Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 52: The Record of Raising A Baby (13) Part 1

Li Damai left several days later, after which he kept up letters with Ah Jin.

After each passing day, a major event happened in the village.

The village got electricity!

Each household began to connect lines with electricity.

Ah Jin's "antique" small oil lamp finally withdrew from the stage as history.

Ah Jin had more time to teach her two children to study at night thanks to the electricity.

The third and fourth children were serious about learning and had a good foundation.

Their studies were among the best in the whole village.

The college entrance examinations resumed in '77, when the third child, Jianyun, became a freshman.

Ah Jin's ambition wasn't just an ordinary college.

She wanted to send the third child to a prestigious college.

People in the village couldn't understand.

From their perspective, when a child had grown up and had strength, he had to help the family work and earn work points.

About education, as long as they were not illiterate.

They could not think about going to college.

Their families were large, and they did not have the money to support their college entrance.

The village people were envious, some were jealous, and some said terrible things about Ah Jin's actions.

The elders who liked Ah Jin also advised her not to do anything foolish.

The most important thing was to have enough to eat.

She should think more about herself and save some dowry for her future marriage.

Ah Jin ignored them and just buried her head in her own business in response to these words.

But there was one person who was extraordinarily supportive of Ah Jin, and that was Ms. Bug.

Since she had been reborn, she knew how educated people would be in demand in the future.

She doubted Ah Jin's origin many times.

After all, in that era, Ah Jin's forward-thinking was considered a different kind of person.

To her repeated attempts, Ah Jin said that it was her parents' last wish.

Her parents firmly believed that only by studying would they get to be successful.

She was just following her parents' words, and that was all.

The village did not know that Ah Jin was privately giving them extra lessons.

Otherwise, Guo Lihong would not have believed that a person who did not graduate from junior high school taught a high school student.

Which was a proper bug ah?

Guo Lihong's mind was only focused on her studies, so what happened before was slowly forgotten by everyone.

Some of the village youth began to notice her again, but it didn't affect her.

Her ambition was to go to college, to the city, to a more prosperous place.

After another two years, Jianfu graduated from senior high school.

Ah Jin also fulfilled her promise to enroll him in the army.

Moreover, she was not satisfied with the level of education in the village.

She made an application for the two remaining children to go to school in the County.

The brigade examined her situation and the two children's academic performance, who were indeed two good students.

So they approved her application and even gave Ah Jin a letter of recommendation to work in a weaving factory.

In the 70s, a letter of recommendation was very important, and Ah Jin did not even have a degree.

If she worked in a weaving factory, she could live in a dormitory and save money from renting a house.

Since she had to take her two younger brothers with her, Ah Jin applied for a single dormitory.

It was much more expensive than a shared one.

It was more convenient than finding a house on your own out there.

Sadly, Li Damai learned the skill very well and was appreciated by his master.

He was brought to the city by his master six months ago.

From the city to the County, it would take two hours by bike.

For them, a bike was a modern Ferrari, which Ah Jin could not afford.

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