Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 58 - Experiment [OW]

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Seeing Xian Mo Yu agreed, Su Ling couldn't help but laugh. He held the roots and lightly squeezed it, "Do you like star coins?" To agree right away upon hearing that there is an appearance fee.

The roots moved up and down. If I have money, I can raise my son!

Su Ling: "The raw materials you provided can sell for a lot of money. If you like star coins, do you want me to change some into cash for you?"

All of Xian Mo Yu’s attention was on ‘sold for a lot of money,’ so it didn’t hear the rest of the sentence. The front end of its roots stiffened, then a large number of roots waved happily in the air.

"Hahaha, did you hear that," Xian Mo Yu showed off to its friend, "My poison sold for a lot of money!"

Lóng Mo Téng: "Idiot, didn't you said earlier that you didn’t sell any?"

"Well, I saw it in the space storage a few days ago, hahaha," Xian Mo Yu was thrilled, "I'm really amazing."

Seeing it so happy, Su Ling decided to get some cash when he has time. He sent a message to Director Wang from the popular science program, "Xian Mo Yu agreed, but we have something to do in these 2 days."

Director Wang: "Great. As for the appearance fee, is it alright if we give the same amount as a top star’s fee?"

Su Ling: "Yes."

Director Wang: "I will contact you after things are finalized at my side, then we’ll discuss further."

Su Ling: "Okay."

When Ye Lei walked in, he saw Xian Mo Yu’s action and smiled, "It's in a good mood. We will start to test the effect of its fragrance at 8.30 am, is that okay?"

Su Ling: "Yes, are all the testers here?"

Ye Lei nodded.

Su Ling lightly squeezed the roots, "In the experiments later, you just need to release your fragrance as usual, don't spray any poison."

The roots moved up and down to show that it understood.

Su Ling, Gu Liheng, and Ye Lei moved to the monitoring room next door. Boss and his team members will stay outside the experiment room to look after the testers. At 8.30 am, the experiment officially started, and the first pair of AO walked into the spiritual plant room.

Ye Lei pointed to the next screen, "This pair of AO has a compatibility rate of 11%, which is the lowest in the group. Today, we will test the rates from low to high compatibility."

Nodded, Su Ling turned to look at the surveillance. After the pair entered the room, they looked at Xian Mo Yu with surprise and excitement. They wanted to get closer but didn't dare. Too focused on Xian Mo Yu, the pair has completely forgotten their purpose in the experiment.

Ye Lei turned on the microphone and reminded, "Please take off your isolator and feel if there are any reactions."

The two men came back to their senses, they took off their isolator, and looked at each other nervously. After 10 minutes, both didn’t blush, nor their heartbeats speed up, and they left the spiritual plant room calmly.  Ye Lei activated the ventilation system and waited until the system display showed no residual pheromone left in the room before informing Boss to let the second pair in.

The entire process was extremely dull. Each pair gave the same copy-and-paste reactions. They enter the room, get shocked and excited upon seeing Xian Mo Yu. Then they took off their isolator and left the room with excitement and joy after 10 minutes. It wasn't until the AO compatibility rate exceeded 80% that that pair began to respond to each other’s pheromone. But they could still preserve their rational thinking.

Ye Lei said with excitement, "This is amazing. Xian Mo Yu is a natural tranquilizer/sedative." He said to Boss, "The compatibility rate of the last pair is 93%. Get ready with inhibitors; the scene may get out of control."

Boss nodded and let the last pair enter the spiritual plant room.

Su Ling stared at the holographic screen. The Omega fell on the Alpha with blurry eyes the moment the experiment started, like a thirsty fish, tightly embracing the Alpha. Did he do the same thing when he was with male god? Then his face reddened because his actions might be even more exaggerated. After all, he has been a real man for 20 years, so he is not easily shy, unlike the native Omegas here. Gu Liheng's gaze fell on his face, and the hand holding him tightened slightly. Su Ling gave a light cough without turning his head to look at male god.

Watching the experiments, Xian Mo Yu and Lóng Mo Téng discussed the test subjects enthusiastically. Xian Mo Yu shook its roots, "It seems that no one here is comparable to my daughter-in-law. My son sure has good eyes, as good as mine. "

Lóng Mo Téng's leaves stood up, "Idiot! Is it time to brag? I don't want to watch the human’s live ‘action’ movie."

Xian Mo Yu: "Then should I separate them?" As it said that, its roots rushed out quickly to the hugging AO pair. It coiled around their legs, trying to separate the two.

It actually wanted to tie around their upper body, but both were holding onto each other tightly. Its roots couldn't tie them separately, so Xian Mo Yu chose their legs instead.

Ye Lei was instructing Boss through the microphone, "Inject inhibitors into the tester..." when he saw what happened at the holographic screen. He immediately said, "Su Ling, stop Xian Mo Yu!"

Su Ling held his forehead. The pair of AO is obviously frightened by the roots. When the roots pulled at their feet, they held each other even tighter. This time, there are no more amorous feelings, just fright. He picked up the microphone and said, "Xian Mo Yu, quickly let them go. They are scared of you."

The roots retracted back to the flower bud, and Xian Mo Yu said, "How timid, my son is more courageous!"

Lóng Mo Téng: "Idiot, you could have just tied both of them together and throw them out?"

"Oh, I will do it now." Its roots were about to move when Boss opened the door and entered the room.

"Well, you are not needed anymore," Lóng Mo Téng said.

Boss helped to inject inhibitor for the pair. Unaware that they have just escaped from Xian Mo Yu’s further action, they continue to stare at Xian Mo Yu with panic in their eyes. When Su Ling walked into the spiritual plant room, the roots rushed to wrap around his hand. He smiled at the AO pair and said, "I'm sorry, it's not malicious," he coughed slightly, "It probably wants to help separate you guys."

Hearing that, the AO pair looked awkward, but their emotion has calmed a lot. The Alpha said, "As expected of a Grade S spiritual plant, it is really smart."

Being praised, Xian Mo Yu felt very happy, and its roots immediately waving and dancing in the air.

The AO pair saw that, and their expression became more relaxed. Ye Lei asked how they felt during the experiment. After recording their input, Boss sent them out. After a while, Boss came in again and asked Su Ling, "The testers are asking if there are any similar types of fragrances for sale? They would like to book in advance if it’s available soon."

Su Ling: "Not yet."

Boss nodded and went out.

Ye Lei: "Do the raw materials provided by Xian Mo Yu have a similar scent? You should be possible to produce fragrances with the same effect."

Su Ling nodded, "Yes, but I can’t sell any for the time being as the military needs the raw materials."

Ye Lei nodded, "Then there is no way. Thanks for your hard work. I will continue to observe Xian Mo Yu in the afternoon, so you can do your own thing."

After he finished speaking, Su Ling looked at Xian Mo Yu and fell into deep thoughts. Xian Mo Yu’s black liquid has a foul smell, while the red one is fragrant. The cure for treating the wounds caused by dark matters needed both types to work. Thinking of this, he sent a message to Ni An, "Doctor Ni An, the ratio of black liquid and red liquid needed to make the cure, is it 1:1?"

The red liquid effect made him feel touched, and Su Ling wanted to use it for himself. Since he and male god just completed a marking, they are in a relatively stable state. But if they removed their isolator, their emotions can easily go out of control due to their high compatibility rate. Moreover, his physical stamina is too weak now. Even if he wanted to follow the mood, his body can't stand it at all. This caused both of them to feel uncomfortable from holding back.

Having the isolator on can prevent them from going out of control. When he is sleeping beside male god, his(GLH) sleep quality has improved. It’s challenging to adapt to the previous state, and he doesn’t want to sleep separately at night, which meant that an isolator is also required at night. However, keeping the isolator on 24/7 is not good for the glands, so using fragrance is the most appropriate way.

Ni An: "It’s 1:1. Is there any problem?"

Su Ling sighed; he won’t be able to save extra red liquid for the time being. Nevertheless, he told Ni An about the red liquid effect, but he didn't say he wanted to use it for himself.

Ni An: "If a man-made cure can be developed earlier, the red liquid could be used to make fragrance products."

Su Ling: "En, but I know how serious things are, sorry to disturb you."

After the message conversation, Su Ling gave up the idea of using red liquid. His eyes briefly glanced past Lóng Mo Téng, and he was suddenly reminded that there is a big leaf in his space storage. At the same time, he wondered what the raw material from Grade S spiritual plant Lóng Mo Téng can do?

Considering how Lóng Mo Téng was in self-deception and did not want to be discovered, he decided not to attract attention and test it himself after returning home.


Gu Liheng ruffled Su Ling’s hair and said, "It's time for lunch." Su Ling smiled, and the two left the spiritual plant room. After lunch, Gu Liheng asked his people to send a wad of cash to the association.

Initially, Su Ling thought to go out and get the cash out himself, but he was recognized when he walked to the association's office building, so he dispelled the idea of going out. Taking out the cash, he placed one banknote on Xian Mo Yu's petals, "Do you like it?"

"Ka-" Xian Mo Yu hadn't given a response yet, but Lóng Mo Téng, which had been motionless,
stretched out its leaves abruptly and pierced the banknote. The roots entangled the broken banknote and passed it back to Su Ling.

Taking back the banknote, Su Ling glanced at Lóng Mo Téng on the petals. So one like money, but the other hated it? He thought for a while and placed all the banknotes on the ground. Then he lightly squeezed the roots and said, "I’ll just put it here where your roots can touch it."

The roots bundled up the banknotes and returned it into Su Ling's hand. In Su Ling’s mind, a scene of elders giving red envelopes to children appeared.

Su Ling: " are giving them to me?"

The roots moved up and down.

Su Ling suddenly felt like he has mistaken something. Actually, Xian Mo Yu didn’t like the money?

Watching the whole interaction at the side, Lóng Mo Téng couldn't stand it anymore and said, "From now on, you and I will learn to write together!" After announcing the decision to its little friend, its vine broke off from the main stem. The end of the vine grew longer to reach Su Ling's wrist, and its emerald green leaves were gleaming. Next, a close-up mental image of a personal computer[1] appeared in Su Ling's mind.

Xian Mo Yu’s roots looked stunned by its friend’s decision, so Lóng Mo Téng added, "You illiterate dummy! Don't you want to communicate with your son normally? Don't forget, you promised me you will get your son to buy me a computer."

The roots moved, and another mental image appeared in Su Ling's mind. He could easily tell who was sharing the images. Feeling a little surprised, he asked, "You don't want the money; you just want to use the money to buy computers?"

The roots shook and nodded. Finally, it fell limply on the vine.

Xian Mo Yu: "I must study hard!" It is too difficult to communicate smoothly.

Su Ling couldn’t understand the full meaning of it, but one thing is certain, both plants wanted a computer. Could it be they were too bored? No matter what, he has decided to buy one for them. After all, a lot of his money was earned by Xian Mo Yu. He placed an order right away on the Internet, and it was delivered one hour later.

The personal computer is much smaller than notebooks in his previous world, it’s about the size of a mineral water bottle cap, and the display is on a holographic screen. He stuck the personal computer on Xian Mo Yu’s petal and taught them how to use it. In his mind, Lóng Mo Téng kept sharing the scene of a kindergarten class. With much awkwardness, he double confirmed what it means. After he somewhat determines the meaning, with him asking questions and the plant swinging its leaves up and down, Su Ling downloaded many kindergarten learning coursewares for the plants.

The feeling that he is raising children became deeper.

The spiritual plant room became extremely quiet with the personal computer, except for some voices coming out of the children's literacy courseware. Xian Mo Yu’s roots were soaking in the nutrient solution container. But if they moved, they will be pierced by Lóng Mo Téng’s leaves. Lóng Mo Téng did nothing other than stabbing the roots and occasionally tapping on the holographic screen.

Raw word count:  3116


[1] The author didn’t mention much of their high tech stuff so Banana is throwing random guess at it. The bracelet everyone wore is probably their smart phone but smarter, liek they can do practically everything with their bracelet. Then there’s a personal computer thingy that equivalent to laptop, me think.

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