Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 58 Part 1

The topography of the whole island, Ah Jin had already seen it on the plane.

There was only one mountain on the whole island, and the top of the mountain was where they would be reaching.

The company would probably be placing three teams in three different locations on the island if it was to be fair.

All three teams departed from different places at the same time.

By definition, the island was so big that the chances of nine people running into each other should have been slim.

The original owner was really unlucky.

There was another reason for it, Snake Island, the island as its name.

No sooner had they walked into the jungle when they saw a snake.

The snake's body coiled on a branch.

Zhou Yi pulled Ah Jin's arm.

"Qiao Jin, look! There's a snake!"

Ah Jin looked at her.

Zhou Yi's face of excitement and curiosity was not faked.

"Aren't you afraid?" Ah Jin asked.

Zhou Yi looked at her strangely.

"Why should I be afraid? It’s not like it's going to bite me."

Ah Jin looked at the snake.

It was about one meter long, grass green in color, oval-shaped head, and long and thin tail.

So it was a non-venomous snake, and indeed it would not bite.

Thirteen was very calm.

He just took a look and continued to move in front of the way.

Whether or not there was venom, and whether or not it would bite, Zhou Yi's reaction was not a reaction that a girl living in the city would have.

Ah Jin did not rule out the possibility that she was born with courage, nor would she come to risk it.

As they advanced, the snakes began to get more and more.

Thirteen stopped in his tracks.

"Something is wrong. There are too many snakes."

Zhou Yi also said, "Yeah, there are more than in a regular mountain. We're not being thrown onto an island of snakes, are we!"

Ah Jin looked around.

"It's very possible, oh!"

The snakes they saw along the way were non-venomous and docile because they were still on the island’s outer edge.

"Now, there are still some grass snakes and so on. Going further deeper inside it is more dangerous. Maybe there are venomous snakes, pythons, and so on inside."

Zhou Yi grabbed Ah Jin's arm.

"Don't you scare me? I’m not afraid of snakes."

"I am not scaring you. When I went through the first aid kit just now, you did not see it? There is an anti-venom in the first aid kit."

Zhou Yi's face then began to turn white.

"I, I did not notice. I thought it was an anti-inflammatory shot."

Ah Jin showed a sarcastic smile.

"Are you afraid? Want to admit defeat?"

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