Although there were only the two of them in this world, it was enough for them!

“I, Ning Wei Han, sweat to the heavens that as long as the world does not end, I will let my wife Luo Qing Chen live a long life without worry.”  There was a strange feeling in his words, like he was swearing a death vow without yielding at all.

Luo Qing Chen stood on the side and when he finished, he quickly came in front of her and said, “It’s finished!”


“I haven’t said anything yet!”  She lifted the veil and looked at him with her clear eyes, “Why did you end it already!”

“Because I don’t need a promise from you!”  Ning Wei Han put the veil back in a bit of a hurry as he said, “Let me lift this!”

Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and lifted the veil again as she said with a confused look, “Why!”

Ning Wei Han saw that she was obsessed with lifting her veil, so he took her by the waist and said, “Because in my Ning Wei Han’s world, you only need to do three things!”

She was stunned as she unconsciously took his neck and said, “What?  It seems like it’s quite a lot!”

“Be by my side, be by my side, be by my side.”  Ning Wei Han’s voice was as gentle as a spring’s breeze, which could melt the snow in the yard.

She heard this and she said with a faint smile, “Alright.”

The night of the wedding, in the nuptial chambers.

He softly placed her on the bed that was surrounded by candles.


Ning Wei Han blocked her lips with a soft kiss, “Is the lady prepared for the nuptial ceremonies?”

She felt her heart beating faster and a faint blush came over her face that spread all the way to her ears.

Ning Wei Han moved very softly and his fingers were trembling a bit as he went for her clothes.

She nervously touched her ears and said, “I…..I’m shy…..”

“Un.”  He softly replied as his right hand took her waist, gently pulling the ribbon that held her clothes together, “Close your eyes and leave it to me…..”

Luo Qing Chen obediently closed her eyes.  Her lashes trembled as sweat filled her palms.

Ning Wei Han pulled the covers over her and carefully kissed her lips.

In the silent room, there was only the swaying of the candles and their rapid breathing.

His movement was very light, integrating with her step by step.  At this moment, she no longer knew where she was and what year it was.

She felt like she was caught in a roaring flame and that flame was irresistible.

Ice was the first pain and fire was joy of wonder.

Ning Wei Han waved his right hand and extinguished the candle.  He gently held her as he eroded her sanity bit by bit.

After a while, the waves continued to rise and created a wonderful feeling that made their souls fly away.  In another world, tossing and turning.

Only when it ended did he kiss her forehead and say, “I love you.”

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 100%.]

Many years later, Ning Wei Han kept remembering the first night.  He kept mentioning it to her and how nervous he was at that time.

He said that was his first time and he didn’t have any experience…...

Whenever he said this, Luo Qing Chen would roll her eyes at him.

After all, she couldn’t even get out of bed the next day.

If this was called inexperienced, when how terrifying he would be if he had experience!

Un, it was true!  She didn’t get out of bed for a week before because Ning Wei Han had money, so she didn’t need to get out of bed.

Their lives in this world were uncommon days in common days, but both she and he liked these kinds of days.

When they finally left, the housekeeper buried them together and only placed two words on their tombstone —— Inseparable couple.