His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 51 - Here

On the next day, Shen Ziqiao woke up naturally. The sunlight was bright outside the window. Hong Yu came in to help rinse and wash Shen Ziqiao’s face while Hong Ying brought breakfast over.

Cui Ping sashayed in. She wore a cherry-red dress, which made her appear enchanting and charming. She glanced at Shen Ziqiao and said, “Third Miss, the Old Madam had Mama Li come to rush you a few times. She wants you to go to the De’an Courtyard.”

Her clothes were all brand new! Shen Ziqiao smiled at Cui Ping. She focused on eating the porridge and her pastries, ignoring Cui Ping’s words.

“Third Miss…”

Hong Ying said, “Sister Cui Ping, Third Miss is eating right now.”

Cui Ping angrily said, “Bitch, I’m talking to the Third Miss. Why are you intervening?”

Shen Ziqiao lazily asked, “I’m eating breakfast right now, so why are you talking? You’re not a little girl anymore. Don’t you know the rules?”

Did she think she was dead? She dared to scold her people in front of her!

Cui Ping pursed her lips and said unhappily, “Third Miss, this maid is just teaching Hong Ying the rules.”

Shen Ziqiao raised her head and smiled at Cui Ping. It seemed like the maids in the Shen Family didn’t take her seriously after she left for a few days. “I didn’t even say anything yet, and you want to teach my maids a lesson? Sister Cui Ping, you’re quite impressive.”

“This maid is just following the Old Madam’s order and teaching those maids who don’t know their manners. Third Miss, the Old Madam is just doing this for your sake. Since the Old Madam values this maid, this maid naturally can’t disappoint her.” Cui Ping raised her chin and said arrogantly.

“It seems like you respect the Old Madam a lot.” Shen Ziqiao placed her chopsticks down and grabbed a clean handkerchief from Hong Yu to wipe her hands and mouth. Her voice was unusually calm.

Cui Ping observed Shen Ziqiao’s expression. Last night, she heard that the Third Miss offended Mama Li badly and even mocked the Old Madam. Humph! It looked like she hadn’t been taught a lesson in a while, so she thought that she could do anything now.

Even if she wasn’t as easily fooled like she was in the past, Old Madam was still the one in charge at home. Did the Third Miss want to go against the Old Madam? She was still lacking in skills.

Just wait. That girl will start crying when she goes over to the Old Madam’s place.

A proud smile floated on Cui Ping’s lips. So what if she spoke highly about the Hong sisters? In the end, Shen Ziqiao didn’t have power over the Qiao Xin Courtyard.

“This maid respects the Old Madam and does whatever the Old Madam orders. In this maid’s heart, the Old Madam is the most important person.” Cui Ping expressed her loyalty to the Old Madam and wanted to let Shen Ziqiao know that she was valued by the Old Madam too, so it was best to treat her kindly.

Shen Ziqiao smiled charmingly and cutely like a lazy little kitten. She said, “Then go and serve the Old Madam.”

Cui Ping was about to say that the Old Madam ordered her to serve in the Qiao Xin Courtyard when she heard Shen Ziqiao turning around to say to Hong Ying, “Look after Sister Cui Ping and help her pack up. If the Old Madam finds out how obedient she is and always thinks about her, she will be very happy. As her granddaughter, how can I let Old Madam’s people serve me?”

“Third Miss!” Cui Ping’s expression suddenly changed and she said in an anxious tone, “That’s not what this maid means.”

“Oh? So Sister Cui Ping is saying that the Old Madam isn’t that important in your heart? Or you’re saying that you’re just following the Old Madam’s orders on the surface?” Shen Ziqiao asked faintly, smiling.

“This maid was sent here by the Old Madam to take care of Third Miss…” Cui Ping dryly responded.

“The Old Madam empathizes with the juniors, so how can this junior not be filial towards her? Hong Ying, quickly go pack Sister Cui Ping’s things up.” Shen Ziqiao glanced at Hong Ying and ordered in a low voice.

Hong Ying answered, trying to hold in a smile. “Sister Cui Ping, let’s go.”

Cui Ping glared at Hong Ying. She turned around and wanted to explain to Shen Ziqiao.

However, the latter stood up and said, “It’s time to go pay respects to the Old Madam.”

She didn’t even bother with Cui Ping as she left Qiao Xin Courtyard under Cui Ping’s indignant gaze.

So what if she leaves? I’ll see how you’re going to explain to the Old Madam later on. The moment Cui Ping thought of the Old Madam scolding the Third Miss, she wanted to leave so badly to let everyone know that she was forced away by the Third Miss.

She walked out, following Hong Ying. Cui Ping started to wipe her tears in the courtyard.

“It’s my fault for not knowing how to serve the Third Miss. I was just trying to teach a maid the rules and ended up upsetting the Third miss. This maid failed the Old Madam’s orders…” While walking, Cui Ping voiced her grievances loudly.

Hong Ying felt a ball of anger rising in her stomach when she heard this. She suddenly turned around and scolded, “Third Miss was giving you face. You really think that you’re worth something? Even if you’re the Old Madam’s maid, you should treat the Third Miss as your master since you’re at Qiao Xin Courtyard. You’re just a servant and you treat yourself more highly than your master? People can’t even scold you. Are you saying that the Old Madam’s maids are like the legal daughters of the residence?”

Because the Old Madam didn’t like Shen Ziqiao, ever since Cui Ping arrived at the Qiao Xin Courtyard, she didn’t respect Shen Ziqiao that much. She gradually forgot her role and thought that she was the master of Qiao Xin Courtyard.

Cui Ping was annoyed and humiliated after being scolded by Hong Ying in front of everyone. She wanted to rip that bitch apart badly.

“Bitch! Just you wait, I’ll have the Old Madam sell you.” Cui Ping harshly said.

Hong Ying snorted. “So it turns out that the Old Madam needs to listen to you. No wonder you don’t even place the Third Miss in your eyes.”

Cui Ping was swaying back and forth, trembling in anger. “You, you bitch!”

“You’re not any better.” Hong Ying impolitely retorted.

“You!” Cui Ping pointed at Hong Ying. She didn’t notice how this bitch had a sharp tongue and was good with words.

Hong Ying turned around and said, “Sister Cui Ping, it’s better if you hurry back and pack up your things.”

“Just you wait. I won’t let you off easily!” Cui Ping said angrily. When she told the Old Madam about this, this bitch wouldn’t be able to stay in the Shen Family anymore!

Shen Ziqiao didn’t know about the conversation between Hong Ying and Cui Ping. She had already arrived at De’an Courtyard.

Mama Li stood by the door with a dark face. Seeing her walking in slowly, she sneered peculiarly. “Third Miss is quite arrogant. You don’t even pay respects to the Old Madam anymore.”

“If it weren’t because you stopped me from entering the door yesterday, I wouldn’t have felt attacked. I was spending my time trying to recover from what happened yesterday.” Shen Ziqiao looked down and sighed as though she had suffered huge grievances.

“Shame…” Shameless! The words got stuck in Mama Li’s throat. She sneered, “Third Miss, you’re quite impressive. You’ve improved your pretending skills.”

Shen Ziqiao raised her head and revealed a charming smile. “I just found a way to survive easily.”

Mama Li waved her hands and said, “Third Miss, this way please. The Old Madam is waiting for you inside.” She clenched her teeth firmly.

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