After investigating her identity, I wanted to send Liu Xiao to the Luo Manor to find her for me.

But I never thought that Luo Yi would bring her to the annual banquet.

I wasn’t interested in those kinds of things, but if she was going, I had to go.

After all, I didn’t want to give her to anyone else.

There were many people there, most of them wanting to ascend to become a phoenix.

When I saw her in the crowd, she was standing with the South Pacifying King, Ning Wen Zhen.

He seemed to be whispering something into her ear, but she didn’t pay attention at all.

Murong and another girl were arguing at the banquet and Murong attacked her immediately.

I felt like it was time for me to appear, after all, if the South Pacifying King wanted to fight with me, I wasn’t afraid.

After all, at this competition, if she wanted to find someone to ascend to become a phoenix, it had to be me and it could only be me.

I could clearly sense that she was a bit surprised when I said something.  I enjoyed that feeling very much as I took her hand and left in front of everyone.

She was very cute and there seemed to be a look of anticipation in her clear eyes.

Like she was looking for me.

I brought her to see my mother.  I didn’t know what kind of person she was, but she actually gave me a gift.

This gift was the most shocking thing in my life.

I always thought that things like yin and yang never existed.

But this gift let me know that it was just my ignorance.

She naturally didn’t know that my mother told me that it wouldn’t be easy for me to be with her.

She would disappear from my life one day and appear with a different face.

Mother asked me if I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to recognize her, but I said: I’m not afraid.  I believe that I can recognize her as Luo Qing Chen as long as I can see her back.

A certain day in the future confirmed what I had said.

When I was walking past the Moon Gazing Pavilion, I suddenly saw a person not far away.

Eunuch Luo said that there wasn’t anyone there.

But I believed what I said.  I couldn’t hear eunuch Luo calling from behind as I headed to the back garden.

When I saw her, my world became silent.

How I wished to rush forward and hold her, but I knew that I couldn’t.  There were many eyes in the palace and there were many days ahead.

I had to plan everything to be with her forever.

But this so-called plan actually only took a night for me to come up with.

But the reason I hesitated was because she would be hurt.

I wasn’t willing to hurt her, so I felt that god was truly kind to me.

When I was hesitating, there was a Ruan Fang Fang who appeared who was very similar to her previous appearance.

I knew that the time was right.

The ministers of the court headed by Liu Xiang would definitely kill Ruan Fang Fang, I just needed to act out a play then.  After passing the throne to my eleventh brother, I could leave this royal palace and fly away with her!

Everything was in the palm of my hands.

In order to give her a pleasant surprise, I had Yi Shou prepare the wedding room.

Speaking of this surprise, I really couldn’t wait.

I wanted to take her as my wife.  Even if I didn’t have the world, I still had my pledge.

In the years to come, I would always be by her side, walking along step by step.

I was willing to give her all my love and even if it was only temporary, I was willing to leave everything here…...

Forever, forever…...