Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 587: So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 22)

“Alright!”  He slowly stood up and put his hands in his pocket as he said with narrowed eyes, “Let’s go!”

Gu Yin Yin’s lips curled as a confident look appeared in her eyes.

Although she had lost to Su Yan Yan by five votes when it came to the beauty ranking, that didn’t mean that she wasn’t beautiful!

But Su Yan Yan knew how to use her tricks too well!

In the beginning, she wanted to silently wait for Luo Qian Zhe to pay attention to her.

She had deliberately bought the same cup and the same pen as him, to make it seem like a beautiful coincidence!

However, Luo Qian Zhe didn’t pay attention to her at all.  There were girls that were always by his side, it was never her.

She knew then that she had to take the initiative!

She came to the conclusion that Luo Qian Zhe liked girls who took the initiative and didn’t like passive girls like her!

Only taking initiative could one enter his heart!

Hearing what Luo Qian Zhe said, the girls discussing behind her had their disdain turn into envy.

She liked this kind of feeling.  In Gu Yin Yin’s eyes, only she was worthy of being with Luo Qian Zhe.

Su Yan Yan?

What a joke, she wasn’t worthy!

At this time, the cafeteria was strangely lively because of Su Mu.  Luo Qing Chen seemed to sense something!

Becoming the center of attention wherever she went.  This definitely wasn’t her problem, but rather it was related to the people she stood with!

“You guys line up, I’ll go get us a spot!”  Luo Qing Chen made the decision to stay out of the limelight!

“What do you want to eat?”  Feng Xiao asked.

“Just get me whatever you’re eating!”  Luo Qing Chen said with a smile, “You know better than me!”

Of course, the later her felt that this phrase was completely overturned!

Because Feng Xiao got her…..all spicy dishes!

“You….really like to eat spicy foods?”  Luo Qing Chen asked with an awkward smile.

“That’s right!”  Feng Xiao introduced the dishes on the plate with an excited look, “Mapo tofu, spicy stir fried beans, and the spicy basa filet are the three classics of our school!  They’re super good and if I didn’t know how to grab them, I couldn’t buy them at all!”

“Eh…..”  She touched her ears and said with a smile, “You really can snatch them…..”

The previous host could eat spicy foods when she was younger, but Luo Qian Zhe couldn’t, so the chef only occasionally cooked it!

No one knew that Luo Qian Zhe would suddenly be rushed to the hospital for throwing up blood after having a few mouthfuls of spicy fish head stew!

Since then, the Luo Family never cooked any spicy foods.

As time passed, she really couldn’t eat spicy foods.

Now she probably couldn’t do it at all…..

She slowly picked up her chopsticks and took a string bean.  Her body trembled after just taking two bites and her blood seemed like it was boiling.

God!  This wasn’t a normal level of spicy!

When she was planning to get up to get a few more dishes, there was a commotion by the door.

“Young master Qian!”

“Damn!  So lucky, young master Qian actually came to eat lunch at the cafeteria!”

“I come here every day and this is my first time seeing him!  He really is so handsome!”


When Gu Yin Yin appeared behind him, the style of gossip instantly changed!

“Who is that?”

“It seems to be a freshman!”

“She seems so fake, I don’t like her!”

Gu Yin Yin naturally didn’t care about those voices at all because she knew that a dark flower had bloomed in all their hearts!

It was called: The flower of jealousy!

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