She shook her wrist and broke free of his grip.

After a while, she said in a soft voice, “I believe you.”

Although she was very angry, she still believed him, she believed Ning Wei Han who wanted to run away together.

As soon as her voice fell, she slowly turned around and slowly headed towards the Cloud Soaring Palace.

She thought that he would follow her, but she never thought that——

After she took a few steps, Ning Wei Han’s cool voice entered her ears, “Luo Qing Chen.”

She felt that at that moment, her limbs were tied up and she couldn’t move an inch.

What kind of feeling was this, it was a deeply moving love that no one in this world could resist.

She slightly pursed her lips as her eyes misted over, as a tear almost came down.

“Luo Qing Chen.”  That cool voice sounded again with a faint tremble.

She suddenly turned around and watched as Ning Wei Han came over with large steps.  Her lashes trembled as tears came down.

She didn’t want to cry, but she couldn’t hold it back.

Ning Wei Han had never called her by her name since she entered the Cloud Soaring Palace.  The only time he saw her name card, he said to her: This one doesn’t like this name.

Memories rolled in her mind as he tightly held her in his embrace when she closed her eyes.

“Fool…..”  He slightly knit his brows as he gently said to her, “As long as I can see your back, I’ll know you’re Luo Qing Chen.”

She pursed her lips and said with a choked up laugh, “I don’t believe it!”

“Back in the garden, when I saw your back from afar, I quickly rushed over.”  Ning Wei Han’s lips slightly curled as he said, “You didn’t know just how excited I was!”

It was indeed very hard for her to imagine, Ning Wei Han could actually recognize her with this unfamiliar face.

“So you knew who I am because…..”  She raised her hand and said, “Of the jade bracelet?”

“Un.”  He stroked her head and said, “The jade bracelet under the moon is…..very beautiful.”

Luo Qing Chen was stunned.  It really was like he said, he had recognized her when they first met.

Then why did he do all those things?

“Humph.”  She gave a soft snort and jumped out of his embrace to look at him, “Why are you calling that maid to the Cloud Soaring Palace?”

“Ruan Fang Fang?”

“Un humph!”

His eyes suddenly became deep as he tucked a few loose strands of her hair back before saying with a pampering look, “If I wasn’t afraid of you worrying, I wasn’t planning on having you worry about this.”

“You have a plan?”  Luo Qing Chen looked into his eyes and asked, “Will it be dangerous…..”

But carefully thinking about it, if Ning Wei Han had a plan from the beginning, everything made sense.

“Relax.”  He stroked her head and said, “I will not give anyone else the chance to spend their lives with you.”

His eyes were very determined.  His handsome face was even more white in the snow and there was a faint sparkle in his eyes.

She really did believe in him without any hesitation, after all, he was Ning Wei Han who was willing to give up the land for her…..

At night, minister Huan personally brought Ruan Fang Fang into the Cloud Soaring Palace.

Luo Qing Chen wasn’t on duty and was in the side palace.

After all, it was out of sight out of mind for some people.

After minister Huan left, Ruan Fang Fang looked around.  She was very happy since she didn’t see Luo Qing Chen, so it was this easy to replace someone in front of the emperor.

It turned out that this face really could change her destiny.

“This servant greets the emperor!”  Her charming voice rang out as she revealed a mesmerizing smile.