Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 55.2: In order to learn this art, you must dual cultivate.

Chapter 55 Part 2

Yi Lingzi was very angry, and he felt that there was something wrong, but he couldn’t pinpoint it momentarily. But seeing that Ye Jingzhi and Xi Jia method of dating by holding hands, a playboy like Yi Lingzi, who had always hit on girls upon first meeting, kiss while saying goodbye, and hit a homerun on the third meeting, couldn’t bear it anymore. Yi Lingzi soon covered his eyes with his hand as he couldn’t bear to look straight at them as he said, “Alright, alright. The way to resolve the Body of Three Fiends is in Wu Xiang Mountain’s library pavilion on the third floor, a technique called 《Unity of Yin and Sha》1. Master can’t remember where it is specifically, Jingzhi, go back and find it yourself.”

Ye Jingzhi nodded.

Yi Lingzi said, “When Master is gone, don’t think about Master. Just remember to burn some money for Master during New Years and other festivals so Master can strike up some relationships easier when Master is down there, you know?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded again.

Yi Lingzi waved his hand and turned around to leave. Once he moved, Xi Jia, Ye Jingzhi, and Qishan-daoren called out, “Master/Yi Lingzi!”

Yi Lingzi halted in his footsteps before turning his head around and smiling, “What, don’t want me to go?”

Seeing his old jestering look, everyone should obviously feel sad, but they were not able to.

Yi Lingzi suddenly became serious, “Alright, alright. Don’t cry all day like a girl now. This poor daoist is happily dying, you know? Being able to see you before entering reincarnation and knowing that Wu Xiang Mountain has successors, it’s pretty good. Don’t send me off, by all means, don’t send me off. This poor daoist doesn’t like seeing this kind of parting the most, being separated by life and death. Heavenly law and reincarnation, it is but a meeting by chance and leaving, what is there to be sad about? It’s not like this poor daoist’s soul is scattering. This poor daoist is only welcoming a new life.”

This was Xi Jia’s first time seeing a true reincarnation.

In the past, those malicious ghosts that Brother Jia had seen only had the ending of having their souls scattered and forever unable to enter reincarnation. For the other wandering souls and wild ghosts, they were either sent to Hell for punishment (such as Old Ghost) or sent to reincarnation by the Celestial Masters of the Xuanxue world (such as the little boy).

Only this time, Yi Lingzi turned around and raised his head, looking into the distance.

Yi Lingzi’s magic power was profound while he was alive and was the number one person in the Xuanxue world. Now, he has been dead for 19 years, and his soul has remained condensed like a living person instead of a ghost.

He took a step forward, only to hear a hum as a bright path of light slowly unfolded before him.

Qishan-daoren finally couldn’t help but say, “Old man, you……take care, you know!”

Yang Ze smiled as he said, “Senior Yi Lingzi, take care.”

Yi Lingzi smiled at the sky. With a large step forward, he stepped onto the road of light.

Xi Jia felt Ye Jingzhi hold his hand tighter. He turned to look at Ye Jingzhi, only to see him still appearing calm as if he wasn’t heartbroken at all. Only the rims of his eyes gradually turning red, exposing the sorrow and pain he was hiding at the bottom of his heart.

Ye Jingzhi intently watched his master like this, watching him walk step by step towards the end of the path of light.

With each step, Yi Lingzi’s soul became fainter. By the time he nearly reached the end, his soul was already so faint that he nearly couldn’t be seen anymore. But, right when he was about to take the final step, he stopped. Without turning around, he said in a loud voice, “Jingzhi, what did Master teach you before? A man shouldn’t cry. As the only disciple of the Wu Xiang Mountain, do you know what you need to do in the future?”

Ye Jingzhi’s gaze was firm, “Disciple knows.”

Yi Lingzi started to laugh heartily again and truly took that step.

With this step, his soul dispersed, and the road of light also disappeared in the air.

Just like how Yi Lingzi had said, he was entering reincarnation. It wasn’t like his soul was destroyed. This was a good ending.

Who in this world wouldn’t die? He, Yi Lingzi, was able to personally see his disciple find his future life-long partner and see how strong his disciple was. There was a successor to Wu Xiang Mountain. How could he have any regrets. He only felt happiness, and felt that he could confidently and be at ease as he entered reincarnation.

This was a happy death, no one should cry.

Yang Ze said emotionally, “This is my first time seeing the Path of Reincarnation. Legends say that only the strong Celestial Masters, great philanthropists who had received Ling Xiao’s approval, and great people who had done a great cause would be able to walk this Path of Reincarnation when reincarnating. Senior Yi Lingzi’s strength is very powerful. This junior admires.”

Although Qishan-daoren felt sad in his heart, he was also happy for his old friend. He said, “With Cengxiu’s strength, he should also be able to see the Path of Reincarnation. Forget about this old man, this old man doesn’t want to see the Path of Reincarnation, this old man still wants to live another 100 years.”

Everyone couldn’t help but laugh.

Xi Jia accompanied Ye Jingzhi, crouching down to properly put Yi Lingzi’s ashes away.

Ye Jingzhi found a white jade jar from his Qiankun bag. He carefully gathered the ashes that were spilled over the ground and gently placed them into the jar. He did it very seriously. Without blinking, he worked hard and concentrated on this.

The two of them collected all the ashes into the jar. Once they placed the last of the ashes, Xi Jia suddenly pressed on Ye Jingzhi’s hand. Ye Jingzhi looked up at him.

In the dim tomb, the elegant young man smiled slightly and used that warm hand to gently comfort him. Raising the corners of his lips, he said with a gentle voice, “I’m here, Jingzhi.”

His eyes suddenly widened. After a long time, Ye Jingzhi smiled and nodded, “En.”

This visit to the ancient tomb was a daunting experience without mishap, and they even obtained a very large surprise.

The four Celestial Masters’ remains have been properly retrieved. This time, when going back, Qishan-daoren would invite Master Buxing to recite scriptures to help the two, who had no descendants, transcend. Yang Ze would bring Lian Chen-zhenjun’s skeleton back to Qianshan Sect. Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi would bring Yi Lingzi’s ashes back to Wu Xiang Mountain to be buried with Wu Xiang Mountain’s grandmasters and properly consecrated.

Besides this, they had eliminated the millennium drought demon and truly settled the ancient tomb’s disaster. They also saw Yi Lingzi and found out a way to deal with the Body of Three Fiends.

Finally, Qishan-daoren rubbed his Qiankun bag and couldn’t hide the smile at the corner of his mouth, “Hehehe, this millennium drought demon is definitely a prince, to be buried with so many treasures. Although most of them are ordinary gold, silver, and jewels, there were still several magic tools inside. Not bad, not bad. This time, there is going to be a huge profit. Once those magic tools are placed on Tian Gong Pavilion’s online shop, it’ll be worth 1,000 points!”

Yang Ze smiled as he said, “The blue gem that Fellow Daoist Xi had obtained is a genuine top-quality magic treasure. Congratulations, Fellow Daoist Xi.”

Xi Jia smiled, “Thank you, thank you.”

After the courtesies, Xi Jia turned around and asked in a whisper, “Master Ye, is my sapphire very valuable?”

Ye Jingzhi held the urn of his master’s ashes with both hands. When he heard this, he nodded and said, “It should be worth at least 8,000 points.”

Brother Jia was stunned all of a sudden.

8,000 points?! 8,000……8,000 points?!

The high-grade yin sword that the eldest disciple of Tian Gong Pavilion, Measurement, had refined was only worth 5,000 points. This sapphire was worth at least 8,000?!

Xi Jia suddenly wasn’t angry at the hateful millennium drought demon anymore. Even if it had suddenly opened its eyes, scaring Brother Jia, and also spat out a finger, scaring Brother Jia, it had generously given Brother Jia 8,000 points. Then, on this account, Brother Jia no longer blamed it.

The drought demon who had been completely dead long ago, “……” Say it again, who scared who?!!!

The crisis at the ancient tomb had been completely resolved, and the four men calmly headed out of the ancient tomb.

Xi Jia talked to Ye Jingzhi in a low voice, asking how many points the things he had taken were probably worth. Ye Jingzhi patiently answered each one. Speaking to the end, Xi Jia was already immersed in his imagination of “So many points from robbing a tomb, such easy money, really want to keep robbing tomb, ah.” But, Ye Jingzhi hesitated for a long time before he said in a small voice, “Jia Jia, you said to Master that in the future……in the future, you won’t call me ‘Master Ye’……”

Xi Jia suddenly became clear-headed.

When he was talking to Ye Jingzhi just now, Xi Jia had subconsciously called him “Master Ye” a few times. With this reminder, he suddenly returned to his senses, “No, Master Ye, I’m already used to it. I can’t change all of a sudden.”

Ye Jingzhi was stunned, “You’re still calling……”

Xi Jia, “……”

I really can’t change it all of a sudden!

Translator’s Addition:
Mirror: But, you said to Master that you’ll call me by my name……
C+: ……
Mirror: *tears start forming at the rims of his eyes*
C+: ……Alright!……Jingzhi.
Mirror: En! *wags tail*

Translator’s Notes:
1 The full name of this technique (literally) is Nine Unity of Yin and Sha. Sha is the same as “Fiend” in YJZ’s unique physique. Also the Nine Unity is part of the full name for their Mt. Tai Stones.

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