Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 6.1 - Meeting With Doctor Li (1)

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Lan Hai Psychiatric Therapist’s Office.

“Hello, may I ask if you have a reservation?” The nurse cordially asked this upon seeing someone enter.

“Hello, I’m looking for Doctor Li Yun Jing,” Wu Tong responded.

“May I ask if you are Miss Wu Tong?” The nurse seemed to have been notified beforehand, so as soon as she heard someone ask for Doctor Li Yun Jing, she immediately confirmed it with Wu Tong.

“Yes, I am.” Wu Tong nodded, slightly surprised.

“Doctor Li is already waiting for you. Please follow me.” The nurse extended her hand to lead the way.

Wu Tong was stunned for a moment before following the nurse.

The nurse brought Wu Tong to Doctor Li’s medical office. She knocked lightly on the door. In response, a pleasant female voice answered from behind the door: “Come in.”

“Doctor Li, Miss Wu Tong has arrived.” The nurse stepped off to the side, so Wu Tong could enter before closing the door behind her.

After stepping into the room, Wu Tong saw a middle-aged woman in her forties wearing simple and casual clothing. She had a small, plump face and wore a friendly smile, which gave one the sense that she was very affable.

“Hello, Wu Tong. My name is Li Yun Jing. I’m Qin Ge’s psychiatrist.” Doctor Li smiled as she extended a hand.

“Hello, Doctor Li.” Wu Tong was still a little dazed. Why did it seem like Doctor Li had already known Wu Tong was going to come?

“Are you curious as to why I’m not surprised that you’re here, and how I already knew you were coming?” Doctor Li poured a cup of scented tea for Wu Tong. “Sorry, I only have scented tea.”

“It’s ok, thank you,” Wu Tong said as she accepted the cup of tea.

“Let’s sit down and have a chat,” Doctor Li said.

Wu Tong glanced at the reclining chair which was obviously designed for patients. She hesitated a bit before sitting on the sofa next to it.

“Did Qin Ge give you a call in advance?” Wu Tong guessed.

“You’re half-right.” Seeing the puzzled look in Wu Tong’s eyes, Doctor Li explained, “Actually, Mrs. Qin mentioned you to me before Qin Ge even called me. But they both called for different reasons.”

Wu Tong blinked, expressing her confusion.

“Mrs. Qin only wanted to consult me about whether your marriage with Qin Ge would improve his condition. Whereas Qin Ge called me in the hopes that I could give you a comprehensive overview of his condition.” Doctor Li smiled, continuing, “He called me first thing in the morning, requesting that I clear up my schedule and wait for you.”

Wu Tong blanked out for a bit in order to digest all this information. She wasn’t in a hurry to express her opinions. After a while, she asked, “Was eldest young master Qin… receiving treatment here for a long time?”

“He's been here for about two years. He’s recovered quite fast compared to other patients,” Doctor Li responded.

“What kind of illness does he have?” Wu Tong really couldn’t tell that Qin Ge was someone with a mental disorder.

“He has ‘shell shock,’[1] which is a form of post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.” Doctor Li explained.

[1] (Disclaimer: I am by no means a psychologist, so if I make any mistakes here please correct me!) Before PTSD was termed, "shell shock" was used to describe a type of post-traumatic stress disorder that afflicted many soldiers during World War I. I tried to get as close of a definition as possible because there are two different words used in this sentence: "战后心理综合征" and "创伤后应激反应," which both translate to PTSD when I searched it up on Baidu (basically China's version of Google). "战后心理综合征" refers to post-war psychological effects (rough translation of it would be Postwar Psychological Syndrome). "创伤后应激反应" would be the wider umbrella term for PTSD because PTSD doesn't just affect people who have been in war/combat.

“PTSD?” Wu Tong remembered her second uncle mentioning that eldest young master Qin used to be a soldier in the special forces. Thinking up to that point, Wu Tong had a few conjectures.

Since they were already on the topic, Doctor Li slowly began to talk about Qin Ge’s condition. “When he first came here, he was in an extremely bad state of mind, and practically had no will to live.”

Wu Tong’s eyes were full of disbelief, as if she was unwilling to believe that the man she met yesterday night —  who had been leaning against his Jeep, laughing at her so heartily —  had once lacked the will to live.

“Qin Ge came from the special forces, so he was extremely resolute. I could barely get him to open up, so it was very difficult for me to conduct his treatment,” Doctor Li recalled. “It took over half a year before he was finally willing to talk to me. I think something must have stirred his emotions around that time.”

Wu Tong listened quietly without interrupting Doctor Li’s recount.

“Just like that… It took about two years of treatment for him to recover into his current state. And then I realized that I couldn’t treat him anymore.”

“Why?” Wu Tong asked.

“Because psychologically speaking, he’s had a full recovery.” Doctor Li changed the subject and said, “But that doesn’t mean that he’s completely back to normal. It’s just that I’m unable to help him with his remaining issues.”

“What issues?” Wu Tong asked.

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