Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 599: So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 34)

She knit her brows.  She didn’t want Luo Qian Zhe to find out.

She had already caused a large stir yesterday on her first day.   If he knew, he either wouldn’t let her go out today or he would treat her special all day.

She wanted to be the queen of being low key, going to school like this.

She was a bit regretful when she came out.  It was snowing today and it was even bigger than yesterday.

Sitting in the passenger seat of Luo Qian Zhe’s car, she closed her eyes and felt like she had no strength at all!

Luo Qian Zhe knit his brows as a sparkle appeared in his eyes.

It seemed like she wasn’t feeling good, but she was forcing herself to go to school!

What could this girl do other than making him worry?

“Are you alright?”  Luo Qian Zhe looked over with eyes filled with worry.

She slowly opened her eyes and looked at the great white patch outside, suddenly regretting coming out today.

She cleared her throat and said, “I’m fine, I’m fine.”

It was easy to notice when someone had a cold, even if she didn’t want to tell him, he still found out.

When she walked into the classroom and sat down, she laid on her desk, not wanting to move at all.

She felt her head ache and she couldn’t even raise her hand.

Feng Xiao turned around and put a bottle of Yakult on her desk, “Qing Chen, I really have to thank you for yesterday…..”

Luo Qing Chen was surprised.  She sat up and looked at the Yakult on her desk with a smile, “I was the one who hurt you!”

“Your voice is a bit strange, do you have a cold?”

Luo Qing Chen touched her ears out of habit and said, “A bit…..”

“Do you want to take the day off…..”  Feng Xiao said with a soft snort, “It was all the fault of the people from yesterday, they deserved being kicked out of school!”

“Ah?”  She was a bit surprised as she said, “They were kicked out?”

“Yeah!”  Feng Xiao looked at her and asked, “Young master Qian takes care of you this much, this isn’t that strange!”

“You should already know each other!”  When Luo Qing Chen wanted to reply, Su Mu’s cold voice naturally took over the conversation.

“Ha?”  Feng Xiao looked at her in disbelief, “Is that true?  Damn!  Qing Chen, why didn’t you tell me!  I even kept telling you news about young master Qian!”

Luo Qing Chen looked over at Su Mu on the side.  His expression seemed indifferent, he didn’t seem to have any emotions.

He was used to facing people with indifference, so the waves that were deep in his heart, he wasn’t willing to let others find out.

If it was someone else, he definitely wouldn’t have said anything…...

“We were classmates in middle school.”  Luo Qing Chen hesitated a bit before giving Feng Xiao the most popular answer.

“No wonder…..”

“Classmate Luo, we were in the same class in middle school!  Do you remember me?”  Ji Hao Chen saw that they were deep in conversation, so he came over with a refreshing smile and said, “Although we were in different classes…..”

“Ke, ke.”  Luo Qing Chen honestly knit her brows as she looked at him and said, “I really don’t remember!”

Why did this person appear again?  Couldn’t he not talk to her?

Can’t he see that she hated him?  Was he not afraid of being abused?

Ji Hao Chen awkwardly scratched his head.  Feng Xiao looked at him and said, “Classmate Hao Chen, don’t mind it.  Qing Chen isn’t feeling too good today…..”


It wasn’t that she wasn’t feeling good, she really didn’t like Ji Hao Chen, alright?

Why was Feng Xiao helping her give this kind of meaningless explanation!

She looked up to see the faint sparkle in Feng Xiao’s eyes.  Although it was only an instant, she had seen everything.

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