Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 6.2 - Meeting With Doctor Li (2)

“Even if a patient with PTSD has gone through treatment, there are still several aftereffects, such as a dislike for social interaction, impulsiveness, a short temper, and a strong desire for control… All of these are aftereffects that Qin Ge exhibits.”

“So what you’re saying is that he has a bad temper?” Wu Tong tried to figure out some of the terms that Doctor Li was using.

“Those are the most obvious aftereffects. What’s harder to control is that as a former soldier in the special forces, Qin Ge has really high strength stats[1] and a slight tendency for violence,” Doctor Li explained.

[1] For whatever reason, the doctor is using a gaming term here lmao It's basically the statistics that show how strong a character in a RPG game is.

Violent tendencies. Wu Tong’s expression darkened instantly.

“But don’t worry, for now, Qin Ge hasn’t shown any signs of violent behavior. This proves that he can still control himself,” Doctor Li reassured.

“‘For now,’ that is to say, we can’t rule out the possibility that he may show signs of violent behavior,” Wu Tong pointed out.

“That’s right.” Doctor Li nodded and continued explaining, “This is also why I kept suggesting that Qin Ge return to civilian life. According to a survey, a person’s safest, most relaxing, and most beautiful memories are almost always at home. I hope that through experiencing the warmth of a normal family, it can slowly ease the restlessness at the bottom of his heart.”

“So that’s why they wanted a marriage of convenience.” Wu Tong nodded as she put the pieces together.  

After hearing Wu Tong’s words, Doctor Li Yun Jing pondered a bit before saying, “At the outset, I was hoping that Qin Ge could have a normal dating life before marriage, but based on his current condition, I reckon it’s going to be somewhat difficult, so Mrs. Qin has been quite anxious about it.

“I know you two are in a marriage of convenience, but I can tell that Miss Wu Tong is a very intelligent and kindhearted person. Even though Qin Ge still suffers from several aftereffects, he is a fine man.

“This has been showcased through his actions today. He took the initiative to have you come see me. He also gave me a call and told me to tell you everything about his condition without holding anything back. Based on all this, you can tell Qin Ge values this marriage and is very sincere.”

“I understand. Thank you, Doctor Li.” Wu Tong nodded and gave a wry smile.

“So… Are you going to reconsider this marriage of convenience?” Doctor Li asked carefully.

Wu Tong smiled as she shook her head. “No. I won’t.” If she could go back on her word at will, then it wouldn’t be a marriage of convenience. Besides, the bargaining chip for this marriage was her brother’s bone marrow.  

“Then… I’m going to tell you a few more things.” Only after confirming that Wu Tong was still intent on marrying Qin Ge did Doctor Li decide to say, “I told you before that Qin Ge’s desire for control is very strong.”

Wu Tong nodded as an indication that she was listening.

“In general, a male’s desire for control is manifested in two ways: possessiveness and sexual desire.”

Wu Tong blinked. She was stupefied.    

“So far, Qin Ge only sees you as a potential spouse, so he doesn’t feel any urge to dominate you. But after you leave my office and reaffirm that you are still intent on marrying him, you will be within his grasps.” Seeing how Wu Tong’s face had turned a little pale, Doctor Li realized that her words might’ve sounded somewhat frightening, so she smiled and tried to alleviate things by saying:

“Don’t worry. He doesn’t have a perverted desire for control, it’s just stronger than the average person —  kind of like a little kid’s. Let me give you a piece of advice. When you’re with him, make sure to pamper him as much as possible.”

“Pamper him?”

“Yep, also… Smiling and hugging is the best way to make a person feel more relaxed.” Doctor Li suggested, “You should smile and hug him as often as possible. It will lead to unexpected results.”

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