His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 57 - Hostility

Shen Ziqiao was happy to see Sheng Peiyin and Beitang Zhen Jing fight, no matter how serious it may be.

If Beitang Zhen Jing beat Sheng Peiyin half to death, then she didn’t need to worry about anything.

But Sheng Peiyin was a heroine. There was no way she would die.

The one that may be beaten half to death would probably be Beitang Zhen Jing.

They arrived at the banquet’s hall. The whole hall was splendid and magnificent. Various scents of perfumes assaulted her nose. Shen Ziqiao finally understood what an affluent family’s girls-only party looked like during the ancient times.

“Who knew that the empress sent Female Official He over to celebrate the princess’ birthday?” Sheng Peiyin stood by the door, glancing at the friendly woman with a round face standing by Princess Nihong, sighing with feeling.

“Female Official He?” Shen Ziqiao followed her gaze confusedly.

Sheng Peiyin glanced at Shen Ziqiao and thought that as expected, straw bags don’t know anything. “She’s a female official in the palace, the head of the laundry department. The empress has never sent a female official over to celebrate any woman’s birthday within the capital.” She said bitterly.

At this time, Shen Ziqiao suddenly thought of something. Female official!

That’s right. The first ruler of this country was a female monarch. In the past, women could become officials and they were able to discuss matters in court as well. But after the previous emperor succeeded the throne, he gradually got rid of the forces left by the female monarch. He didn’t allow women to come to court to discuss worldly matters, but in the imperial harem, women still had power over the different departments. Women were in charge of the harem matters.

Why did she remember this so clearly? Because she thought that this novel was going to have intense batting scenes, thus she chose to read it. In the end, she realized that it was just an ordinary novel. She also remembered commenting on this before.

At the same time that Shen Ziqiao was criticizing the novel, a scary thought appeared in her mind.


Could it be that Sheng Peiyin became the female monarch?!

With the author’s bizarre mindset, it might really happen. This was too terrifying. This was basically a nightmare!

“Jiao Jiao, are you okay?” It was unclear when Luo Zhaohua walked to Shen Ziqiao’s side. Seeing her pale face, she asked worriedly.

Shen Ziqiao snapped out of her trance. Seeing that Sheng Peiyin walked to the Female Official He’s side, she felt that her guess was correct. Sheng Peiyin could only conquer men if she became the empress.

But if she became the empress, a cannon fodder like her would die completely.

Shen Ziqiao sorrowfully felt that her road to kicking the heroine out of her way was even more difficult and challenging than she’d thought.

“Xiao Hua, Female Official He seems to be familiar with Sister Sheng.” Seeing that Sheng Peiyin and Female Official He seemed to be chatting and having fun, Shen Ziqiao felt the want to ruin the fun.

Luo Zhaohua said, “Third Miss Sheng is very nice and polite. She is known in the capital and everyone likes her.”

“Then why does Sister Jing not like her?” Shen Ziqiao asked in a low voice.

“It’s because of the Ninth Prince!” Luo Zhaohua moved over and said in Shen Ziqiao’s ears in a soft voice. When mentioning the Ninth Prince, she bit her lips and stopped. She glanced at Shen Ziqiao’s expression and pulled her towards the corner of the courtyard.

“What happened, what happened?” Shen Ziqiao hurriedly asked.

Luo Zhaohua found an empty corner and stared at Shen Ziqiao seriously. “Didn’t you take in what I told you last time? The Ninth Prince isn’t good for you. With your personality, if you marry into the Tian Family, you’ll just be swallowed alive. Don’t think about the Ninth Prince anymore.”

Shen Ziqiao nodded, feeling emotional. That’s her best friend! “I understand and I did give up on him.”

“Really?” Luo Zhaohua glanced at her suspiciously.

“I swear. If I still like the Ninth Prince, I won’t be able to marry anyone.”

Shen Ziqiao swore a serious oath.

Pah. Luo Zhaohua placed Shen Ziqiao’s hand down and said, “Nonsense.”

Shen Ziqiao smiled at her. This was the first time she didn’t feel lonely after coming to this bizarre place. Having friends was a good feeling.

“A while ago, Sister Jing encountered Third Miss Sheng at the Ninth Prince’s place. The two got into an argument and they started disliking each other. Therefore, whenever they meet, that’s how they act with each other.” Luo Zhaohua acted like she was used to this.

“Could it be that Sister Jing also likes the Ninth Prince?” Shen Ziiqao shockingly called out. Did their relationship have to be that complicated?

Luo Zhaohua gave her a disdainful look. “You think that everyone is like her? How is the Ninth Prince good in any way?”

He was so womanly! Shen Ziqiao smiled and said, “I didn’t say he was that good either.”

“I heard that the empress likes Sister Jing a lot. She may let Sister Jing become the crown princess.” Luo Zhaohua lowered her voice and said, “Who knows? You can’t go around and tell people about this. I also heard this from someone else and made this assumption as a result.”

Shen Ziqiao nodded firmly. “Don’t worry. I won’t go around telling people this. I don’t like gossiping either.”

“What are you saying?” Luo Zhaohua didn’t understand her words, thinking that Shen Ziqiao was just babbling nonsense again. Luo Zhaohua continued, “Think. If Sister Jing really becomes the crown princess and Third Miss Sheng beame the Ninth Princess Consort, then…” How should she explain their positions in the family hierarchy?

The Ninth Prince was the crown prince’s uncle…

Beitang Zhen Jing hated Sheng Peiyin a lot. Therefore, if Sheng Peiyin really got together with the Ninth Prince, wouldn’t that make Sheng Peiyin her elder?

Shen Ziqiao nodded with understanding. In the end, the two ladies became enemies because Sheng Peiyin entered the palace and seduced the crown prince. Women that loved the same man could never become friends.

Actually, Beitang Zhen Jing hated Sheng Peiyin and vice versa because the two women were both outstanding and remarkable. They both belonged to the type of people that liked being worshipped and praised. In the book, Beitang Zhen Jing was Sheng Peiyin’s formidable enemy.

No matter what, she couldn’t become close friends with these two people.

“Let’s hurry back. If mother doesn’t see us in a bit, she’d probably send people to search for us.” Luo Zhaohua held Shen Ziqiao’s hand and hurried back.

They had just walked through the long corridor when they saw a mama walking over. “Ah, ladies, we finally found you.”

Luo Zhaohua smiled and called out, “Mama Su.”

“The banquet is starting. The princess is looking for you. This mama will go check on the stage preparations. Is young miss going to watch the play later on?”

“Of course.” Luo Zhaohua smiled and walked into the hall with Shen Ziqiao.

Princess Nihong was already sitting on the master seat. By her left side was Madam Beitang and on the right side sat an unfamiliar woman Shen Ziqiao hadn’t seen before. The unfamiliar woman had a long face and a pair of dashing and long eyebrows. She had narrow and charming red phoenix eyes as well as a high nose bridge. It made her look very tough. However, she was skinny, wearing an almond-yellow embroidered dress. She appeared to look noble and graceful, but with a tint of indifference.

“Mother, we’re back.” Luo Zhaohua and Shen Ziqiao walked to Princess Nihong’s side, curtsying along with Madam Beitang and the rest.

“Madam Beitang, Madam Qi.”

Shen Ziqiao originally kept her head down, pretending to be quiet. When she heard Luo Zhaohua’s voice, she looked over only to see Madam Qi glancing at her sternly.

That Madam Qi was obviously Xiao Gu.

“This should be the famous Third Miss Shen.” Xiao Gu seemingly smiled and wrapped her arms around Shen Ziqiao. Recalling Duke An talking to that bastard in the study about things that she didn’t know, her anger bursted in her heart.

It was all because of this Shen Ziqiao. If it weren’t for her, Qi Zheng might still be a retard.

“Madam Qi.” Shen Ziqiao mimicked Luo Zhaohua and curtsied at Xiao Gu.

“I don’t dare. Third Miss Shen, you’re too polite.” Xiao Gu sneered. “I don’t dare accept your curtsy.”

Princess Nihong looked strangely at Xiao Gu and slightly furrowed her brows.

Shen Ziqiao smiled and asked, “Madam Qi seems to have misunderstood me.”

“Misunderstood? Third Miss Shen, you seemed to be scared that someone might misunderstand you. Though people say that you’re a jinx, you still went along to meet with our Eldest Master in the village. How are people not going to misunderstand you?” Xiao Gu sneered, speaking harshly.

Her voice wasn’t loud but it was enough for the nearby women to hear her.

A jinx? Everyone looked at Shen Ziqiao in fear.

Shen Ziqiao awkwardly chuckled. She only said this back then because she didn’t want to marry Qi Zheng, so she didn’t want to cause trouble for herself.

“I didn’t specially meet Qi Zheng in the village. Madam Qi, you misunderstood.” Shen Ziqiao said seriously.

Xiao Gu slightly smiled. “Who in the capital didn’t know who Third Miss Shen is? What’s strange with meeting a man in the village?”

This was insulting towards Shen Ziqiao.

Princess Nihong’s expression changed. She slightly smiled and said, “Madam Qi, although Jiao Jiao is a little playful, she isn’t as bad as you say she is. Today is my birthday, so please don’t scold the youngsters now.”

Xiao Gu hated Shen Ziqiao so much. She always thought that it was because of Shen Ziqiao that Qi Zheng suddenly got cured. She was going to say something more cruel and sinister, but the words got stuck in her mouth because of Princess Nihong. “I also heard this from my servants. They all said that Third Miss Shen was in love with the Ninth Prince. Who knew that she had connections with our Eldest Master as well?” Xiao Gu seemed to be hinting at something. She was basically saying that Shen Ziqiao was shameless and met up with men in private.

No matter why Xiao Gu hated her, Shen Ziqiao felt as though she shouldn’t just stand here and be ridiculed. This was going against her grandiose plans and ambitions.

“Madam Qi, it seems like you hate your step son very much.” Shen Ziqiao sighed.

Xiao Gu coldly gazed at her and quietly smiled. “What does Third Miss Shen want to say?”

“I heard that Young Master Qi had recovered and he acts like a normal person now.” Shen Ziqiao smiled and asked, “Young Master Qi recovered after he returned from Liu Yun Village. You think that this has to do with me, right? Therefore, you gave me a sour face when we met the first time.”

“The wrinkles by the corner of your eyes have increased. You have dry skin and your face is turning dark. You clearly grew old in age. It seems like you have been in a bad mood lately. The eldest son isn’t a retard, so you’re upset now?” Before Xiao Gu could retort, Shen Ziqiao clearly said.

Laughters filled the surrounding. Even Princess Nihong almost couldn’t help but laugh. She glanced at Shen Ziqiao coquettishly, “Jiao Jiao, don’t be presumptuous. Madam Qi is your elder.”

Xiao Gu was so angry that she felt her world spinning around her. She couldn’t help but want to rip Shen Ziqiao apart.

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