Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 51 Part 1

The two kids saw the snacks that Ah Jin brought home and cherished them.

They left them to eat slowly.

The second child began to dry pickled vegetables.

The variety of pickled vegetables was not much like dried radish, pickled cabbage, and some wild vegetables.

It was an excellent idea to let Ah Jin make him some corn cakes to save a lot of money on meals for a week.

Ah Jin's monthly salary was around 20 yuan.

She calculated the money in her hand and went to buy him a new cloth, made a new quilt, a new bedsheet, and a new pillow.

She told him to bring them to the residential school to use.

In the past two years, the second child grew a lot.

Ah Jin made a new set of clothes for him.

I was the same green cloth, the sharp and spirited.

Ah Jin did not waste the clothes that the second child could not wear.

So she modified them according to the third child's height and gave them to the third child to wear, and so on.

The third child also gave them to the fourth child to wear.

In the spring, the second child started school.

Ah Jin found a donkey cart to carry everything on.

Before leaving, Ah Jin took out 5 yuan and handed it to him.

"Take this money, your meal expenses this month. There is nothing more. So if you don't have enough to eat, you can starve yourself."

The third child also took out his own savings of ten cents.

"Second brother, this is my own savings! You can take it!"

The second child shoved the cent back to the third child's hand.

"I don't want it. I have enough. You should keep it for yourself. When I return, I will bring you good food."

The two children were overjoyed.

"Second brother, I still want to eat that snack last time. It's delicious."

The second child stroked the fourth child's head.

"Good, I'll bring it to you."

Ah Jin pushed him to the donkey cart.

"Go now, go and study well for me. I will break your legs if you let me know that you are not studying well out there!"

"I know, eldest sister! Don't you worry?"

The donkey cart began to set off.

Ah Jin looked at Jianfu, who was slowly moving away.

She had the feeling that a child had grown up before her eyes.

He waved his hand at them and flashed a bright, sunny smile.

"I'm leaving! Eldest sister! Take care of yourselves at home!"

Ah Jin and the two little ones also waved goodbye to him.

"Go, take care on the road."

The following days were quiet again, and every Sunday, the second child returned to do half a day's work in the brigade before returning.

Things were still hard, but they were also full and busy.

To say that in the past two years, there was only one thing out of everyone's expectation.

That was Wang Junxiang did not accept Guo Lihong.

Guo Lihong openly and covertly showed affection to him.

He rejected them.

Guo Lihong watched the wheel of time came to the 70s.

There were still a few years left till the college entrance exams resumed.

She was desperate.

But Li Damai simply refused to take care of her.

Wang Junxiang rejected in every way, not to mention the impossibility of going back to Hou Wenbo.

The reason was that Hou Wenbo politely admitted his mistakes.

The ideological education went very well, so he was locked up for a year and then released.

After all, the brigade was still short of people to do the necessary work.

It was impossible to keep an idle person.

After getting out, Hou Wenbo had a talk with Guo Lihong and compensated her with 10 yuan to settle the matter.

Then they broke off the relationship entirely.

Guo Lihong couldn't go back to him now.

Since neither of the two paths worked, Guo Lihong had to put her hopes on the college entrance exam, which she had already taken once.

Although she could not remember exactly what had been asked, she still had some impression of the questions' general direction.

Ah Jin watched her run home after work to study and secretly nodded her head.

That was how a reborn woman should look like.

To be reborn and depend on a man was no different from a loser.

This is so heartwarming! I suddenly don't want this arc to end!

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