Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 51 Part 2

Ah Jin would soon be 20 years old.

A beautiful face, down-to-earth and capable character recognized by the village elders.

The elders began to give Ah Jin wedding matches.

She refused with the excuse that she had to support her brothers at home.

Although the family now had less difficulty than before, it was still not easy to live.

According to Ah Jin, he would have to take her two younger brothers' responsibility if he married her.

Not only would there be two dragging bags, but without the help of her mother's family, she would have to rely on herself for everything in the future.

Thus many families were discouraged.

She was now immersed in the enjoyment of raising her children that she could not extricate herself from.

That day after work, Li Damai called out to Ah Jin, who was going home.

"Sister Zhaodi, can I say a few words to you?"

Ah Jin stopped and looked at him.

"Brother Damai, go ahead. I'm listening."

Li Damai's face began to blush.

He stammered and said, "I'm going to the County. A family relative has found me a master. I want to learn a skill to support my family in the future."

Ah Jin happily said, "That' s a good thing, Brother Damai. Have you applied for it at the brigade?"

Li Damai blushed even more.

"Yes, applied. I, I, I want to say that if you have something for Jianfu, I will bring it for you."

"There is no need. Jianfu comes back every week. He doesn't need anything."

Ah Jin refused.

Li Damai smacked himself hard, and Ah Jin quickly grabbed his hand.

"Why are you hitting yourself when you can talk slowly about what's going on!"

Li Damai plucked up the courage to hold Ah Jin's hand back.

The man's rough and large hand covered all of Ah Jin's tiny hand.

Ah Jin felt the warmth from his hand.

"Sister Zhaodi, you, you, can you wait for me? I may not be able to return soon, but I can help you raise your brothers. Will you wait for me to become stable in the County? I will pick you up together. Can you wait for me?"

When he said that, his eyes started to look like they were filled with tears.

Ah Jin suspected that if she said "no," Li Damai would probably cry on the spot.

Ah Jin let Li Damai hold her hand.

She smiled and asked him, "Do you not mind my two brothers? It will take a long time to raise them."

When Li Damai heard Ah Jin ask this question, his heart became even more excited.

"No, I don't mind as long as they are yours!"

Ah Jin snorted and laughed.

She pulled Li Damai with one hand.

"Come on, head home and cook."

Li Damai was dumbfounded when Ah Jin pulled him along.

When he reacted, he hurriedly asked after her, "Do you agree?"

Ah Jin smiled wider and shook the hand that she was holding on to.

"This is already the case, so do you think it is a yes or no."

Li Damai felt the small hand holding his hand.

He felt that he was holding the world's treasures.

Even if he was given gold and silver mountains, he would not trade her.

This was someone he had grown to love since childhood.

He firmly held the hand again, saying to Ah Jin, "I will never let you go in this life! Zhaodi, thank you."

After saying that, he wiped his tears with his other free hand.

Ah Jin wiped his face again with her cuff.

"Don't cry. Look at you!"

Li Damai did not retort.

He just giggled.

Kyaaaaaaaaa! O(≧∇≦)O

Good job Li Damai!

Go! Go! Go!

Good night!!!

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