Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 56 Part 1

Ah Jin returned to space tiredly.

Ignoring San Qi, she shouted to space, "Settle the mission!"

The client was extremely satisfied with Ah Jin's mission completion and gave away 3000 energy.

Ah Jin absorbed the energy, and the fatigue in her body was swept away.

San Qi looked at Ah Jin's obviously improved mood, and only then did he speak up and said.

"Boss, please settle the bill."

Ah Jin asked it, "Do you have a table? Come get a table and a chair."

San Qi was moved to tears.

Its partner finally figured it out.

In addition to not killing herself, but she also learned to shop.

It felt in its heart a burst of obedience.

It chose a set of the most comfortable table and chairs from the mall for Ah Jin.

The latter looked at the beautifully crafted table and chairs in front of her and was also quite satisfied.

She found a comfortable position to sit on the chair.

San Qi looked at Ah Jin's satisfied expression and was pleased.

"Boss, the total is 200 energy."

As soon as Ah Jin heard this, she was very amazed.

"What? 200? Isn't it 45?"

San Qi was dumbfounded.

"The table and chairs are discounted by 159, and I have saved you the change."

"What? The table and chairs are not a gift?"

San Qi struggled.

"When did I say the table and chairs are free!"

Ah Jin despised it, "Other malls have a free gift with purchase. How come your company doesn't even have a free gift?"

Ah Jin got up from the chair and said to San Qi, "Forget it. I don't want it. You can take it back."

San Qi wanted to cry.

"I already bought it. The mall is not refunding it!"

Ah Jin shrugged.

"Bullshiting me? I didn't ask you to buy it!"

San Qi thought of the successful conclusion of this mission.

Ah Jin did not kill herself.

San Qi's heart constantly enlightened itself: Do not be angry. There is no anger. As a prize rewarded to her for the success of the mission.

San Qi exhaled a breath and said to Ah Jin, "This mission was successfully completed. You did not do anything wrong. This set of table and chairs I'll give you as a prize. You will be given a discount! You can give me a total of 60 energy."

Ah Jin also did not want to "bully the bird too much,” so she agreed and gave it 60 energy.

Ah Jin sat down again, took out the "souvenir" she brought back from the old house - a small oil lamp, and set it on the table.

This small oil lamp had been with her for a long time.

She was really a bit reluctant to give up.

San Qi watched her take out the small oil lamp and put it on the table.

Its eyes widened, and it flew up in fear.

The wings vibrated sharply in the air, emitting a "fluttering fluttering" sound.

It pointed at Ah Jin with one wing in a very anthropomorphic way.

"You! You! You! You! How did you bring that in!"

Ok guys imma cut each chapter into 3. In a day I can only work 2/3 of it. It's very hard for me to make time really.

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