Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 53: The Record of Raising A Baby (14) Part 2

At noon, Jianyun and Jianman came home and were amazed to see a bike at the entrance.

The third child shouted and asked Ah Jin, "Eldest sister, I see a bike outside our yard. Whose is it?"

In response to his shout, Ah Jin was helpless.

"Just come in and take a look!"

The two rushed home and were surprised to see Li Damai.

"Brother Damai, when did you come back!"

Li Damai took out the prepared gift.

"I have just returned. Something for you two, take it."

A new notebook set with a new cover for one person.

The third child touched the new notebook and said, "Things in the city are so nice. They are much more advanced than ours."

Then, Little Fourth put down the notebook and pulled the hem of the third child's shirt.

Only then did the third child reacted and said to Li Damai.

"Brother Damai, do not think you can buy us off like this. We don't agree with you and eldest sister on this!"

Ah Jin came over with the food.

"Go go go. What do little kids know? Why do I still need your consent."

The third child turned his head away, "Hmph! Anyway, it just won't work!"

Ah Jin laughed and scolded him, "If it would not work, then you should put down the notebook ah. You have someone else's things and still talk tough."

Li Damai laughed loudly and asked them, "Then how will you agree?"

The third child said with a straight face, "My sister is so good-looking and also capable. The man's family must be in good condition. I can not let my sister marry there to suffer."

The fourth child added, "But also good to my sister and listen to my sister!"

The third child agreed, "Yes, yes, yes!"

Ah Jin set up the food.

"Come and eat. What is the point? Brother Damai, don't listen to this two nonsense."

Li Damai thought seriously and said to the two of them, "That's right! There are not many relatives in my family, so only my parents are still in the village. I will work hard to earn money, and I will definitely listen to your sister and be good to her!"

The two saw that he had a good attitude and were satisfied.

"We still have to test it out. Let's see how you behave!"

Ah Jin watched as these few living treasures were seriously talking about her affairs.

She went up to one of them and slapped his head.

"Stop it, let's eat."

Ah Jin's space storage food had long been eaten.

After the most challenging days, Ah Jin did not need to buy the food from the mall.

Only that meals remained plain and simple.

Li Damai also did not mind.

It was his first time eating Ah Jin's cooking.

For him, it was a mountain of delicious food.

After eating, the two children ran back to the room and worked on something unknown.

Li Damai helped Ah Jin clean up the dishes.

He also took the lead to brush the pots and pans.

In the afternoon, Ah Jin sent Li Damai away.

He had to return home by bike to see his parents and discuss their marriage.

At that time, Jianyun and Jianman were writing a letter to Jianfu.

They reported that their eldest sister was really going to be snatched away by Li Damai.

By the time Jianfu received the letter, it was already a month later.

He looked at the things mentioned in the letter by his brothers and was both upset and uncomfortable.

But he was also happy for Ah Jin.

They grew up together and knew each other.

It was like the letter said, Li Damai would undoubtedly be good to Ah Jin.

When he thought of this, Jianfu's heart was filled with energy.

He had to work hard, do a good job, and aim to become a squad leader and a platoon leader, and sooner join a political party.

In the future, he could stand behind his eldest sister in case she was bullied because the three of them would be her solid backing.

After thinking about it, he wrote back to his younger brothers, telling them to study hard and that they would be their eldest sister's backing.

In the future, they would be the backbone of their eldest sister.

As the eldest sister's maiden family, she would not be bullied by her in-laws if they were successful.

She could also stand up for herself!

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