Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 53 Part 1

The first month after Jianfu joined the army, Ah Jin received a letter from him.

As she had guessed, Jianfu worked hard in the army and suffered a lot.

Every day he worked, went to the fields, and trained.

The letter did not express the hardship and fatigue, but when Ah Jin saw the paper's tear stains, she knew that he must have been homesick and had been crying.

He was only an 18-year-old boy in the end.

Ah Jin sent him back a letter, inside of it was stuffed with 5 yuan.

To get some army connections and food, both need money, and Ah Jin was afraid he would not have enough to eat.

In fact, the work in the weaving factory was very simple.

The work was fixed every day, but the workload was also very large.

It was not easier than doing farm work in the brigade.

A month's salary could reach about 30 yuan.

It was more than that of the brigade.

The practical and capable Ah Jin obtained the unanimous praise of her co-workers.

The leaders were also very optimistic about her.

When Ah Jin reached the age of 25, Li Damai came back from the city.

He rode his bike and waited for Ah Jin at the gate of the weaving factory.

The workers who were off duty looked envious.

Li Damai's eyes were glued to the gate.

He was afraid to miss Ah Jin's figure.

It had been four or five years since they had seen each other.

He was nervous and anxious.

He was afraid that Ah Jin would not recognize him.

When Ah Jin came out of the gate, she saw a commotion among the women at the entrance.

She followed the crowd's eyes and saw Li Damai in clean work clothes, waiting for her at the exit on his bike.

That scene reminded Ah Jin of the "domineering president" in modern novels.

When Li Damai saw Ah Jin came out, his eyes lit up.

She looked more attractive than when she was a child.

Her skin had become much lighter without the wind and rain of farm work.

She still had strong and firm eyes.

Her temperament could not be suppressed even when she was wearing the work clothes of the weaving factory.

Li Damai only felt his heart beating wildly in his chest.

He put the bike aside and rushed to welcome her.


Ah Jin looked at him and smiled.

She held his hand naturally.

"Brother Damai, what brings you here?"

Li Damai looked at Ah Jin holding his hand, and his face reddened.

"I missed you."

Ah Jin asked him again, "Is this the one you bought?"

Li Damai hurriedly shook his head.

"I didn't buy it. I assembled it myself."

Ah Jin questioned him with her eyes.

Li Damai looked at the person in front of him and just felt his heart melting.

He explained.

"I learned to repair electrical appliances with my master. I bought back the parts that people in the city didn't want at a low price. I was able to save and repair a bike."

After saying that, he quickly told Ah Jin, "Do not worry, when we get married, I will buy you a new one!"

Ah Jin was not shy but smiled more happily.

"I think this is good. There is no need for a new one."

But Li Damai is very determined.

"No, we must buy a new one!"

Seeing this, Ah Jin did not force him.

She pulled him and said, "Come on, let's go to the commune to buy some vegetables and go home. We will cook and eat together when Jianyun and Jianman are out of school."

Li Damai got on his bike and said to Ah Jin, "You sit in the back. I'll drive you there!"

Ah Jin was not pretentious.

She sat in the back and hugged Li Damai's strong and powerful waist.

Li Damai drove his bike, ignoring the stares of the people on the street, and with his face smiling.

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