Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 51 - Research result [OW]

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Ye Lei was about to call someone to hand over his shift when he saw Xian Mo Yu moving out. Shocked, he hurriedly turned on the night lights and contacted Su Ling, "Xian Mo Yu seems to want to go out."

Su Ling got up and walked to the window sill to look downstairs. At a glance, he saw the red petals at Room No.1’s door. He replied, "I'll go down right away." He hung up the call and told Gu Liheng about the situation, then the two quickly went downstairs.

At this moment, a military car stopped at the entrance of the association. Doctor Ni An, and four soldiers in military uniforms got out of the car and quickly walked into the association area. They did not stop at the office building but continued to head towards the dormitory area. After they passed the main building, a black threadlike thing suddenly bounced in their path and stood in front of them. The leading soldier paused and quickly picked up his weapon, then stood in front of Ni An.

Under the help of the lights nearby, Ni An could see what is blocking in front of them. He quickly says, "Don't attack, it's Xian Mo Yu."

The four soldiers looked at the thin strip blocking in front of them and were stunned.

The root rushed to Ni An and swayed a bit in front of him. Then it fell to the ground limply, before straightened up and continued to head to the direction of the main building.

"Doctor Ni An, this...?"

Ni An: "One of Xian Mo Yu's roots, it can spray corrosive liquid from the front end. Don't worry, it's smart and won't attack indiscriminately."

One person looked at the roots and said, "It seems to want to go to the front? But it can't move."

Ni An: "It seems to be, but we’ll know what happened after we asked."

The five people continued to move forward until they reached the dormitory area, but they were stopped by the gate at the entrance. Hence, Ni An dialled Su Ling’s number.

When Su Ling went downstairs, Xian Mo Yu's entire flower had already come out of Room No.1. He ran over and asked, "Where are you going?"

Xian Mo Yu stretched out a root to wrap around his wrist. Then, many more roots sprang out to entangle his body and lifted him up. Just as Su Ling's feet left the ground, Gu Liheng quickly reached out to hug him, "Ling Ling!"

Su Ling turned his neck: slightly and said, "I'm fine, it meant no harm." He could feel Xian Mo Yu's emotions, with some eagerness in the joy, and has no intention to attack.

Seeing his calm expression, Gu Liheng breathed a sigh of relief but didn't let him go.

Xian Mo Yu's movements paused, and some roots sprang up again. This time, it entangled Gu Liheng, then quickly lifted the two and placed them directly on its stamens.

Ye Lei was taken aback. From the information he obtained, Xian Mo Yu's corrosive black liquid was collected from the stamens.

"Su Ling, President Gu!"

The roots loosed its hold after they placed Su Ling and Gu Liheng onto the stamen. Then it returned to the ground and continued to walk outside.

Su Ling was lying down when the roots placed him on the stamen. He quickly got up, it felt like he is stepping on a thick and soft carpet, and his feet were slightly sunken down. Once he stood up, his body swayed uncontrollably.

Gu Liheng has a much better sense of balance than Su Ling, so he reached out to hug him firmly, "Are you hurt anywhere?"

Su Ling shook his head and turned around to shout at Ye Lei below, "We are all right." He was about to ask Xian Mo Yu what it wanted to do when his bracelet rang. When he saw the name of the caller, which is Doctor Ni An, he connected the call right away, "Hello? Yes, wait for a moment."

After he hung up, he said to Ye Lei, "Doctor Ni An is outside, please open the door."

However, Ye Lei couldn’t reach the door because he was entirely blocked by Xian Mo Yu's flowers and roots. The moment Su Ling finished speaking, Xian Mo Yu's roots had already reached the door’s switch button. Ye Lei thought to use his bracelet to turn on the remote control when he heard a sound from the door. Xian Mo Yu has opened the door.

At the same time, several surprised sounds could be heard.

"My God."

"Oh, what is this?"

Except for Doctor Ni An who had seen Xian Mo Yu before, the others were shocked by Xian Mo Yu’s appearance.

Worried that Xian Mo Yu would hurt someone by moving on, Su Ling quickly said, "Stop! Where are you going?"

Xian Mo Yu stopped, a root gestured to Su Ling and pointed forward.

Su Ling: "What do you want to do there?"

After his question, many clear pictures flashed in his mind, mountains, valleys, forests… various places with dense vegetation; each scene had Xian Mo Yu and another plant. However, the species of that plant is always changing. Though, there is one thing in common with all the other plants, that is, are all vine-type plants. In the image, sometimes the plant would be entwined on a tree, and sometimes it would entangle on Xian Mo Yu’s petals. Among all vines shown, one appeared frequently and have dark stems with shiny emerald green leaves. The leaves are divided into three parts at one-third of the petiole, curled slightly inward, and the tips are black,
like animal claws.

Su Ling glanced at the main building and couldn't help asking, "Do you like vines?"

Xian Mo Yu's roots shook left and right, then moved up and down. In Su Ling’s mind, a close-up view of that dark-stem vine appeared. After the close-up, there was a fuzzy image; two stickmen holding hands.

Su Ling: "This is your friend. You don't like vines, but you like your friend?"

Xian Mo Yu's roots went up and down a bit. Then it twisted happily before started to walk forward again.

A guess flashed in Su Ling's mind, "It's here, somewhere in front?"

Xian Mo Yu's root nodded.

On the other side.

"Get out of the way!" Ni An hurriedly said to the others upon seeing Xian Mo Yu moving forward.

Su Ling grabbed the roots in front of him and said, "Stop! I'll take you there, it's not easy for you to go out like this." If he lets Xian Mo Yu go out like this, both the left and right sides of the gate will probably be corroded.

Xian Mo Yu didn't stop moving, and in Su Ling’s mind, he saw a scene of Xian Mo Yu corroding the soil and suddenly emerging from the ground. Immediately understood what Xian Mo Yu wanted to do, he hurriedly said, "No! I promise you. I’ll take you there, and it won’t be any slower than your speed."

Xian Mo Yu's roots sprang up from the ground, quickly placed Su Ling and Gu Liheng down in front of the gate, which they had a face-to-face meeting with Doctor Ni An’s five-person group.

"This is?" Doctor Ni An asked in surprise.

Su Ling: "Sorry, I'll talk about it later, we have something urgent to do now."

Worried that Xian Mo Yu could not wait and will destroy the door, Su Ling put Xian Mo Yu in his space storage and ran to the office building. Gu Liheng followed closely behind him while Ye Lei also hurriedly followed. Ni An’s five-person group saw them running, although they were confused, they all followed behind the trio. When Su Ling reached the open space of the office building, he opened his space storage to put Xian Mo Yu down.

Xian Mo Yu's roots shook happily and stalked up the large tree in the yard. But halfway there, all of the roots fell to the ground. Su Ling could sense that its mood has changed from exhilarated to feeling wronged, and the fragrance it exuded became more intense.

No one noticed that the vines at the top of the big tree have changed. The gleaming emerald green colour disappeared, and its claw-shaped vines turned into a diamond shape, exactly the same as the vines seen everywhere in the association area.

Xian Mo Yu tried to use its fragrance to communicate with its friend, but the other party had only one response: Stop your stupid communication and don't let me be discovered by humans. The response was very subtle and difficult to be discovered by humans and spiritual plants unless they are of the same grade.

Ye Lei turned on the night light outside the office building, and the surrounding area brightened up.

As soon as the light was turned on, Su Ling couldn't help but glance up. It was no different from the daytime. The diamond-shaped leaves at the top of the tree were not very clear. Could it be that Xian Mo Yu thought it had found its little friend but realized that it had made a mistake when it gets nearer? That’s not right. If that's the case, its feeling should be changed from happy to disappointment, not feeling wronged.

At the same time, Ni An sighed, "Eh?! Why did you turn on the light?"

Puzzled, Ye Lei replied, "It's too dark."

Ni An looked helpless as he said, "I came here, especially at night without prior notice for a reason. It is all in vain now."

Su Ling lightly squeezed Xian Mo Yu’s root as a sign of comfort. Hearing this, Su Ling asked, "So you coming tonight, is there anything you want to keep secret?"

Ni An nodded, trying hard to hide his excitement, and subconsciously lowered his voice, "The effect of Xian Mo Yu's black liquid has been studied, and the result is out."

Su Ling is curious. Judging from Ni An's reaction, it should be useful. He asked, "What is it?"

Ni An: "Let's go to the office to have a good talk," he pointed to Xian Mo Yu, "What was it doing here actually?"

A picture of a single-line mouth appeared in Su Ling's mind, with a big cross on it. Su Ling was a little surprised, does that means Xian Mo Yu doesn’t want him to tell other people? He shrugged at Ni An and said, "I don't know, maybe it's because it has been staying too long in my space storage and indoors, so it felt bored."

Ni An pondered for a moment and said, "Grade S spiritual plant has the same IQ as elementary school students, so you really shouldn't keep it in a closed environment often."

Su Ling nodded in agreement and placed Xian Mo Yu in his space storage. When they returned to the dormitory area, he released it in Room No.1. Ni An went to the monitoring room beside. Ye Lei knew that their talk is confidential so he did not go in.

Ni An looked at Su Ling and seemed serious when talking about business.

"According to research and experimental results, Xian Mo Yu's black liquid can help to curb the damage caused by the dark matter from the universe and remove the particles that are left in the wound."

"At present, many front-line officers and soldiers in the military have been tortured by this type of injury. A senior officer was seriously injured in the battle previously, and the particles have been spreading inside his body for many years. Right now, it is necessary to perform surgery on him as soon as possible."

Hearing that, Su Ling asked, "How much liquid is needed?"

Ni An: "The more, the better."

From his space storage, Su Ling took out bottles of black and red liquid he collected recently, "That's all I have." He asked Gu Liheng, "How to calculate the market price of this type of remedy?"

Gu Liheng: "There is no market price. Before this, the only treatment can only prevent the spreading and cannot cure it. The medicine is at least 10,000 star coins per ml."

The faces of the four soldiers changed slightly. One wanted to say something but was held back by another person.

Su Ling was stunned by the pricing. The raw material Xian Mo Yu could produce at most is almost 50 ml per day!

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