Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 59 Part 3

Zhou Yi made a round trip and broke a long branch from the surrounding trees.

She visually measured the length of the branch, and it should just reach the snake pile.

Zhou Yi made a small step forward.

She grabbed the end of the branch and stretched her arms to get the branch close to the snake pile, from which she used the branch to knock on the ground near the pile in an attempt to get the snake pile's attention.

After a minute or two of knocking, Zhou Yi's arms were sore.

She looked at the snakes that were still tangled together.

It was difficult to separate them.

They didn't even look at Zhou Yi.

Zhou Yi threw the branch to the ground in exasperation.

"Ugh! What's wrong with these snakes? Aren’t they afraid of people?"

Ah Jin said somewhat helplessly, "You broke into someone's home without permission. It’s good that they didn't attack you. How do you want them to be afraid of you?"

Snake Island was the world of snakes.

It was good that people were not afraid of snakes.

There was no reason for snakes to be scared of people there.

One shouldn't forget, the island was not a steel and concrete human world but an isolated island.

Zhou Yi said with some displeasure, "Do we really have to kill them just like that?"

Ah Jin looked at her in the eyes.

"You pity them? I just saw you very happy eating snake meat ah."

Zhou Yi quickly waved her hands, "No, no! How could that be? I don't pity them. I just think that if we kill so many at once, it will cause an all-out war. We can't beat four fists with two hands!"

Ah Jin turned on her knife and blew the non-existent dust on it.

"Then kill them all. My knife is already trembling with excitement."

"I think it's you who's trembling with excitement. I can't believe you're so sweet-looking on the outside, but you're actually a bloodthirsty demon on the inside!"

Ah Jin looked indifferent as she approached Zhou Yi with a knife.

"I can not only kill snakes, but I can also kill people. Do you want to try?"

Zhou Yi stared in disbelief.

"You, you!"

Thirteen separated the two.

"Stop it."

Zhou Yi asked Thirteen, "What do you think? Do you want to kill the snakes too? There are three or four venomous snakes. What if something happens to you!"

Thirteen said with a calm expression, "It won't."

He then turned his head towards Ah Jin, who was on the other side, and said, "Let's go."

Ah Jin gave Zhou Yi a victorious smile and followed him to kill the snakes.

Zhou Yi was left in the same place, angered and worried.

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