Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 56

Ah Jin returned to space tiredly.

Ignoring San Qi, she shouted to space, "Settle the mission!"

The client was extremely satisfied with Ah Jin's mission completion and gave away 3000 energy.

Ah Jin absorbed the energy, and the fatigue in her body was swept away.

San Qi looked at Ah Jin's obviously improved mood, and only then did he speak up and said.

"Boss, please settle the bill."

Ah Jin asked it, "Do you have a table? Come get a table and a chair."

San Qi was moved to tears.

Its partner finally figured it out.

In addition to not killing herself, but she also learned to shop.

It felt in its heart a burst of obedience.

It chose a set of the most comfortable table and chairs from the mall for Ah Jin.

The latter looked at the beautifully crafted table and chairs in front of her and was also quite satisfied.

She found a comfortable position to sit on the chair.

San Qi looked at Ah Jin's satisfied expression and was pleased.

"Boss, the total is 200 energy."

As soon as Ah Jin heard this, she was very amazed.

"What? 200? Isn't it 45?"

San Qi was dumbfounded.

"The table and chairs are discounted by 159, and I have saved you the change."

"What? The table and chairs are not a gift?"

San Qi struggled.

"When did I say the table and chairs are free!"

Ah Jin despised it, "Other malls have a free gift with purchase. How come your company doesn't even have a free gift?"

Ah Jin got up from the chair and said to San Qi, "Forget it. I don't want it. You can take it back."

San Qi wanted to cry.

"I already bought it. The mall is not refunding it!"

Ah Jin shrugged.

"Bullshiting me? I didn't ask you to buy it!"

San Qi thought of the successful conclusion of this mission.

Ah Jin did not kill herself.

San Qi's heart constantly enlightened itself: Do not be angry. There is no anger. As a prize rewarded to her for the success of the mission.

San Qi exhaled a breath and said to Ah Jin, "This mission was successfully completed. You did not do anything wrong. This table and chair I'll give you as a prize. You will be given a discount! You can give me a total of 60 energy."

Ah Jin also did not want to "bully the bird too much,” so she agreed and gave it 60 energy.

Ah Jin sat down again, took out the "souvenir" she brought back from the old house - a small oil lamp, and set it on the table.

This small oil lamp had been with her for a long time.

She was really a bit reluctant to give up.

San Qi watched her take out the small oil lamp and put it on the table.

Its eyes widened, and it flew up in fear.

The wings vibrated sharply in the air, emitting a "fluttering fluttering" sound.

It pointed at Ah Jin with one wing in a very anthropomorphic way.

"You! You! You! You! How did you bring that in!"

Ah Jin just looked at the small oil lamp on the table.

"I want to bring it in. Space is mine. I do not need your consent to do what I want."

San Qi was completely panicked.

Something big had happened!

It was so confused that it flew around in space, and its feathers landed on Ah Jin's desk.

Ah Jin swept its feathers off to the floor and looked at it with annoyance. "Be quiet, don't fly around."

As soon as the words left her mouth, San Qi landed on the ground.

San Qi looked at Ah Jin in horror.

"What did you do? Why can't I control myself anymore! It's impossible. This can't be happening. Who the hell are you?"

Ah Jin walked up to it, squeezed its neck, and lifted it up.

San Qi looked at Ah Jin's magnified face in front of its eyes.

Its body started to tremble involuntarily.

It didn't want to die.

Ah Jin felt its fear and soothed, "I won't do anything to you. You don't need to be afraid. I also want to know who I really am. You just be good and don't make things happen. I will treat you well."

After saying that, she even showed a gentle smile to it.

That smile was undoubtedly the devil's smile to San Qi.

Her smile was full of threat and terror.

Ah Jin threw it into the air, and San Qi found that he could control his body.

In a hurry, it returned to its position and stood.

This time, respect and fear came from the bones, and it no longer dared to play anything funny.

With a partner who could control its life and death at any time, San Qi could only bow its head.

Ah Jin did not care about it and was just playing with her own little oil lamp.

San Qi suspiciously looked at the small oil lamp.

There was nothing special about it.

The lamp was just a little bit antique in shape, about two fingers high.

The top plate and the bottom seat, connected by a column in the middle.

There was a handle in the middle of the column.

The entire body was black.

It was not known what material it was made of.

San Qi looked at Ah Jin, who was not angry, and spoke cautiously, "Boss, can I ask you a question?"

Ah Jin did not raise her head, "What is it?"

San Qi asked with slight expectation, "How come you didn't kill yourself in this mission world? Have you figured it out?"

Ah Jin put down the oil lamp.

"Because there was no need. Fang Zhaodi's body is too weak. She can't live long without the support of my soul and energy."

San Qi was shocked again and rushed to go through the world to follow up.

It was a relief to see that Fang Zhaodi was still living happily.

Ah Jin added, "No problem for a short time, but if she wants to have a child, that's not necessarily the case. In as little as two years, say five years, her body will not be able to hold up. I won't do anything to the body of someone who is going to die."

San Qi was disappointed.

It really thought that this great master had changed her nature.

Ah Jin said to it, "This mission was too tiring. Find me an easy mission, so I can relax."

San Qi opened the backend and started to look for tasks.

It didn't think an ordinary job could be called relaxing.

This big boss was different from ordinary people.

So the relaxing task should also be different from the ordinary people.

San Qi quickly found a mission, and after reading it, Ah Jin was satisfied and went to do the task.

After Ah Jin left, San Qi hurriedly opened the mainframe to contact the company and relay the emergency it encountered.

"Calling the Host. Calling the Company's Host, this is 0377."

"Received by Host, 0377. Please press 1 for business problems, 2 for mission problems, 3 for novice teaching, and 4 for emergencies."

San Qi pressed 4 urgently.

"Operator 0109 at your service. Hello, please speak. Do you have any emergency?"

San Qi hurriedly said, "Yes, something is wrong with my partner! She's so strong. She’s out of this world."

"May I ask what specific behavior your partner has?"

"She can bring things from the mission world into space, and she can dominate my body! I can't control my body anymore!"

"And may I ask if your partner has harmed you?"

San Qi thought for a moment, "No."

"Did she do anything against you?"


"Has there been a robbery of energy that belongs to you?"

"Still no."

"Okay, then I will make a report for you from my side and send it to the superiors for you."

San Qi said eagerly, "Although she didn't hurt me, she's powerful and abnormal. You have to pay attention to it!"

The operator's voice was still sweet and gentle.

"Yes, we will pay attention to it. Now please wait patiently for the reply from the superiors. May I ask if you have any more questions?"

San Qi asked again, "About how long will it take to give a reply?"

"Within five months. Oh, there are more incidents now. It takes time to process. Please wait patiently."

"Five months? I want to request urgent processing!"

"Sorry, you have not been harmed. we cannot give you urgent process."

San Qi said reluctantly, "But she's just too strong!"

"Please understand. There are now very adaptable people to the task, and many become stronger with the task. I have submitted your question for you. Do you have any more questions?"

San Qi lost his breath and said, "No more."

"Okay, good luck with your mission. Please give positive feedback, bye."

After that, no matter how San Qi called the company, all it got was the reply of having to wait patiently.

San Qi had no choice but to hold its tail and be a bird while waiting.

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