Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 59 Part 2

The three of them ate and drank enough and then continued their journey.

Thirteen was still leading the way with branches, and Zhou Yi was in the middle watching for clues about the little red flag.

Ah Jin was the last and was responsible for fighting the venomous snakes that popped up from time to time.

The three walked when Zhou Yi suddenly stopped in her tracks and stared in a direction with frightened eyes.

Ah Jin also stopped and asked, "What's wrong?"

Zhou Yi's face was solemn as she reached out and pointed in a direction.

Ah Jin and Thirteen looked in the direction her finger was pointing to, and their faces gradually sank.

It was not because of fear.

Ah Jin was feeling sick.

Not far away from the bushes, three or four snakes entwined with each other were still writhing and changing positions.

Several snakeheads were sometimes crossed and sometimes separated.

Underneath them was the little red flag that three of them were looking for.

Zhou Yi's goosebumps rose at once

She couldn't help but touch her arm, "So disgusting. How should we get the damn flag?"

Thirteen raised his knife, "Kill them!"

Ah Jin clapped her hands in praise, "Good idea!"

The two of them immediately agreed, and with their knives, they were about to go forward to kill the snakes.

Zhou Yi hurriedly stopped them.

"Don't be impulsive. We should think of a way to scare them away."

Ah Jin and Thirteen retreated behind her.

Ah Jin patted her shoulder and said, "I'll leave this big job to you, then. Please have a go at it."

Zhou Yi found a stone at her feet and threw it at the snake pile.

It struck the snake pile not too far away.

However, several snakes remained entwined as if nothing happened and ignored her.

Zhou Yi touched her nose with some embarrassment.

"Slip of the hand. Slip of the hand. One more time."

After saying that, she found a larger stone on the ground and threw it hard at the snake pile.

This time, she finally hit a snake's body.

The snake who was hit raised its head in pain and opened its mouth to reveal sharp fangs.

The snake narrowed its eyes, showing a dangerous look.

Zhou Yi was a little scared and took a small step back.

Ah Jin said, "It is better to kill them. It is too much effort to scare them away or something."

Zhou Yi immediately stopped and said, "Trust me! I can scare them away! What if you kill more snakes and attract more snakes."

Ah Jin did not care.

"Do whatever you want."

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