Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 59 Part 1

Thirteen picked up some rocks and formed a circle.

He built a stand of branches and raised a fire underneath the frame with broken leaves and stems.

He skewered the cut snake meat on a thin branch and grilled it on the fire.

Ah Jin cut a triangle-shaped hole along with the opening of the coconut.

The half-cooked snake meat was put into the coconut juice.

The whole coconut was put into the fire to cook.

Zhou Yi watched from the side and couldn't help but ask, "Qiao Jin, are you going to make a soup to drink? Wouldn't this fire burn the coconut husk together?"

Ah Jin replied, "It is good to take out the coconut before the coconut shell burns off."

Zhou Yi stopped talking and just stared at the fire with both eyes.

The juice from the grilled snake meat slowly slid down the stand and dripped down into the fire. The fragrance of the snake meat gradually diffused.

With the smell of the meat coming to her face, Zhou Yi's cravings were triggered.

She couldn't help but swallow her saliva and looked at Thirteen and asked, "Is it still not ready? I'm so hungry!"

Thirteen flipped the side of the rack and took out a skewer of snake meat that was almost cooked, and handed it to her.

"Eat it."


Zhou Yi hurriedly took it, gave it a symbolic blow, and then impatiently took a big bite of the snake meat.

The snake meat was soft and fresh even without seasoning.

The taste of the snake meat itself was delicious enough.

Zhou Yi ate with gusto.

Thirteen took another skewer and handed it to Ah Jin, who was not polite with him and took the snake meat and ate it.

The three of them soon shared a snake to eat, then finally served with coconut snake soup.

The sweet and tender taste, Zhou Yi's meal was satisfying.

"Now I feel that we have come to a treasure island. This is full of ingredients, ah! Unfortunately, there is no seasoning. Later, on the way, let's also find out if there is any seasoning. Snake meat is a great tonic ah!"

Zhou Yi’s eyes sparkled.

At this point, the venomous snake became not that scary in her eyes.

Ah Jin looked at her with some amusement.

"You are not afraid now?"

"I am not afraid of it. In fact, I often went to the mountains to catch grass snakes when I was a child!"

Ah Jin was putting out the fire on the ground with Thirteen.

She replied, "Really, then you have a lot of guts."

Zhou Yi was a little embarrassed.

"The countryside children were brought up to play in the mountains since childhood. How would you know what to be afraid of at that time? It is now useless to be bold. It is still you and Thirteen who came to my rescue in the nick of time."

"Don't take it to heart. We’re all teammates."

Thirteen was silent as always.

He did not participate in the conversation between them.

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