Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 58 Part 3

Her back was just to the river.

There were watermarks under the body of the gray snake.

It should be a water snake.

The snake's body was slender, about a meter long, with a muscular body.

It was highly suited to springing out of the water to attack its prey.

Ah Jin pulled up the knife and poked the snake's head.


Zhou Yi felt her heart palpitating.

"Thank you. If you hadn't saved me, I might have died."

Ah Jin cut the snake's head off.

"It won't kill you, plus you still have the serum. The snake meat you like is delivered to your door. Find some branches and grill it."

Zhou Yi volunteered.

"I'll go!"

After saying that, she went to look for branches.

Ah Jin asked Thirteen, "Do you know how to skin a snake?"

Thirteen nodded and began to prepare the snake.

The scene quieted down.

Ah Jin picked up some rocks from the river and threw them into the river to scare away the prying snakes.

She didn't want to be careful, even if she had to eat a meal.

"Your knife is fast!" Thirteen spoke up.

Ah Jin turned to look at Thirteen, cleaning up the snake.

"You are also very sharp."

Thirteen no longer answered.

He just lunged to save Zhou Yi, but he did not see how Ah Jin shot the knife from beginning to end.

The snake sprang out of the water at an incredible speed.

The fastest speed he thought he could do was only to take Zhou Yi to the side.

As for whether he could dodge, he was only 30% sure.

And this carefree little girl in front of him surprisingly solved the problem from the root.

It seemed to him that he underestimated the woman.

Ah Jin was also extremely curious, a mysterious young man, quick hands and adept wilderness survival skills.

How did he look like an ordinary person ah?

As for the most ordinary-looking Zhou Yi, Ah Jin felt that there was still to be observed.

This mission world seemed to be not as simple as the original owner remembered.

The original owner was probably just cannon fodder that got caught up in some conspiracy.

Zhou Yi soon came back with a pile of tree branches and leaves.

She ran to Ah Jin and showed her what she was carrying.

"Look, I found two coconuts! I just don't know if I can eat them."

Ah Jin took one of them and used her knife to pry open the outer coconut shell.

Looking at the little coconut juice inside, Ah Jin gave her back the coconut.

"It's drinkable. The coconut meat is also good.

Zhou Yi pushed the coconut back.

"It's for you. Take it as a thank you gift for saving my life."

And she ran to Thirteen with another coconut for him.

Thirteen had already finished cleaning up the snake that was cut into several pieces with a knife.

The three ate at a distance from the river to prevent further misadventures.

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