Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 55 Part 3

The second child, Jianfu, studied at the military school when he met a girl.

The girl was gentle and kind.

Her family conditions were also very good.

The two hit it off, and the girl did not mind his family.

Jianfu took her home to meet Ah Jin, so they quickly prepared to get married.

When they got married, Jianfu only had enough money to buy a bike.

But his "rich" sister, Ah Jin, paid for his watch and sewing machine.

Li Damai was even more generous and gave him a radio, which you should know was an expensive item at that time.

It was not something you could buy just because you wanted it.

The house was not something to worry about.

The two were soldiers.

In the future, they would live in the military family compound only.

As for the third child, Jianyun, he was still immersed in the sea of knowledge and could not extricate himself.

Naturally, there was no time to find a date.

Ah Jin did not force him.

As a modern person with a free and open mind, Ah Jin still supported free love.

The time would come when it was meant to be.

Ah Jin and Li Damai did not have children after their marriage.

Li Damai was not in a hurry and said it would not be too late to have a child after Xiaoman grew up.

However, it was not for Xiaoman's sake that Ah Jin did not want a child.

She simply did not want to experience the pain of childbirth again.

The "happiness" of having a baby and being a mother would be best left to the original owner to enjoy herself.

Ah Jin waited until Xiaoman graduated from junior high school.

She felt the tiredness coming from the soul.

She knew it was time to leave.

The living conditions were now there.

Jianfu had already started a family, Jianyun's future was bright, Xiaoman's learning foundation was also well laid.

As long as he kept going in high school, he would definitely get into university.

Everything Ah Jin had arranged, the only thing missing was the return of the original owner.

Ah Jin told Li Damai that she wanted to visit the old house in Fangjia Village before leaving.

So Li Damai took a day off and brought her back on his bike.

Ah Jin stood in front of the old house and felt a lot of emotions.

The most challenging period was spent here.

She told Li Damai, "I'll go in and take a look. Don't follow. The house is quite dirty. I’ll come out later."

Li Damai's eyebrows furrowed.

For some reason, from the beginning of the day, there was always a sense of unease in his heart.

Ah Jin saw his uneasiness and held his hand.

"Listen, I'll be out soon. If you're not sure, just call me outside."

Only then did Li Damai reluctantly let her in.

The earth began to recover in spring.

The trees began to sprout, and the warm spring breeze brushed his cheeks.

Li Damai again remembered the soft little hand of Ah Jin just now.

He looked in the door and tried hard to see the situation in the house.

The old house was not well-lit.

He could only see Ah Jin's figure fading in and out.

As Ah Jin's figure gradually merged with the house’s darkness, his heart's anxiety expanded to the extreme.

As if he had lost something extremely important.

He suddenly shouted at the house, "Zhaodi!

"Zhaodi! I'm sorry. Are you okay? Come out quickly!"

He looked into the house anxiously and listened carefully to the movement inside.

The person inside also heard his shout.

The sound of footsteps soon resounded again.

With the sound of footsteps coming together with a highly familiar voice, "Coming, coming. See how anxious you are."

Li Damai saw her figure slowly revealed from the shadows of darkness again.

Only then, his heart breathed a sigh of relief.

He hurried forward to take her hand.

"Have you seen enough? Let's go home!"

Zhaodi also held his hand back.

"Yes, let's go home."

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