Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 59

Thirteen picked up some rocks and formed a circle.

He built a stand of branches and raised a fire underneath the frame with broken leaves and stems.

He skewered the cut snake meat on a thin branch and grilled it on the fire.

Ah Jin cut a triangle-shaped hole along with the opening of the coconut.

The half-cooked snake meat was put into the coconut juice.

The whole coconut was put into the fire to cook.

Zhou Yi watched from the side and couldn't help but ask, "Qiao Jin, are you going to make a soup to drink? Wouldn't this fire burn the coconut husk together?"

Ah Jin replied, "It is good to take out the coconut before the coconut shell burns off."

Zhou Yi stopped talking and just stared at the fire with both eyes.

The juice from the grilled snake meat slowly slid down the stand and dripped down into the fire. The fragrance of the snake meat gradually diffused.

With the smell of the meat coming to her face, Zhou Yi's cravings were triggered.

She couldn't help but swallow her saliva and looked at Thirteen and asked, "Is it still not ready? I'm so hungry!"

Thirteen flipped the side of the rack, took out a skewer of snake meat that was almost cooked, and handed it to her.

"Eat it."


Zhou Yi hurriedly took it, gave it a symbolic blow, and impatiently took a big bite of the snake meat.

The snake meat was soft and fresh, even without seasoning.

The taste of the snake meat itself was delicious enough.

Zhou Yi ate with gusto.

Thirteen took another skewer and handed it to Ah Jin, who was not polite with him and took the snake meat and ate it.

The three of them soon shared a snake to eat, then finally served with coconut snake soup.

The sweet and tender taste, Zhou Yi's meal was satisfying.

"Now I feel that we have come to a treasure island. This is full of ingredients, ah! Unfortunately, there is no seasoning. Later, on the way, let's also find out if there is any seasoning. Snake meat is a great tonic ah!"

Zhou Yi’s eyes sparkled.

At this point, the venomous snake became not that scary in her eyes.

Ah Jin looked at her with some amusement.

"You are not afraid now?"

"I am not afraid of it. In fact, I often went to the mountains to catch grass snakes when I was a child!"

Ah Jin was putting out the fire on the ground with Thirteen.

She replied, "Really, then you have a lot of guts."

Zhou Yi was a little embarrassed.

"The countryside children were brought up to play in the mountains since childhood. How would you know what to be afraid of at that time? It is now useless to be bold. It is still you and Thirteen who came to my rescue in the nick of time."

"Don't take it to heart. We’re all teammates."

Thirteen was silent as always.

He did not participate in the conversation between them.

The three of them ate and drank enough and then continued their journey.

Thirteen was still leading the way with branches, and Zhou Yi was in the middle watching for clues about the little red flag.

Ah Jin was the last and was responsible for fighting the venomous snakes that popped up from time to time.

The three walked when Zhou Yi suddenly stopped in her tracks and stared in a direction with frightened eyes.

Ah Jin also stopped and asked, "What's wrong?"

Zhou Yi's face was solemn as she reached out and pointed in a direction.

Ah Jin and Thirteen looked in the direction her finger was pointing to, and their faces gradually sank.

It was not because of fear.

Ah Jin was feeling sick.

Not far away from the bushes, three or four snakes entwined with each other were still writhing and changing positions.

Several snakeheads were sometimes crossed and sometimes separated.

Underneath them was the little red flag that three of them were looking for.

Zhou Yi's goosebumps rose at once

She couldn't help but touch her arm, "So disgusting. How should we get the damn flag?"

Thirteen raised his knife, "Kill them!"

Ah Jin clapped her hands in praise, "Good idea!"

The two of them immediately agreed, and with their knives, they were about to go forward to kill the snakes.

Zhou Yi hurriedly stopped them.

"Don't be impulsive. We should think of a way to scare them away."

Ah Jin and Thirteen retreated behind her.

Ah Jin patted her shoulder and said, "I'll leave this big job to you, then. Please have a go at it."

Zhou Yi found a stone at her feet and threw it at the snake pile.

It struck the snake pile not too far away.

However, several snakes remained entwined as if nothing happened and ignored her.

Zhou Yi touched her nose with some embarrassment.

"Slip of the hand. Slip of the hand. One more time."

After saying that, she found a larger stone on the ground and threw it hard at the snake pile.

This time, she finally hit a snake's body.

The snake who was hit raised its head in pain and opened its mouth to reveal sharp fangs.

The snake narrowed its eyes, showing a dangerous look.

Zhou Yi was a little scared and took a small step back.

Ah Jin said, "It is better to kill them. It is too much effort to scare them away or something."

Zhou Yi immediately stopped and said, "Trust me! I can scare them away! What if you kill more snakes and attract more snakes."

Ah Jin did not care.

"Do whatever you want."

Zhou Yi made a round trip and broke a long branch from the surrounding trees.

She visually measured the length of the branch, and it should just reach the snake pile.

Zhou Yi made a small step forward.

She grabbed the end of the branch and stretched her arms to get the branch close to the snake pile.

She used the branch to knock on the ground near the pile in an attempt to get the snake pile's attention.

After a minute or two of knocking, Zhou Yi's arms were sore.

She looked at the snakes that were still tangled together.

It was difficult to separate them.

They didn't even look at Zhou Yi.

Zhou Yi threw the branch to the ground in exasperation.

"Ugh! What's wrong with these snakes? Aren’t they afraid of people?"

Ah Jin said somewhat helplessly, "You broke into someone's home without permission. It’s good that they didn't attack you. How do you want them to be afraid of you?"

Snake Island was the world of snakes.

It was good that people were not afraid of snakes.

There was no reason for snakes to be scared of people there.

One shouldn't forget, the island was not a steel and concrete human world but an isolated island.

Zhou Yi said with some displeasure, "Do we really have to kill them just like that?"

Ah Jin looked at her in the eyes.

"You pity them? I just saw you very happy eating snake meat ah."

Zhou Yi quickly waved her hands, "No, no! How could that be? I don't pity them. I just think that if we kill so many at once, it will cause an all-out war. We can't beat four fists with two hands!"

Ah Jin turned on her knife and blew the non-existent dust on it.

"Then kill them all. My knife is already trembling with excitement."

"I think it's you who's trembling with excitement. I can't believe you're so sweet-looking on the outside, but you're actually a bloodthirsty demon on the inside!"

Ah Jin looked indifferent as she approached Zhou Yi with a knife.

"I can not only kill snakes, but I can also kill people. Do you want to try?"

Zhou Yi stared in disbelief.

"You, you!"

Thirteen separated the two.

"Stop it."

Zhou Yi asked Thirteen, "What do you think? Do you want to kill the snakes too? There are three or four venomous snakes. What if something happens to you!"

Thirteen said with a calm expression, "It won't."

He then turned his head towards Ah Jin, who was on the other side, and said, "Let's go."

Ah Jin gave Zhou Yi a victorious smile and followed him to kill the snakes.

Zhou Yi was left in the same place, angered and worried.

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