Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 58 Part 2

Zhou Yi looked up and said stubbornly, "No way, it's just a few little snakes. If they dare to bite me, they would be better off killed."

Ah Jin gave a thumbs up.

"I am counting on you."

As Ah Jin said, the deeper they went, the more aggressive the snakes inside began.

Some of them began to show their sharp teeth at the three of them, emitting a threatening "bared" sound.

Encountering such snakes, they didn't bother with them and just passed quickly.

The only thing they really had to guard against was the venomous snakes hiding in the grass that could attack at any time.

One person was given only one serum.

It meant that a second bite would be no chance of survival.

No teammate would give up their serum to someone else, right?

The time was near noon when the three found a small river.

Thirteen knocked with a tree branch against the rocks at the edge of the river if there were hidden snakes.

After confirming that the surrounding area was safe, the three sat down to rest.

Zhou Yi punched her leg.

"Oh, I'm so tired. There is still 14 day. My legs are going to break. There are snakes everywhere. How can we sleep at night?"

Ah Jin replied, "Sleeping in shifts. 12 hours a night, each person on duty for four hours. One in the first half of the night, a person in the second half of the night, the last person in the early morning to the morning. Only the second half of the night shift is a little harder."

Thirteen spoke up and said, "I'll do it."

Zhou Yi smiled and looked at him.

"I do not know you are quite a gentleman."

Thirteen did not answer.

After discussing the evening shift, Ah Jin asked about the meal.

"We now have water and cookies in hand. For sure we will not have enough to last for 14 days, so we also need to go out to find food."

Zhou Yi's eyes shone.

"Snake meat is delicious! I..."

"Watch out!"

Thirteen didn't wait for her to finish her sentence and suddenly pounced on her.

The three of them sat in a circle, close to each other.

After Thirteen pounced on her, he hugged her and smoothly rolled to the side.

Zhou Yi crawled up from Thirteen's arms and looked behind herself in panic.

A gray snake was nailed to the ground at three inches by Ah Jin's knife.

The snake's body was still curling and struggling.

Not long after, the snake's body was slowly shedding its strength and died.

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