Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 57

Ah Jin opened her eyes and found herself sitting in a helicopter, with people also seated on either side of herself.

The client this time was named Qiao Jin, an adventurous college student.

She happened to read on the Internet that an American company was calling for adventure teams to go to an unnamed island for a wilderness survival competition.

The winning team would get a million dollars each, and Qiao Jin rushed to sign up.

After she went to the company, she found out that things were not that simple.

She thought it was just a simple survival contest.

Still, the American company required the participants to sign a "life and death contract.”

The company would not be responsible for any threats or conditions that may arise during the competition.

If you died on the island, the company had nothing to do with it.

This rule discouraged many people, but Qiao Jin thought it was just a gimmick.

This contract was like the life and death waiver that you sign every time you go bungee jumping.

She didn't take the contract to heart and readily signed on.

So she was ready to venture out to the island.

However, the reality was brutal.

When Qiao Jin and her squad arrived on the isolated island, she began to panic.

This was no isolated island but a snake island.

The island was full of all kinds of snakes.

As the island of snakes was located in the tropics, most of the snakes were poisonous. There were even human-eating pythons.

Qiao Jin retreated, but there was no turning back.

She had come here, and the time for the survival competition was 14 days.

Only on the fifteenth day, the helicopter would pick them up at the top of the mountain.

If she wanted to be picked up early, she had to choose to admit defeat first.

The rule of the game was that if one person gave up, the whole team would lose.

The two members of Qiao Jin's team did not agree that she should give up the game.

The team members thought, "You just got on the island, and you're talking to me about admitting defeat. You’re probably kidding me!”

Qiao Jin had no choice but to pin her hopes on the two team members because she was terrified of snakes.

It was a simple task to collect the red flags scattered around the island and gather at the top of the designated hill on the fifteenth day.

The team who had collected most of the red flags won the competition.

They were actually given equipment by the company.

Each person had a first aid kit with an antidote serum if they were bitten by a poisonous snake and in danger.

There was also water and compressed cookies in the bag.

However, they only had enough to eat for two or three days.

They had to find their own food after they finished consuming them.

The original character was separated from her teammates in the food search and ran into another team.

This team saw Qiao Jin was alone, so they had evil intentions and took her red flag and backpack.

As a result, their fight with the original character scared the poisonous snake hidden in the grass.

The original character was so unlucky that she was bitten, and her backpack was snatched away. Without the serum and without her teammates, the original character became the first victim of the game.

Qiao Jin paid the price with her life for her ignorance and arrogance as well.

Her wish was simple, to survive and go home and get back at the people who got her killed in the first place.

Ah Jin turned her head and looked at her teammates, a male, and a female.

They were not very old, twenty-something years old.

So it was not good to say that the original character might be the youngest of them.

Ah Jin looked out the window again.

Their destination was nearing.

Snake Island was in sight.

It was really an isolated island, surrounded by the sea.

Thanks to this company, they found this kind of place to use human's desire for money and curiosity for a big gamble with life as a stake.

Only one million was the prize, though.

Was this life too cheap?

Ah Jin was still looking out the window at Snake Island when the man sitting in front of her turned around and said to them, "Guys, we’re here. Now grab your stuff. We’re going to land. One last reminder, we will pick you up on the morning of the fifteenth day at the top of the designated mountain. Don’t be late. If you want to go home early, be sure to send us a signal. Good luck!"

"Sir, can I ask a question?" Ah Jin spoke up.


The man in front of her turned his head again to look at her.

Ah Jin asked, "May I know how many teams are competing with us this time? I haven't met the others yet."

"Good question, miss. There are three teams of three of you competing on this island this time. Three people per team."

"Thank you, sir." Ah Jin thanked him.

"You're welcome, beautiful lady. If there are no problems, we are ready to land."

The helicopter slowly landed on a beach with a strong wind from the propellers, blowing the coconut trees close to the shore to the east.

The three of them got out of the helicopter, and the man on the plane shouted to them, "Good luck!" Then the plane took off.

Ah Jin's feet were on the soft sand.

Breathing in the warm and humid air as she sized up her teammates.

Speaking of which, this was the first time they had met.

The young woman was the first to speak.

"Hello, my name is Zhou Yi. I'm an office worker."

Ah Jin smiled at her, "Hello, my name is Qiao Jin, and I'm a college student."

The two ended up looking at the man.

The man nodded at them both, "Thirteen."

Thirteen was not a dashingly good-looking man but a clean-cut looker at best.

How could she say that?

There was nothing special about his face, even if he was thrown in the crowd.

If you had to find a trait, it would be a little special to bring a touch of mystery brought about by his quietness.

When compared to Thirteen, Zhou Yi was much better looking.

Her face was full of collagen.

Her every move was full of youthful energy, and she was more energetic than Qiao Jin, a college student.

Ah Jin sat on the beach and began to turn over the company-issued backpack.

The three were a team, wearing a green camouflage team uniform with the same backpack.

Zhou Yi looked curiously at Ah Jin's movements and asked, "What are you looking for? Don't we all have the same things?"

Ah Jin's hands did not stop.

One by one, the things were taken out and put on the beach.

"I will just look at what they sent me. I haven't seen it yet. I came in a hurry."

The competition rules did not allow personal belongings.

Mobile phones and other communication devices were even more not allowed.

One could only bring equipment issued by the company, and the clothes worn were the team uniform issued by the company.

Placed on the beach was not much: two bottles of water, two packets of cookies, a Swiss army knife, a compressed sleeping bag, a flashlight, a lighter, and a first aid kit.

Ah Jin opened the first aid kit.

The stuff inside was interesting: a roll of gauze, a serum, a bottle of iodine, and a distress signal that could be launched.

Ah Jin collected the other things in the backpack and left only the knife on her body.

When she was done packing, she told the two of them, "Come on. Let's go in and take a look."

She already felt the excitement from her soul.

The smell of death in the mountains was attracting her intensely.

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