The Life After Marrying my Sworn Enemy

Chapter 51 - Public Announcement


Cheng Jinyu at the moment felt fidgety sitting there. Hearing Mama Cheng say this he said, “Ok, I’ll go home, but will you be fine by yourself?”

“It’s fine. If I’m uncomfortable I’ll call a nurse. This hospital’s service is very good. The give you a device on your hand to call a nurse. I only need to press it and a nurse will immediately show up, don’t worry.”

Cheng Jinyu, “Mom, your health at the moment is very dangerous, don’t let your imagination run wild. Cheng Jie will definitely improve, our family will also get better.”

Mama Cheng nodded her head. “I know, I’m still waiting for your wedding ceremony.”

“Ok, I’ll wait for you then I’ll conduct a ceremony.”

“En, go. Cheng Jie will also be back soon, there's no problem.”

“Ok, I’ll go then.” Cheng Jinyu walked out. When he left the hospital he texted a message to Cheng Jie. ‘I’m going home to get some clothes for mom, hurry and go to the ward.’

Cheng Jinyu was only planning on going home to grab some clothes, but he did not think that that would be the last time he saw his mother.

Mama Cheng was gone not long after Cheng Jinyu left. She had pulled out her IV and oxygen tube. Didn't leave a single word behind, probably everything she wanted to say she had already said it.

Buy a house for Cheng Jie, take care of Cheng Yan. As for Cheng Jinyu, maybe she just didn’t know how to say ‘sorry’.

Cheng Jie saw Cheng Jinyu’s text message, but he took his time. He didn’t know how to confront this selfish mother and also didn’t know how to face that generous magnanimous older brother. Cheng Jie hesitated for a long time before finally returning, but his mother was no longer breathing.

Vice president, “If she no longer had the will to live, the surgery would also be useless. Her body was relying on a single breath to support her. Without this breath then the person would also die.”

“However a sickness like that was merely just simmering. Regarding her I would personally say that perhaps it was not necessarily a good thing.”

Gu Bokai patted Cheng Jinyu’s shoulder. “Don’t feel sad, the doctor already said it like this, don’t feel sad anymore. Perhaps she wanted to leave earlier and just didn’t want to part with you guys.”

Cheng Jinyu’s tears dripped down. “But in fact she didn’t treat me badly. Before she got sick, our relationship was especially good. She was a good mother, she treated me very well, very well.”

Gu Bokai reached out to embrace him. “I know, I know.”

Mama Cheng had not been buried yet. Cheng Yan still could not be found, her phone was turned off and her friends also didn’t know where she went. This person has simply just vanished.

Cheng Jinyu, “Report it to the police.” Cheng Jie nodded his head.

The day that Chen Xiuyuan’s company started the bid, Cheng Jinyu brought all of the data and hurried to the meeting place.

Chen Xiuyuan waited at the door for Cheng Jinyu, seeing him arrive he immediately welcomed him.

“Is your mood better? I heard about your mother, my condolences. People who died cannot come back to life.” Chen Xiuyuan comforted him.

“En, I know, thank you.” Cheng Jinyu said.

The two people walked in together to the meeting place. Naturally it aroused the attention of quite a few people. The boss of a grand company unexpectedly brought in a client. It could be seen that this client was important.

Some people immediately greeted them, smiled and said, “Chief Chen, Is this your son? Looks very similar to you.” Chen Xiuyuan had a son, this was something everyone knew.

Chen Xiuyuan stared blankly. Cheng Jinyu said, “You've recognized the wrong person, I am not Chief Chen’s son.”

“No? Then Chief Chen’s relative? When you two were walking over, the feeling was very similar. Although I can't say where it is similar, in any case there's still a bit of resemblance.”

Cheng Jinyu shook his head and had just wanted to explain when Chen Xiuyuan said, “He is like a son to me.”

At this time, Jiang Zihan and Chen Yuze had walked in side by side. Chen Yuze walked by Chen Xiuyuan’s side and did not say a single word, simply just walked past.

Jiang Zihan smiled and greeted Cheng Jinyu, then towards Chen Xiuyuan said, “Chief Chen, hello.”

Chen Xiuyuan nodded his head and did not say anything.

Jiang Zihan smiled and said, “Chief Chen, there’s something that you might not know. Your son is now our company’s vice chief, still hope that you will give advice.”

Chen Xiuyuan glanced at Chen Yuze at the side. “This time’s bid still requires you to make your own effort. I can’t help you. Young people improving themselves through experience is good. If it’s too easy to accomplish they will turn arrogant.”

“Coincidentally that's what I wanted to say to Cheng Jinyu, why don’t you thank your dad, you said it for me. Right? Cheng Jinyu?”

“Oh that’s right, I heard your mother passed away. Are you happy? You finally broke away from that burden, finally free. Shouldn't we get some champagne to celebrate?”

“Chen Yuze what nonsense are you saying?” Chen Xiuyuan angrily said.

“Don't tell me what I said was incorrect? Isn’t that what’s on his real mind?”

Cheng Jinyu glanced at him, didn’t say anything, turned around and left.

Chen Yuze coldly snorted. “What act are you putting on. Happy is happy. If someone’s mom died, they would cry bitterly. His mom died and he’s happily cheering.”

Cheng Jinyu turned back around to Chen Yuze and was firmly clenching his hand. “Chen Yuze, don’t slander my mother.”

Chen Yuze didn't dare believe the Cheng Jinyu in front of him. “Ok, ok! You have ability, climbing up my dad’s bed, but you actually want to hit me? Climbing up your uncle’s bed is something to be proud of?”

“Shut up! Chen Yuze, what nonsense are you saying?” Chen Xiuyuan said.

“Nonsense? I’m speaking nonsense? Don’t tell me it's not true? Isn’t it because of this male vixen that you divorced mom? What? Is his taste very good? Let me tell you, early he was already played rotte by others.”

“Shut your mouth!” Chen Xiuyuan ruthlessly hit him across the mouth. “Don’t you dare slander him.”

He slapped him twice across the face. Chen Yuze’s mouth leaked out a bit of blood. There were many people all around them. One after another looked over.

Chen Yuze wiped his own cheek. “Ok! Ok! You guys lose your own face, actually still need to hit me? What? Afraid that I won't go to the media and tell them? Chen Xiuyuan you cheated on your marriage, also like men, you know how much sensation that would cause?”

Chen Yuze was trying to make people anxious. He yelled loudly. Originally the people outside didn't know what was going on, but now even if they didn’t want to know it would be hard.

Jiang Zihan went up and said, “Yuze, stop pushing it. You might have misunderstood, uncle is not that kind of person.”

“I misunderstood? Not that kind of person? Then why would he throw away and abandon his wife and child if it wasn’t for this man? Cheng Jinyu, you are really too ferocious, actually seduced my dad to retaliate against me.”

The people all around already began to point and blame. Some people even took out their phones to take pictures. Cheng Jinyu knew, after this news was announced, it would definitely influence Chen Xiuyuan a lot.

As expected Chen Xiuyuan was very angry. He angrily said, “Drag him out of here, drive him away.”

“I provoked you, right? Poked at your sore spot right?” Chen Yuze was unwilling to forgive him. “Then you carefully explain it, why did you divorce for this man?”

“Young Master Chen, you really did misunderstand.” Cheng Jinyu said, “I don’t have any relationship with your father. I’m already married.”

“What crap! You’ve said these words a couple hundred times. You’re married? Who is your husband? Where is your marriage certificate? Bring it out and let people see!”

“Right here.” Gu Bokai walked in from the entrance. “Didn’t Young Master Chen want to see our marriage certificate? It’s a good thing I brought it.”

“Brother Bokai?” Chen Yuze did not dare to believe what was in front of his eyes, also didn't dare to believe what he heard. “What do you mean your marriage certificate?”

Go Bokai from his wallet took out their marriage certificate. Facing everyone in the room he opened it. “Originally I was going to wait until my wife and I had the ceremony to announce it to everyone. Seeing that young Master Chen has some misunderstanding with my wife, today I can only announce our status.”

The social circle was very big and Gu Bokai was also someone in the circle with a huge name. There was not anyone here who did not know him.

And on the cover of the marriage certificate was a stamp. The date on it was a long time ago. Gu Bokai extended his hand to pull on Cheng Jinyu and stood with him very intimately.

Everyone else immediately changed their attitudes. Although Chen Xiuyuan’s appearance was also grand, when they saw him they had to be ample. But compared to Gu Bokai, in the end he was much older.

Cheng Jinyu was not a fool or a lunatic. He would not throw away this husband to go fool around with Chen Xiuyuan. Immediately no one believed Chen Yuze’s words.

And Gu Bokai also came, his focus was immediately on the person he was wrapped around. Many people came forward to greet, compliment and say some words of blessing.

Chen Yuze stupid;y stood there. He felt that his entire body brain was in chaos. Originally the person Cheng Jinyu stole was not only his dad, but even his Brother Bokai.

Why? Why was it like this?

Everything that happened afterwards was a blur to him. So much that Chen Yuze did not even know when the bid had ended. As for the result, Chen Yuze already knew it.

Jiang Zihan pulled him to his car and saw that he still had on a blank expression.

“Actually I figured it out earlier. Gu Bokai treated him differently. Perhaps at the time Gu Bokai was already chasing after him. Think about it, Gu Bokai that kind of person wouldn’t originally come hang out with us.”

The group were all sons of rich parents, but Gu Bokai was not the same. He had received his family’s business since young and was completely an extremely capable elite.

Gu Bokai at that time had charged into their circle. At the time they were overwhelmed by the favor. Carefully thinking, why would he come to their circle.

“No, no!” Chen Yuze refused to believe, definitely would not believe. For a long time Cheng Jinyu was his slave. His dad was attracted to Cheng Jinyu and left, fine. The person he loved for so many years, actually from the beginning liked Cheng Jinyu?

Chen Yuze shook his head. “I don’t believe, I won’t believe it even if I die.”

Jiang Zihan sighed. He knew that Chen Yuze was unwilling to believe it but he also didn’t want to force him. Since it was like this, then just let him think like this.


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