Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 563: Ning Wei Han’s side story (Part 1)

Wedding dress, heaven and earth, you and me.  ——Ning Wei Han

I was the crown prince respected by everyone from birth, my royal father was a hero.

Emperors were beloved since ancient times, but my royal father was a special person in my eyes.

Although he had many concubines and gave birth to many heirs.

I knew that the ones he loved the most were me and my mother.

Since I understood matters, my mother no longer existed in the mortal world.

But I wasn’t bullied by anyone in the palace, not because I was the crown prince, but rather because of the person who bullied me first.

No matter who it was, a prince or a son of a minister, as long as they said something bad, they would be demoted and even be beaten to death.

I vaguely remember back when the sixth prince pushed me down and said I was a pitiful child without a mother.

His mother had received the favor of the emperor then, so naturally he was very arrogant.

But he never thought that that afternoon, his mother was sent away and he was no longer a prince.

It was probably since then that all the people of the court learned something.

The beloved prince of the emperor was me and no one could replace that.

As we gradually grew older, the battle between princes became more significant and the strongest competitor was the South Pacifying King, Ning Wen Zhen.

That day, when I was going to see my mother in the mass grave, I encountered assassins on the way.

Whenever I thought about this matter in the future, I wanted to thank those assassins.

Thanks to their appearance, Luo Qing Chen was brought to me.

That night, when I saw her panicked look, it was very familiar.

I brought her along because of my kind heart.

Her expression was very strange, like it was saying: Why did you bring me along?

She really was naive, if I didn’t bring her along, how could she have the chance to live?

It was impossible for the secret guards to leave any witnesses, no matter who you were.

She seemed familiar with the mass grave, knowing every route like the back of her hand.

In the end, we escaped by jumping into the river, but I was still injured.

While on the border of losing consciousness, I saw that she liked to talk to herself and she took out many things like they came out of thin air.

I think that it was probably because I was about to lose my life from the poison!

But when she finished applying the medicine, I found that my consciousness slowly came back.

She was very serious in wrapping up my wounds.

She was very serious in sucking out the poison for me.

Although it was very hard to keep my eyelids from falling, I wanted to persist.  I didn’t want to miss her serious appearance.

Perhaps it wasn’t exaggerated to say that it was love at first sight…..

Actually, I didn’t sleep that night.

She was sleeping very well, but her lashes twitched as she unknowingly called out another person’s name.

My heart suddenly felt uncomfortable, this was an emotion I had never felt before.

I knew that I didn’t like this kind of feeling.

But I couldn’t help leaving the only thing that my mother left me on her wrist.

The jade bracelet lined with the moonlight matched perfectly with her white wrist, I knew that we would meet again.

After returning to the palace, I first took care of all the secret guards the South Pacifying King had placed around me, taking care of his edge.

Then I investigated her identity and as expected, that night was our second meeting.

The first meeting was at the Luo Manor, she had boldly taken her older family member hostage.

I felt this girl was very special when we met by accident, but I just felt she was special and didn’t care.

But thinking about it now, perhaps it was destiny!

We had already met each other, we hadn’t missed each other.


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