatric therapist’s office, Wu Tong headed for Ankang Hospital.

When she arrived, Xiao Yuan and Wu Kai were right in the middle of drinking soup that Wu Tong’s second aunt had requested someone to make. The two of them were having a great time chatting with each other. Off to the side, Wu Tong’s second uncle glanced at Wu Tong and told her the reason for his visit. He looked like he wanted to tell her something.

With a tacit understanding, the two of them went to the hospital’s central garden. When they arrived, Wu Tong calmly turned around to face her uncle and asked, “What can I do for you, second uncle?”

“Uh, I signed the cooperation agreement with the Qin family.” Wu Tong’s second uncle handed her a portfolio.

Wu Tong didn’t take it. She glanced at the portfolio and smiled as she congratulated him. “It’s great that your company is going to pull through.”  

Wu Tong’s second uncle tried to hand her the portfolio again. “Take a look at it.”

“No need. Don’t worry, second uncle. I promise I won’t go back on my word after Xiao Yuan’s surgery,” Wu Tong guaranteed.

“That’s not why I want you to see the contract. There’s an additional clause in the contract that pertains to you,” Wu Tong’s second uncle said, somewhat guiltily.

Wu Tong blinked. After thinking about it, she took the portfolio from her uncle and took out the thick contract. Wu Tong didn’t bother looking over the first half of the contract and flipped directly to the last page.

(During the period of cooperation between the Qin and Wu family, Miss Wu Tong does not have the right to get a divorce. If she insists on getting a divorce, or does anything to damage the marital relationship, the Qin family will immediately withdraw their funds. In addition, the Qin family has the right to request the Wu family to compensate for all the economic losses.)

After seeing the additional clause and her uncle’s flamboyant signature directly underneath it, she lowered her head and was silent for a long time.

Wu Tong’s second uncle couldn’t see her expression clearly and was in a restless mood.

After about two to three minutes, Wu Tong gathered up the contract and placed it back into the portfolio. She smiled as she returned the portfolio to her second uncle and said, “I understand.”

“Wu Tong…” Wu Tong’s second uncle anxiously told her: “Don’t worry, I just need to get through these difficult times. After I make enough money,[2] I’ll find a way to extricate us from the Qin family.”

[2] In the raws, Wu Tong's second uncle doesn't say anything about making "enough" money. Instead, it says something along the lines of: "Wait til I make money," but it doesn't sound as smooth.

“Second uncle, you don’t have to worry so much.” Wu Tong smiled as she said, “Since I’ve already agreed to this marriage, I’ll do my best to have a good life with eldest young master Qin. As for the final additional clause, I don’t think it’s a big deal.”

“I’m relieved that you think that way.” Seeing how sincere Wu Tong looked, Wu Tong’s second uncle felt more at ease.

“If that’s all, then I’m going to go find a doctor and ask them about the surgery,” Wu Tong said.

“Alright, then. Go ahead.”

As soon as Wu Tong turned around, her smiling expression slowly turned cold, like summer sunshine being penetrated by a slight chill.

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