Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 54 Part 1

In 1977, the darkest decade came to an end.

The college entrance exams, which had been suspended for ten years, were held again, and a total of more than 5.7 million candidates took the exams.

This time, there was no age limit, no marriage limit, no occupation limit, and no education limit.

The youths from Fangjia Village also registered for the exam.

Hou Wenbo and Wang Junxiang also took the exam and were admitted to the university with excellent results.

Wang Junxiang got married and had children a few years ago.

After entering the university, he brought his family to the city to go to school and work.

Hou Wenbo, on the other hand, experienced a blow from Guo Lihong and did not talk to anyone afterward.

Guo Lihong's efforts were also rewarded.

She was accepted into a college as expected.

Although it was not a teacher training college, it was also a good school.

Ah Jin's family stood out.

The second child, Jianfu, joined The Party a year ago.

Now he had taken the entrance exam to a military academy, he wanted to stay in the army to continue serving.

As a freshman, Jianfu was much better off than the average youth and got into an undergraduate university.

This shocked the village and the county.

Who would have thought that a poor countryside place produced an undergraduate student, not a Zhiqing, not a person with a well-off background?

Various parties had sent their further assistance.

Ah Jin made it clear that if there was a demand to ask anything at any time, it was essential to let Jianyun finish his undergraduate university even if it was a publicly funded school.

And as the man of the hour, Jianyun was not happy because Ah Jin did not take the exam.

As a child raised by Ah Jin, the three brothers knew better than anyone else how good Ah Jin's learning was.

If they asked even the most difficult questions, Ah Jin was bound to give the answer the next day.

Instead of saying that they studied well, it would be better to say that Ah Jin taught them well.

Jianyun was unhappy and asked out, "Eldest sister, how come you didn't go to take the exam? Didn’t we all sign up together at the time!"

The youngest, Jianman, took the test because there was no restriction on education, but he didn't get in.

Although Ah Jin registered, she didn't take the test.

The registration was only to appease the brothers.

Ah Jin was making new clothes for Jianyun.

When she heard him ask, she replied, "If we go to school together, who would make clothes for you to wear and cook for you to eat. Jianman is still young, so who would take care of him."

Jianyun retorted, "I thought there was Li Damai! He said he would take care of us!"

Ah Jin gave him a blank look.

"The policy has just begun to open up. It is possible to do business. Brother Damai is preparing to open a store. Previously you said it was not allowed to get married without money, but now that he is starting to earn money, suddenly you do not want him to."

Jianyun did not make a sound, and then Jianman said, "Eldest sister, you do not need to take care of me. I can cook and eat by myself. You can go on next year."

The youngest was undoubtedly Ah Jin's favorite of the three brothers.

He was so well-behaved and obedient.

Ah Jin put down the needle and thread in her hands and took him in her arms.

"My Little Fourth is the best behaved. What does he know about it? We won't listen to your Third Brother!"

Jianyun got anxious.

"Eldest sister, how can I not understand! I'm not a child anymore. I know everything!"

Ah Jin asked him again, "Your second brother is still in the army. He should also start a family. Our family is so poor. If I do not save some money for you, how can you find a wife? If I go to school, there is no one at home to earn money. You want your second brother to be a bachelor ah!"

Jianyun really did not think of this point.

Muttering, "He has his own salary, right?"

Ah Jin sighed, "His monthly salary is not as high as mine, only 10 yuan. He can hardly support himself, let alone get married."

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