Return of the Goddess

Chapter 50

The romantic lights were dazzling like the stars. Ning Xi looked at the figure among the lights, smiled, then turned and ran out of her door.

Perhaps she would regret this in future, or maybe they won’t be able to stay together till the end. But right now, she was in love.

“Get attached!”

“Accept him!”

The crowds hid behind their windows and continued cheering, as they all wished that they could accept this confession on her behalf.

Chang Shi Gui was not bothered by these people. He looked up again at Ning Xi’s apartment, only to find that the shadow by the window had disappeared.

His eyes dimmed. He looked at the ongoing call display on his phone and said gently, “Ning Xi, am I disturbing your rest?”

He could only hear the sounds of Ning Xi’s breathing. He waited again, and just when he thought that Ning Xi would not reply, her voice sounded.

“Aren’t you a domineering president?”

Chang Shi Gui replied, “Huh?”

“When a domineering president confesses, are they all like you?”

Chang Shi Gui gaped at the sight of Ning Xi, before saying, “Ning Xi … I love you”.

Ning Xi put down her phone and walked slowly towards him, “What did you just say? I didn’t hear it”.

Chang Shi Gui squeezed his phone dazedly, as he looked at the person walking towards him. He quickly recovered and walked towards Ning Xi, “I said, I love you.”


A voice rang from one of the floors, and the whole neighbourhood cheered.

“Hurry up! Give her a hug!”

The audience was more anxious than Chang Shi Gui, as if they couldn’t wait to send them off into their wedding chambers.

Looking at the nervous Chang Shi Gui, Ning Xi stifled a laugh, tip-toed and hugged Chang Shi Gui.


It was as if the world had blossomed in front of Chang Shi Gui’s eyes. He could no longer hear the cheers and whistles from the crowd. In contrast to this hug, everything else was inconsequential.

He hugged Ning Xi back. He felt as though he was the world’s poorest beggar, and had just obtained the rarest treasure of the world. There was nothing more important than the woman in his arms.

[Bouncing Bear]: The lady has gone down! What a beautiful scene of them hugging!! Come, show me, Her Royal Highness, this beautiful public display of affection!! [Photos attached]

The photos from the user were very well taken. Although the picture was taken from a distance away, and the couple’s face could not be seen, the scene was exceptionally picturesque, as if it were a scene from a drama.

Guest: OP, I think I’m living in the same neighbourhood as you. [Photo attached]

The picture from “Guest” was slightly blurrer, but it was clear that the pictures were taken from the same location.

The post from “Bouncing Bear” did not initially gain much traction. However, a popular account reposted her pictures, causing her post to gain a lot more attention, and it was reposted numerous times.

“Bouncing Bear” was leaning by her window observing the scene when she noticed that her phone was ringing continuously. When she checked her phone, she realised that it was all Weibo messages, and there were even direct messages from the media asking for her address.

She didn’t think that a simple post from her would gain so much attraction;! She was at a loss.

Looking down at the sweet couple, she felt a slight tinge of regret, as she worried that she might have brought trouble upon the couple.

Hence, she deleted her two posts, then added a new one, this time without any pictures.

[Bouncing Bear]: I didn’t expect my previous posts to garner so much attention. I’ve decided to delete them so that the couple won’t have to face unwarranted attention. Wishing them all the best!

However, the media had already saved a copy of her posts. Using the address listed on her Weibo profile, a news article was published.

[Banana Entertainment Station]: An extravagant romantic confession in the city! A touching scene awaits, are the singles ready for this sweet public display?

The Internet was in a frenzy, but Ning Xi and Chang Shi Gui were oblivious to it all.

As she looked at the beautiful lights around her, Ning Xi smiled widely. “How did you manage to do all this?”

She had barely returned home for two hours. In this short span of time, Chang Shi Gui had managed to execute this whole plan. This was a remarkable feat.

“Money can solve a lot of problems”, Chang Shi Gui held Ning Xi’s hands, and stared deeply into her eyes. “However, there are some things that can only be solved with sincerity.”

Ning Xi laughed. She lifted her head and noticed that there were still many voyeurs from her block, so she tugged the sleeves of Chang Shi Gui’s white shirt. “Let me invite you for a drink at my place … boyfriend”.

When Chang Shi Gui heard her last word, he was at a loss for words, and only nodded his head profusely.

Ning Xi was tickled by Chang Shi Gui’s dazed look. “Blockhead.”

Chang Shi Gui did not reply at first, but after they entered the lift, he said abruptly, “I’ll only be your blockhead”.

“It looks like I need to paraphrase this”, Ning Xi turned her head, smiling. “You’re a blockhead with honey lips.”

Honey lips?

Chang Shi Gui explained seriously, “I mean everything that I’ve said”.

Ning Xi looked at his serious face, and couldn’t contain her laughter.


Miao Xiao Mi was an ordinary university student. However, she had never expected that her trip home one night would actually allow her to witness the romantic proposal from a wealthy man.

She lived on the second floor, hence she could clearly see that the man who confessed looked like a handsome, stable and mature man.

No one would have thought that a man like him would use such an … idol drama-like style to confess! This was so out of character!

When the female lead appeared, she almost dropped her phone in shock. Wasn’t this Ning Xi?!

Wasn’t Ning Xi a couple with Zhou Zhengchuan?

But Ning Xi had officially said previously that she was only good friends with Zhou Zhengchuan. Then this man is …

Right! There were rumours that the President of Chang Enterprises had a crush on Ning Xi, but she was never interested in him, hence they had never gotten together. Could this extraordinarily handsome man be the President of Chang Enterprises?!

She excitedly searched for pictures of Chang Shi Gui. True enough, the pictures proved that Chang Shi Gui was the man downstairs!

Wow! She had actually witnessed the full confession between the country’s most eligible bachelor and Goddess Ning!

Miao Xiao Mi’s hands trembled from the shock, and she started drafting a post on Weibo. However, after she finished typing, she hesitated for a moment.

Female celebrities never had it easy. If she posted this onto Weibo, wouldn't she be creating trouble for Goddess Ning?

The feeling of knowing an incredible secret but being unable to share it was too painful for her. She pondered over it longer, then deleted the post, throwing her phone onto the sofa.


As Ning Xi opened her door and prepared to change into her slippers, she realised that she had not changed her footwear when she left the house.

Which meant that … she had left her house in her unkempt state, pajamas and slippers in tow?!

She covered her face helplessly, before turning to face Chang Shi Gui. She tugged at her pajamas saying, “Why didn’t you remind me? This is so embarrassing!” As she recalled the crowd watching them, she only wished she could dig a hole to hide herself in!

“It’s cute,” Chang Shi Gui looked at the cats printed on Ning Xi’s pajamas. “Even with these pajamas, you still look better than others.”

He stood by the door, and cautiously eyed her house, not knowing where to put his hands.

“There are no male slippers at home. If I have male guests, they’d have to wear shoe covers.” Ning Xi went through her shoe cabinet, and took out a pair of furry panda slippers. “This is too big for me, why don’t you try this on?”

However, it was still way too small for Chang Shi Gui.

Ning Xi touched her chin and smiled, “Bear with it first, I’ll get you a larger pair of panda slippers in future.”

“Sure.” Chang Shi Gui did not appear to be bothered by how inconsistent the panda design was with his President image. When he heard that Ning Xi wanted to buy a pair of slippers for him, he only nodded eagerly.

This was his first time in Ning Xi’s house. Even if he was curious about how her bedroom looked, he kept his manners and refrained from looking around. He took a seat in the living room.

Ning Xi was tickled by his look of discomfort.

Chang Shi Gui was not embarrassed by Ning Xi’s expression. “Ning Xi, about what you said just now … Did you mean it?”

“Make a guess?” Ning Xi walked into the kitchen and poured a glass of water for Chang Shi Gui.

Chang Shi Gui grabbed the cup and was about to down the water when Ning Xi held him back, “The water’s hot!”

Hot water?

It was then that Chang Shi Gui noticed the smoke emitting from the surface of the glass. He obediently put it down.

“Would you be angry if I said that it was all a joke?” Ning Xi sat down beside Chang Shi Gui and passed an apple to him.

Chang Shi Gui took the apple and retrieved a fruit knife from a plate of fruits. He lowered his head and started peeling the apple. “No I won’t, even if you were joking with me. But …”

He stopped his peeling, and faced Ning Xi. “Even if it was just a short while, I was very happy”.

Looking at his expression, a thought suddenly flashed across Ning Xi’s mind. She would probably never be able to meet another man like him in her life.


Chang Shi Gui sliced the apple into half, and then cut out the apple core on one half. He placed that piece into Ning Xi’s hand, saying, “Before today, I would have never thought that I could sit beside you and peel fruits for you.”

Ning Xi took a bite of the apple. It was slightly bitter, but more of it was sweetness.

She then recalled that she had just brushed her teeth half an hour ago.

“Shi Gui, I don’t like to joke around,” she smiled and looked up. “And I would never joke about relationships”.

Chang Shi Gui was frozen, as he felt a pair of hands encircle his neck. The mild sweet scent entered his nostrils, making him giddy, and his heart beat wildly.

This … must be the feeling of exhilaration.

His mind was blank; all he wanted to do was to let the whole world know that the woman that he loved was willing to stand by him.n

[Entertainment Gossip Boy]: Someone had sent me a private message. A wealthy man had made a confession in a neighbourhood, and the person on the receiving end was a celebrity. Who do you think this is? [Photo attached]

The picture from this post was one of those taken from Bouncing Bear’s deleted posts.

In this picture, the romantic lights served as a backdrop for the eye catching couple who were hugging.

The male in the picture was in a white shirt. He had a good build, and gave off an elegant aura. He was looking at the woman in his arms, hence only his forehead was visible. On the other hand, the woman in the picture was in a white printed pajamas and had unkempt hair. Her face was buried in the man’s chest, such that even her side profile could not be seen.

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