The Life After Marrying my Sworn Enemy

Chapter 50 - A forced Promise


“This is my fault, I should have gone home more often. Yan Zi was always a bit unreliable, why did I just hand mom over to her?”

“Big brother, it's not your fault.” Cheng Jie said, “Big brother, because of this family you have already done too much. Yan Zi is already grown. If she doesnt make money then fine. But she doesn't even take care of mother and actually stole all of mother’s money. Mom was definitely infuriated by her.”

“I’ll go find her now.” Cheng Jie said this and called Cheng Yan’s number.

Cheng Yan received Cheng Jie’s call and only felt incomparable gloominess. Her mom continued to be sick these past few years. It was like her mother said, it really was a burden. Especially this time, although she was better after her surgery, but her entire body would still collapse.

Previously, Mama Cheng washed the clothes, cooked, and did all the housework. Cheng Yan did not have to bother with it, but this time after mom left the hospital, she would frequently collapse on the bed and wouldn’t get up. Her two brothers were intelligent and one by one left her by herself inside that broken home to take care of her mother.

Cheng Yan did not have a job. All of her food and spending money came from her mother. Naturally she needed to rely on her mother for everything.

But it was not the same now. She wanted to become a big celebrity but she needed money for it. And it seemed that mom’s change wasn’t too serious. Especially now since she stole all the money from the house, if she went to the hospital now, she would not be able to give back the money because she already spent it all.

Rather than let Cheng Jie scold her, it’d be better not to go back. Besides, mother hadn’t been ill for just 1-2 days, there was nothing to be afraid of.

Being a celebrity wasn’t an easy thing to do. Although she entered this company, she had not received a single cent of salary. Her food and clothing expenses were laughed at by everyone. In order to prevent this, she could only spend large amounts of money to change herself.

She took a lot of money from her house, but she only got a few items of clothing and makeup products before it was all gone.

But it wasn’t serious. In any case her big brother will always think of a solution. Having thought this far, she turned off her phone.

The hospital gave Mama Cheng a complete examination. The vice president once again appeared in front of Cheng Jinyu, “The old woman’s condition is not too hopeful, even if she got the best treatment she would only be able to support herself for a few years.”

Cheng Jie tears leaked out. Many people had prepared for this already. But even a person in a good condition after going through multiple surgeries would also break down. Moreover Mama Cheng’s health these years has not been good. Doing activities was very difficult, she had merely been enduring these years.

The rims of Cheng Jinyu’s eyes were also a bit red. “I hope that you will try your hardest to care of my mother. It doesn’t matter how much money it’ll take, I am willing.”

Vice president said, “Don’t worry, you are Chief Gu’s friend. I will definitely try my hardest. Only that her circumstance really isn’t good. Even if I personally do the surgery, you will still need to plan for the worst case scenario.”

Cheng Jie said, “We had already planned before.”

Vice president nodded his head. “That's right, she has already woken up. You can go in and see her. But try not to provoke her, her condition at the moment isn’t good.”

Cheng Jie and Cheng Jinyu went inside the room. Mama Cheng’s condition was even worse. It could be a psychological effect on her spirit, but she seemed defeated now that she was in a hospital.

Mama Cheng didn’t wait for them to say anything before speaking. “Don’t cry, don’t feel sad. I want to be free. Only... only Cheng Jie’s house... your future marriage.” Mama Cheng’s face was full of tears. Her gaze turned towards Cheng Jinyu.

Gu Boaki saw this and immediately turned around and left. He knew he shouldn’t get angry right now but if he continued to stay there, he definitely wouldn’t be able to bear it.

His favorite person was the cornerstone of this family. He was pressed down by everyone, unable to breathe. It’s been ten years and they still were not willing to let him go.

Cheng Jie immediately said, “Mom, don’t talk irresponsibly. I am a full grown man, I can take care of myself. Don’t worry, I can settle down myself. I will have enough to get married, just don’t worry, shouldn’t you trust in your own son?”

Mama Cheng refused to acknowledge him and only kept staring at Cheng Jinyu in front of her as tears continued to pour down.

“Mom, I told you that my wage went up. Our leadership likes me. My wages for next year will also go up, and very quickly I’ll be able to get over 10,000 a month. In one year I can earn over hundreds of thousands. I’ll be able to gather enough downpayment on a house soon. I... I almost have a girlfriend now. I am doing very well, I really am well.” Cheng Jie repeatedly told her. He knew his mom wanted to say something more.

Mama Cheng seemed as if she also knew his meaning. She did not pay attention to Cheng Jie, merely stretched her hand out for Cheng Jinyu to come over. Cheng Jinyu hesitated for a moment, then went forward to hold onto her hand.

“Jinyu I’m apologetic to you. I’m more apologetic to your father, but people are selfish. I am also a selfish mother, I can't watch my son have no one to rely on and spend their years alone.”

“I know that my illness has relapsed, I also know that it requires a large amount of surgery fees. Really..this time don’t save me again. Buy Cheng Jie a house, let him get married. Let him have his own family.”

“Jinyu, if you can do this,then between us… we won’t owe each other anymore. You feel you owe me a favor for raising you, even if it's completely paid back, in the future… our family won’t come find you with our problems anymore. Jinyu, count it as me begging for you to help him one last time.”

“Mom, why are you like this? I said it, I’m fine. I can do it myself, don't try to pressure big brother like this, ok? Can’t you be a bit more fair to big brother?” Cheng Jie said to here and blamed himself for his incompetence, but he was only an ordinary person. Even if he worked hard, he still wouldn’t be able to do a fraction of what his brother did.

Cheng Jie had hit a wall, he bellowed, “Mom, don’t pressure big brother anymore. I don’t want a cent of big brother’s money, I also don’t want big brother’s house. Even if he buys one for me, I will not want it. I want to use my own hands to buy a house and get  married. Don’t force him anymore, count it as me begging you.”

Mama Cheng originally didn't even acknowledge him. Her gaze continued to stare at Cheng Jinyu, as if waiting for Cheng Jinyu’s reply.

Cheng Jinyu’s hand faintly shook, however with great effort he pressed down on himself, making himself tranquil. He strode forward and said, “Mom, you shouldn’t belittle Cheng Jie like this. He has the ability to buy a house. After you recuperate, just carefully watch, watch as Cheng Jie buys a house for himself.”

Mama Cheng cried and shook her head. “No... no... he's not capable. He’s not capable. Jinyu, I can only count on you. I’m begging you, help him alright?”

Cheng Jinyu was worried about Cheng Jie’s self respect. He also wanted to let his mother know that Cheng Jie isn’t that bad. But it was like his mother had lost all reason, appeared that if he did not respond to this please she would not calm down.

When they had arrived the doctor immediately told them that Mama Cheng’s body was not good. They absolutely must not make her emotions stir.

Cheng Jinyu could only say, “Ok, Mom I promise you, but you must take care of your body. After the surgery, we’ll go home and see Cheng Jie start his own family, ok?”

Cheng Jie directly cried and yelled, “Mom, you only think of me, why won’t you think of big brother? He’s only your foster son, how long do you plan on pressuring him? Cheng Jinyu’s father gave you so much money and we used all of it. Right now you’re still having big brother pay. You keep saying you’re sorry then why are you still doing this.”

“I don’t want big brother’s money. I don't want big brother to buy me a house, definitely don't want.” Cheng Jie said this and immediately turned around and left.

Mama Cheng’s tears surged up more violently. “I.. I know I am a selfish person, I’m useless, I’m a burden, I...I…” Mama Cheng almost fainted. Cheng Jinyu hurried to pull on her hand and said, “Mom, calm down a bit, there's no problem. I can buy him a house, Mom!”

“Promise me, promise me…” Mama Cheng grasped firmly onto Cheng Jinyu’s hand.

“Promise, I promise.” Cheng Jinyu said, Mama Cheng looked satisfied, then fainted, Cheng Jinyu hurried to call a doctor over. The vice president a bit angrily said, “This old woman’s body is already very bad, how could you guys let her mood stir like this?”

Cheng Jinyu did not say anything, Cheng Jie was also silent.

At night Cheng Jinyu and Cheng Jie stayed to keep watch. Although Gu Bokai wanted to have Cheng Jinyu leave, he still refused. This was his family, it was a cycle that had no end.

At night Mama Cheng woke up. Cheng Jie's face was not happy, however he still quickly ran out to buy some food for his mother.

Inside the room left only mother and son. Cheng Jinyu tried to find a subject to talk about with his mother and didn't want her to think about their previous discussion. However that situation already caused an estrangement between the mother and son.

Although the two talked and laughed, but in their hearts was already far away. The atmosphere was very awkward. Cheng Jie was probably also late because he didn’t know how to face them.

“Yan Zi?” Mama Cheng asked.

Cheng Jinyu, “Called her many times, didn’t answer.”

Mama Cheng sighed, “This girl, really raised her for nothing.” She said this and looked at Cheng Jinyu. “I... I know Yan Zi isn’t good, just pardon her a bit.”

“Mom, don’t say it like this. She is my little sister. I should be taking care of her.”

Mama Cheng took a few deep breaths, “She.. it seems I won’t be able to see her...”

“Mom, what are you saying?” Mama Cheng’s last voice was very soft, Cheng Jinyu simply didn’t hear it.

Mama Cheng was silent for a moment then said, “When I came over I was too hurried. I didn’t even bring any clothes over. Can you go back and grab some clothes for me?”


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