Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 55 Part 2

Ah Jin also mentioned one thing to them.

"Auntie and uncle, I have something I want to tell you."

Mother Li asked, "What is it? We will soon be a family. You don't have to be a stranger."

"My fourth brother hasn't grown up yet. I would like to keep paying until he goes to university. My other two younger brothers are also in school. So if I get married to Brother Damai, I'll inevitably have to help them out. Probably when they get married as well."

The Li parents were also highly reasonable.

"You child, I thought something was wrong. When you get married, Damai is their brother-in-law. It is proper to help out. From now on, we are the same family and will not talk about the two families. Do not repeat such things."

Ah Jin was moved to tears in response.

The Li parents chose a good day for the two to get married.

The wedding was scheduled for six months later, a good day for marriage.

Since the second child had limited vacation time, the duo secured a license to get married when the entire family was home.

Li Damai had prepared for the wedding day for a long time.

He wanted to take the best to Ah Jin.

The "three big things" were all famous brands: "Yongjiu Pai" bike, "Shanghai" watches, even the sewing machine was the famous "Fei Ren."

It could be said that it was extremely luxurious.

Ah Jin's dowry was simple: a lacquered wooden closet, desk, chair, and dressing table made by a village carpenter.

She also bought new enameled basins and warm bottles.

Ah Jin also sewed several new quilts and new bedsheets by hand.

The new wedding clothes for the two of them were also made by Ah Jin herself.

On the wedding day, Li Damai wore a good Zhongshan suit and pinned a small red flower on his chest.

His bike also had a big red flower hanging on the front, which matched the silly smile on his face, yet it was also very appropriate.

The whole person was overflowing with joy.

Ah Jin wore a small red floral lapel shirt on top, a red half-body skirt on the bottom, a red flower on her head, and a delicate bridal makeup on her face, a complete difference from her usual simplicity.

Seeing such an Ah Jin, the three younger brothers only felt a sourness in their hearts.

To raise the three of them, the eldest sister never dressed up.

All she wore was whitewashed clothes, in addition to work clothes.

But now they saw their eldest sister in such bright clothes, so beautifully dressed, but to get married.

At the same time, their heart was sour and discontented with Li Damai, so they went to the door to block the person aggressively.

Li Damai rode his bike to the door of Ah Jin's house but was stopped by three brothers-in-law.

In the face of the trio of cultured people, Li Damai had a headache and could not do anything.

He wanted to break in, but a brother-in-law was a soldier in front of him.

So he had no choice but to take out the final weapon and gave each of them a red packet, which barely passed the door.

Before leaving the door, Ah Jin and Li Damai knocked three heads together to the tablet of her parents.

After Ah Jin got up, Xiaoman jumped on her body.

"Eldest sister, I can't let you go."

Beads of tears kept falling down from his eyes.

Ah Jin wiped his tears and said, "What are you crying for? Your sister is not going away. We are going to live together."

Little Fourth buried his head into Ah Jin's arms.

"I don't want you to get married. Please don't get married, okay?"

Jianfu went forward and pulled Little Fourth away, "Stop it, let the eldest sister go out quickly."

He then said to Li Damai, "Li Damai, if you mistreat my sister in the future and make my sister cry, I will not let you off!"

Li Damai swore, "I swear to you, if I mistreat Zhaodi and make her sad, I will be beaten to death!"

Ah Jin hastily covered his mouth, "What are you talking about on a happy day!"

The three people saw Li Damai seriously finished his vows and were finally relieved.

With tears in their eyes, they sent Ah Jin out the door.

After the wedding, the two went back to the city.

His parents added a little money to Li Damai and bought a small courtyard for the two of them in the city.

Ah Jin then transferred Little Fourth to the city to attend school.

The weaving factory recommended a new factory to Ah Jin.

She had already achieved the team leader position in the weaving factory.

Now she had a recommendation letter and the aura of "the only undergraduate sister.”

Hence, the new factory also accepted her readily.

When the new factory found out that Ah Jin could read and write, they gave her the work to teach literacy in the factory.

Ah Jin started a literacy class in the factory.

The literacy work was elementary.

The class started with knowing one's name, learning common words, simple arithmetic, and bookkeeping.

With many years of "teaching experience," Ah Jin was able to teach others in an orderly manner without any confusion.

Most literacy students were middle-aged and elderly women, ranging from the youngest in their twenties to the oldest in their sixties.

They had lost the opportunity to go to school for various reasons.

Now the factory was giving them the chance to learn again.

The eagerness and enthusiasm in their eyes could not be compared with those of young people.

With their old-fashioned glasses, pencils, and books, they listened attentively to Ah Jin's explanation.

With those they did not understand, they raised their hands to ask questions.

Because of Ah Jin's patient and easy-to-understand teaching style, the number of illiterate people in the factory decreased rapidly.

Her reputation became more and more famous so that even the neighborhood committees came to her for instruction.

In addition to her work, Ah Jin joined the literacy team as an amateur teacher.

She shined where she was needed.

After the reform and development, various stores sprang up.

Li Damai was honest and loyal, and his repair skills were excellent.

His business became more and more prosperous.

He gradually took on a few disciples and opened several branches.

As Guo Lihong remembered in her previous life, others were still in the corn cakes, radish, and cabbage.

Li Damai’s family had begun to live a well-off life and became the first Fangjia Village "thousand-yuan household.”

Although they were not very rich, there was no worry about food and clothing.

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