Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 59 - Returning to the villa [OW]

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Standing in the spiritual plant room, Su Ling felt a strong sense of surrealism. The spiritual plants are learning how to read! After 3 seconds, he eventually calmed down. This is spiritual plants we are talking about. It's not surprising to know that they can learn to read since that they can share mental images with him and could draw simple pictures. After all, the spiritual plants in Belle are originally a kind of intelligent organism, but its IQ is not high— or perhaps it’s just the humans who think that they are not intelligent.

Seeing the 2 plants studying hard, Su Ling took Gu Liheng to the sample room earlier and continued to search for a spiritual plant scent that is suitable for Gu Liheng. Although male god’s sleep quality is very good these days, the main reason was they were sleeping together on the same bad; every day before going to bed was sweet torture. If they continue on with this pattern, they would probably get ‘overheated’ one day (from restraining themselves). Right now, there is no suitable fragrance, and they may have to sleep separately later. Su Ling feels that it is crucial to make a fragrance suitable for male god. Male god will have urgent documents to read from time to time during this vacation. That means when he started working again, his work pressure will be even greater.

For the next 2 days, both of them stayed in the sample room most of the time, and all the plant samples were seen and smelled by them. Su Ling sorted out his notes and selected 20 spiritual plants’ scent that seems to work the best. Gu Liheng ordered the people to send these spiritual plants to the villa. At the end of the week in the research building, Su Ling packed up and placed all of his spiritual plant in the space storage one by one. Xian Mo Yu cooperated very well, but Lóng Mo Téng was determined not to get in and stayed wrapped around his wrist. Seeing that Lóng Mo Téng won’t occupy much space and did not affect him, he left it alone. He bid farewell to Director Li and the researcher team and left the association building.

Upon returning to the villa, Su Ling went to the spiritual plant room and took out the spiritual plants. Immediately when Xian Mo Yu came out, Lóng Mo Téng swiftly moves onto Xian Mo Yu’s petals, and then skillfully turned on the computer. Su Ling smiled, he simply prepared the nutrient solution for them and left, not wanting to disturb them from studying. He walked out of the spiritual plant room and asked Gu Liheng, "Have the spiritual plants you bought arrived?"

"They are In the backyard," Gu Liheng pulled him, feeling a little helpless with the young man's diligence, "but let’s have dinner first."

After dinner, Su Ling received a message from Director Wang, it was the program schedule of the science program. He replied after reading it.

"Xian Mo Yu now only drinks nutrient solution. On-site hunting is not suitable. If you want to introduce that to the audience, the spiritual plant registration association has related videos."

The science program would be broadcasted live throughout the whole process. There will be some interactive sessions, and a large proportion of the audience were students. Since this time it involves spiritual plants, there must be a lot of Omega audiences. Hence, if the hunting process was demonstrated on the spot, many people are likely to get scared.

Director Wang: "I will communicate with the association first, then I’ll contact you later after making some adjustments."

Su Ling: "Alright."

After the call, Su Ling took Gu Liheng's hand to the backyard and looked at the newly bought spiritual plants. Afterwards, Gu Liheng went to the gym room to exercise. Worried that his pheromone would interfere with male god’s concentration, Su Ling didn't follow and jogged around the villa. Half an hour later, the pheromone scent on his body was particularly strong due to exercise. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and walked into the living room, heading to the guest room to take a shower.

As he walked quickly through the living room, a whiff of red wine scent that could not be ignored came from behind. When he turned his head, Su Ling saw Gu Liheng in a tank top and shorts coming down the stairs. There was a layer of sweat formed on male god’s body, and his wheat-coloured skin glowed on the firm muscles. Su Ling's breathing was hitched, his throat moved up and down, and his body temperature started to rise.

Gu Liheng smelled his pheromone and stopped on his track. His voice was hoarse as he said, "Sorry, I didn't see you around, so I got worried."

Turning around, Su Ling strode towards Gu Liheng, with eagerness. His reaction caused Gu Liheng's eyes to darken, and the eyes looking at him seemed to be on fire.

Gu Liheng jumped down the stairs in three or two steps. The two met at the bottom of the stairs, and they started hugging and kissing.

When Su Ling's thoughts were clear again, it is already the next morning. His eyelids moved, and the bracelet rang out. Squinting to see the caller’s name, Su Ling glanced at the time and quickly got up, "Hiss..."

Gu Liheng embraced Su Ling from behind and comforted, "Don't rush." He said as he rubbed the sore parts on Su Ling's body. Then he placed his chin on his(SL) shoulder, rubbing affectionately.

Su Ling happily leaned back on Gu Liheng and connected to the call, "Meng Meng, I will be at Xiao villa before 9.00 am."

After the initial treatment, Old Master Xiao's condition has eased. According to his physical condition, the doctor revised the treatment plan and changed the time of using the Redthorn Ball liquid to before going to bed at night. But because the medicine taken is a synthetic medicine with the ball liquid as the primary raw material, it takes time to make it. Su Ling can't be too late to go to the Xiao villa. These days, except for special circumstances, they usually go before 9.00 am.

Lin Meng: "Why is your voice so hoarse...cough, have you wake up yet?"

Su Ling cleared his throat and said, "Yes, already woke up."

Lin Meng smiled tacitly, and then asked, "You won’t be staying in the association building from today, right?"

"En, we just returned to the villa yesterday afternoon."

Lin Meng: "Great, I will talk to you again when you come to Ah Rui's house."

Su Ling acknowledged with an En and got up. After he finished his breakfast, he gets ready to go out. As he is about to get into the car, a root emerged from the ground and entangled his foot. He lowered his head and looked at the ground nearby. Fortunately, there is only a small hole. He leaned over and lightly squeezed the root, "I'll be back later, so let go of my foot, alright?"

The root didn’t let go, and a mental image of 3 little stick figures holding hands appeared in Su Ling's mind. Next, the word ‘go’ appeared next to the figures with a dot at the end.

Su Ling guessed, "Go together?"

The root swayed happily.

Su Ling finally compromised and said, "All right." He went to the spiritual plant room and put all of the spiritual plants in his space storage. As for Lóng Mo Téng, it only wanted to stay on his wrist. He rubbed his wrist and walked out of the spiritual plant room. Then he saw male god in a formal suit standing at the door, and couldn't help but laugh, "Are you going with me too?"

Before this, the male god won’t go with him because both locations were quite close.

"En." Gu Liheng glanced at his wrist and nodded.

Lin Meng smiled ambiguously at Su Ling when he saw Gu Liheng following behind him.

Su Ling went to harvest the raw material from Redthorn Ball and came out of the spiritual plant room. He heard Lin Meng saying to Xiào Rui, "Oh yeah, you and President Gu can go to play ball!"

Seeing that Su Ling has come out, Lin Meng immediately waved to him. With a look of expectation, he said, "Ling Ling, let's go swimming."

"Alpha can't get in the Omega’s swimming pool, so Ah Rui can't accompany me, and President Gu can't go with you either. But they can play sports in the nearby sports centre."

Su Ling is a little moved, exercise is always in his mind. Rather than jogging, he prefers swimming or riding a bicycle. However, Planet Belle has no bicycles! Everything is automated, and there is not manual transportation, so he can’t achieve the feeling of exercising. Moreover, male god should also make more friends. However, he hesitated and said, "Recently, I had too much exposure on the Internet, and it may not be convenient to go out. Li Heng’s villa has a swimming pool. Should we go to the villa instead?"

Gu Liheng immediately turned to look at Su Ling. This is the first time he heard the young man calling his name, other than on the bed.

Sensing his gaze, Su Ling raised his eyebrows and smiled at male god. He has thought about it and decided to just call the name naturally. Just that usually when there are only two of them, he rarely calls male god by name.

"That's boring." Lin Meng tapped on his bracelet and opened the pictures of the swimming pool. Then he got up and sat down beside Su Ling.

"Look, this is the swimming pool I often go to. The swimming pool has a large area and has various scenery simulation styles, including oceans, seabeds, glaciers, and snow-capped mountains. It looks very realistic, and it feels great."

Su Ling was very moved as he looked at the pictures. The glacier-themed swimming pool was surrounded by icebergs, which seemed very cold, but the actual temperature is very high.

Lin Meng: "If you are afraid of being found out, we will book the section. The pool area is smaller, but it’s enough for us two."

"Go and play." Gu Liheng looked at Su Ling with pity in his eyes.

When the young man saw the pictures, there was an apparent surprise as if he had never seen it before. Gu Liheng recalled what he heard about the young man’s experiences. Given the neglect he had in the Su family, the young man probably had never been to a theme swimming pool. Maybe he hadn't even been to an amusement park before. As he is thinking about it, Gu Liheng subconsciously recalled that there’s a theme park suitable for Omega in Belle City.

Su Ling smiled and said, "Are you going to the sports centre with Xiào Rui?"

Gu Liheng nodded, "En, it’s right next to the swimming pool. We can have lunch outside at noon."

Su Ling was particularly moved by this proposal, "Then it’s decided."

Lin Meng’s big eyes were curved up with great joy, and he hugged Su Ling, "It's great. I'm really looking forward to going with my friends. It's too boring to go alone." He got up and pulled Su Ling’s hand, "They sell everything there, so we just go straight away."

Xiào Rui helplessly said with a pampering tone, "What are you rushing for? Slow down."

Lin Meng: "We can enjoy the fun longer if we go early!"

Gu Liheng and Xiào Rui sent them to the swimming pool. They arranged to meet at the entrance of the swimming pool at 11.45 am. After the Omegas entered the building, they went to the sports centre together.

At the front desk, Lin Meng bought two new swimsuits directly, as well as swim rings and water guns. The waiter took them into the entrance of Glacier Pool and said, "Please feel free to contact us if you need anything."

Lin Meng nodded, swiped his card, and the door opened from both sides.

Su Ling's field of vision became bright and white. The temperature hadn't changed, but he felt much refreshed.

Lin Meng took off his isolator and jumped in excitement, "Ahh, so comfortable! I can't wait to get into the water." He shook the swimsuit in his hand and said, "I'm going to change."

Su Ling also took his isolator and went to the changing room. He changed into an Omega swimsuit, which is actually shorts and vest. He pulled on the vest because it was a little uncomfortable; back in his world, only wearing shorts will do. He left the changing room, and Lin Meng whistled, "Wow, Ling Ling is so pale!"

Su Ling: "...You are pale as well."

Leaning over, Lin Meng put his arm next to Su Ling’s arm to compare. Both of their skin is pale, and it looked a little dazzling under the virtual glacier’s white lights. He pulled Su Ling with a smile, and they walked by the pool, "Can you swim?"

Su Ling nodded, Lin Meng let go of him, "Then let’s jump in together?"

Su Ling: "Sure."

Both of them bend their knees and jump into the water neatly. In the water, a refreshing sensation swept across the body. Su Ling could felt the pores all over his body were open, which is very comfortable. Coming up for air, he stroked his wet hair and looked around. The scenery made him feel like he is surrounded by glaciers, and it makes his heart swell.

Lin Meng poked his head out beside Su Ling, "That felt awesome! Wanna compare speed?"

Su Ling raised his eyebrows, "Okay."

When the two were tired from swimming, they sat on the reclining chairs to rest, drank juice and chatted. After some rest, they went into the water again. Later on, they playfully shoot each other with the water gun. Although it was childish, they still played happily. They stayed until it’s almost lunchtime before reluctantly leaving.

After they left the swimming pool, Lin Meng looked around and said, "Hmm, Ah Rui and President Gu’s side is not over yet?"

Su Ling glanced at the time, and saw that it’s only 11.40 am so he said, "Wait a bit, there are 5 minutes left."

Lin Meng: "Shall we go to find them next door?"

Su Ling grabbed Lin Meng, who was about to leave and said, "It’s all Alpha over there. It's not suitable for us to go."

He looked at Lin Meng with a little helplessness in his tone, and suddenly remembered some plots in the novel. Lin Meng is a standard protagonist who is innocent, kind-hearted, silly, and sweet. He does whatever he wants, often causing a lot of troubles but managed to encounter many interesting things as well. Thinking of this, Su Ling suddenly felt a bit old.

"AHH..." Suddenly, a scream came from the right side, and 2 Omegas screamed and ran away in panic.

Lin Meng hurriedly ran over towards the commotion, "That’s the direction of the sports centre. Could it be something has happened?!"

Su Ling couldn't pull Lin Meng back, and he didn't want as well because he was a little worried. With male god and Xiào Rui’s identity, there should be no one stupid enough to trouble them. But thinking that something happened that may be related to male god, Su Ling cannot stand still.

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