After Rebirth, the Scum All Cry for Forgiveness

Chapter 5 - The reborn fiance

At the same time, the students in Class 1 were also preparing for the exam. The difference between this class and Class 19 was that this class was populated with quite an elite group of people, most of whom have participated in various academic knowledge competitions.

Their families either had considerable wealth or had strong backgrounds, but they also have ambitious aspirations themselves, and they disdain to compare themselves with the group of salted fishes from the lower classes that eat and play while waiting for death all day long.

Normally, before the exam, the classroom would be very quiet, but for some reason today, there were more sounds of whispering in the classroom. It was quite obvious in the silence, like a stone falling into a lake, disrupting the surface and the ripples spread rapidly.

The fun-loving classmates in the back row were gossiping, gossiping about a beautiful girl who seemed to have arrived in the bad class.

There were a total of 19 classes in the third year of high school. They were all in the same building. If some major changes in other classes had occurred, news of it would soon be spread everywhere.

If it was just any ordinary type of pretty, then even using just your toe you would know that it would’ve been impossible for the news to spread from the bad class on the fifth floor to the competitive academic class on the third floor. If it could be passed around, then it meant that she was pretty enough to cause a stir in the school building. This made the group of boys very excited and they became restless. She must be extraordinarily beautiful! At least on the level of the school flower Meng Shixuan!

The short boy with glasses in the corner was flushed with excitement. He secretly took out his cell phone and handed it to his deskmate to take a look: "Someone in Class 19 took a photo of her secretly. F*ck, she’s just my taste! Hasn’t Zhong Shixuan been picked as the school flower for three consecutive years? I dare to guarantee that after this girl appears, Zhong Shixuan's school flower position will definitely not be safe!"

His deskmate glanced at the beautiful and elegant girl on the phone, and his eyes became more focused. He quickly snatched the phone and looked at it carefully, his face showing unconcealed surprise.

But after hearing the words of the boy with glasses, he curled his lips and gave the phone back to the boy with glasses: "So you like this kind of cheap, seductive bitch? Pretty is pretty, but one man’s meat is another man’s poison. I think a girl like Zhong Shixuan who looks pure and noble is better."

one man’s meat is another man’s poison - everyone has different visions and preferences, and the results they see are also different

"Heh, if she doesn’t look good then give it back to me!" The shorty almost fought with his deskmate and snatched back his phone. In the end, when the exam papers had been passed down to him, he didn’t seem to notice it and set the girl as his phone’s screensaver.


The commotion in the class only happened in a small area among the boys, but naturally it inevitably spread to Meng Shixuan’s vicinity in the front row. Some words faintly fell into her ears, such as "More beautiful than Zhong Shixuan", "Change in the School flower title", "Who is this girl". She seemed unconcerned, only bending down her slender neck, smoothing out the paper with her fingers, and began to answer the questions seriously.

But her deskmate Lan Jiajia couldn't help but complain in a low voice: "This group of boys are really making a fuss out of nothing. How much prettier can she be? Last year, they also said that the junior transfer student was pure and beautiful, but later, when compared with you, she completely pales in comparison. What are they boldly going on about now?"

Meng Shixuan smiled slightly and took no notice of it: "Answer the paper."

Lan Jiajia also said: "Hearing how amazing she is from them, why don't I help you go over to see after the exam is finished?"

"No need." Meng Shixuan said helplessly: "There are so many beautiful people. How busy would I be if I looked for them to compare myself with?"

After speaking, she ignored Lan Jiajia and concentrated on the question.

Lan Jiajia looked at Meng Shixuan with admiration and envy.

Meng Shixuan's fate is really good. Born in the wealthy Zhong family, the treasured eldest daughter that everyone revolved around and is loved by her parents. Even her younger brother Zhong Xiyou, who’s a Second Year high school student, is extremely good to her, as if he had come out of the comics. She herself was also outstanding, her looks are first-class, her grades are also very good, and she even has a fiance with a good background.

The gray knitted dress she wore today looks simple and stylish, but it’s probably very expensive.

My Lan family is also considered to be a family with some wealth, but compared with the Zhong family, it is not enough.

Lan Jiajia quietly looked down at the carefully selected skirt under her school uniform. Her not-particularly high self-confidence quickly deflated, like a popped balloon. She pulled at her neckline uncomfortably and couldn't help but glance at Meng Shixuan, half sighing and half feeling envious. Beauties are beauties. Even when taking an exam, she looked so pleasing to the eye.

After staring for a long time, she realized that she had wasted several minutes of exam time and finally retracted her gaze.

As a result, she didn't see Meng Shixuan's pen stop on the test paper and didn't move for a long time.

More beautiful than her?

There was a flash of unclear emotion in Meng Shixuan's brown eyes. One wouldn’t be able to tell whether it was disdain or something else.

She has indeed met a girl who was prettier than her. Three years ago, Father Zhong and Mother Zhong suddenly brought the girl home and told her that she was not actually the child of the Zhong family, but just the child of a lowly nanny. The real treasured young miss of the Zhong family was not her, but Zhong Youyou.

At that time, Zhong Youyou was dirty all over and dressed in rags, like a little beggar, she timidly looked around her surroundings, only daring to sit her butt on the very edge of the sofa. But even so, Zhong Youyou, who was already fifteen years old at that time, was already stunning. She was a type of beauty with a striking charismatic countenance that defeated the aura that she had finally managed to cultivate for fifteen years in an instant.

That day, the crystal chandelier outlined Zhong Youyou’s facial features beautifully and charmingly. It was exactly the same as Mother Zhong when she was younger and also somewhat similar to Zhong Xiyou. It finally answered the question Meng Shixuan has often been asked for so many years —— "You’re really are beautiful, but why don’t you look like the Zhong family?"

After Zhong Youyou stepped into the house, Meng Shixuan never had a day without a nightmare.

She has seen her birth mother Meng Qian from a distance, or perhaps she should say, Meng Qian came looking for her. Just from looking at the fake snakeskin bag in Meng Qian's hand and her thin and sallow cheeks, she could already guess what a miserable life Meng Qian had. She sympathized with her biological mother, but she was also really afraid of being sent back. After getting accustomed to a good life, few people could bear falling into the mud from the top of a cloud. She knew very well that after leaving the Zhong family, she would be nothing. It wasn’t that there were no pretty girls in those poor families, but what was their fate in the end? To accompany somebody for drinks or becoming a mistress.

Fortunately, she has been a good girl in the Zhong family for fifteen years. Father Zhong and Mother Zhong, including younger brother Zhong Xiyou, have already developed a deep affection for her and have never had the thought of sending her back…

In the past few years, Zhong Youyou has also become more rebellious. She was covered in thorns and hardly stayed at home. She made friends with a group of delinquents from the vocational high school, and has plastered herself with makeup, making herself look extremely vulgar. The Zhong family, including the servants, gazed at her with unconcealed annoyance and disgust.


Thinking of this, Meng Shixuan couldn't help but tilt her head and look over at Shi Zhitang, who was sitting a few places away from her.

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