Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 57 Part 2

They were actually given equipment by the company.

Each person had a first aid kit with an antidote serum if they were bitten by a poisonous snake and in danger.

There was also water and compressed cookies in the bag.

However, they only had enough to eat for two or three days.

They had to find their own food after they finished consuming them.

The original owner was separated from her teammates in the food search and ran into another team.

This team saw Qiao Jin was alone, so they had evil intentions and took her red flag and backpack.

As a result, their fight with the original owner scared the poisonous snake hidden in the grass.

The original owner was so unlucky that she was bitten, and her backpack was snatched away. Without the serum and without her teammates, the original owner became the first victim of the game.

Qiao Jin paid the price with her life for her ignorance and arrogance as well.

Her wish was simple, to survive and go home and get back at the people who got her killed in the first place.

Ah Jin turned her head and looked at her teammates, a male and a female.

They were not very old, twenty-something years old.

So it was not good to say that the original owner might be the youngest of them.

Ah Jin looked out the window again.

Their destination was nearing.

Snake Island was in sight.

It was really an isolated island, surrounded by the sea.

Thanks to this company, they found this kind of place to use human's desire for money and curiosity for a big gamble with life as a stake.

Only one million was the prize, though.

Was this life too cheap?

Ah Jin was still looking out the window at Snake Island when the man sitting in front of her turned around and said to them, "Guys, we’re here. Now grab your stuff. We’re going to land. One last reminder, we will pick you up on the morning of the fifteenth day at the top of the designated mountain. Don’t be late. If you want to go home early, be sure to send us a signal. Good luck!"

"Sir, can I ask a question?" Ah Jin spoke up.


The man in front of her turned his head again to look at her.

Ah Jin asked, "May I know how many teams are competing with us this time? I haven't met the others yet."

"Good question, miss. There are three teams of three of you competing on this island this time. Three people per team."

"Thank you, sir." Ah Jin thanked him.

"You're welcome, beautiful lady. If there are no problems, we are ready to land."

The helicopter slowly landed on a beach with a strong wind from the propellers, blowing the coconut trees close to the shore to the east.

The three of them got out of the helicopter, and the man on the plane shouted to them, "Good luck!" Then the plane took off.

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