Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 581: So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 16)

Luo Qian Zhe in the class had a frown.  His eyes had never left Luo Qing Chen to begin with.

She didn’t come find him after class and she went to buy drinks with someone else!

That was fine, but she actually didn’t even look at him when she passed by class A!

She didn’t know that he was seriously looking at her!

At this moment, Su Yan Yan was on the ground ‘seriously crying’.

The surrounding people heard this and they broke out in gossip again.

“When did class B become this arrogant, they actually dare bully young master Qian’s girlfriend?”

“There will be a good play to watch!  Remember the last time someone offended young master Qian, they didn’t come back to school the next day!”

“That’s right!  No matter how good your family is, it isn’t anything in front of young master Qian.  This girl will definitely die now!”


Feng Xiao naturally heard this and her face turned red, as she nervously clenched her hands.

She also admired Luo Qian Zhe, so naturally she knew what status he had in the school.

Su Yan Yan was his girlfriend, he would definitely stand up for her.

Thinking of this, Feng Xiao couldn’t help taking a step back to Luo Qing Chen and saying, “Qing Chen, go back to the classroom first…..”

“What?”  Luo Qing Chen knit her brows and narrowed her eyes, “Could it be that they would hit girls!”

“Young master Qian wouldn’t.”  Feng Xiao said with a frown, “But his followers might.”

Luo Qing Chen wanted to say something, but the followers Feng Xiao spoke of came over.

That imposing appearance made Luo Qing Chen slightly knit her brows.

Fatty Wang who had a rather humble appearance was in the lead.  He looked at Feng Xiao with his hands at his waist and said, “Apologize to goddess Yan Yan, otherwise you won’t be able to leave!”

Fatty Wang had two reasons for helping Su Yan Yan.  One was because she was Luo Qian Zhe’s girlfriend and the other was that after sending Su Yan Yan home, his heart had awakened and he admired her as a goddess.

Now there was a chance to stand up for her, how could he back down!

Feng Xiao pursed her lips and she had a stubborn look in her eyes.

She didn’t want to apologize, but she couldn’t implicate Luo Qing Chen.

“Wu, wu, wu, wu.”  Su Yan Yan on the ground began crying even louder!

Damn!  She didn’t want fatty Wang at all, alright?

She wanted Luo Qian Zhe to come out for her, she wanted to be held by the demonic school hunk!

She didn’t want to stand behind this fatty Wang, alright?

One of the tall boys, Liang Zi saw Luo Qing Chen and said, “This beauty just transferred in?  So beautiful!  Damn fatty, stop being this fierce to this beauty!”

“Damn Liang Zi, whose side are you on?”  Fatty Wang angrily said, “Yan Yan is the goddess!”

“Yes, yes, yes!”  Liang Zi raised his fist as he said to Feng Xiao, “Quickly apologize, quickly apologize!  Stop implicating this beautiful classmate!”

The surrounding people began to gossip even more and most people were on Feng Xiao’s side.

It was better to end things before young master Qian came out!

“Classmate, just apologize!”

“Right, right!  Otherwise you’ll suffer more later!”

“Let’s not care about this thing, right!?”

It was clear that everyone didn’t like Su Yan Yan.  It was because she was young master Qian’s girlfriend and because they were clear on what kind of person Su Yan Yan was!

What good girl…..what sweetheart…...

It was all fake!

Feng Xiao heard this and clenched her fist.  She gritted her teeth and tears appeared in her eyes as she said, “So…..”

“What apology!”  Luo Qing Chen pulled her back and said, “What is there to apologize?  Didn’t classmate Su Yan Yan not accept when Feng Xiao apologized just now?”

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