Somehow, The Villainess Who Regressed in Time Lost Her Magic Power, so She Turned into a Secluded Maiden

Chapter 5

Huh? When did I fall asleep?

When Rachel lifted her heavy eyelids, the sun had begun to set. A red light mixed with orange shone through the window beside the bed.

Apparently, her body had been cleansed while she was asleep. She also had changed to new loungewear.

I’m thirsty.

Rachel raised her upper body with both of her hands. Then she tried to hold the cup on the side table of the bed.

When she reached for the cup and tried to lift it…

Ah, it’s falling.


Rachel held the cup with the same amount of power she used every time she did this until now. But since she had become weak, she made a mistake.

The cup fell from the floor and tragically broke. Now the floor was flooded with water.

Oh no…

Before Rachel could stretch her arm to ring the bell at the bedside,

“My Lady! What happened!?”

Probably had been on call near Rachel’s room, Sarah immediately entered the room.

“Ah, I was trying to drink…”

“Are you injured?”

“I’m alright. Thank you.”

“Then I‘ll fill this cup for you. You’re still sick, so it can’t be helped that you have no energy.”

Sarah poured water into the spare cup, put her arm on Rachel’s back, and use her other hand to position the glass on her master’s lips so she could drink it.

Ahh, I have revived. Well, I guess I also literally revived...

After helping Rachel drink, Sarah slowly and politely lay her back on the bed.

Then Sarah left the room once and immediately returned with cleaning tools in her hand. She cleaned the floor thoroughly, making sure no signs of a broken cup or flowing water remained.

“Sarah, I’m sorry for troubling you.”

“What are you talking about! My Lady, you’ve always pushed yourself too hard. You have to relax a little.”

“...Sarah, thank you for everything.”

Sarah widened her eyes, surprised. But soon after that, she broke into a happy grin.

When Rachel saw that expression, she was shocked to realize that she had never thanked Sarah for always serving her this well.

Born as the daughter of the Marquis, Rachel always felt superior to other people. She treated her servants like they were nothing more than scenery.

Unlike the other servants, Sarah was the only one who always stayed by Rachel side and meticulously cared for her. Before she realize it, the maid had become someone special for her.

And yet, Rachel never said any word of gratitude to Sarah.

Even servants and commoners had their own family. Everyone had someone irreplaceable for them. Just like her, they had their own feelings. But Rachel failed to realize such a common thing.

Now she thinks about it, the noble girls who were close with her betrayed her for the Saint after her engagement with the prince was annulled.

She remembered how they were laughing at them, looking down on her.

Perhaps she had no one she could call as her ‘real friend’.

But Sarah was different.

Even if Rachel often took out her frustration on her, Sarah stood close to her until her own death.

Rachel couldn’t cherish the people who cared for her. Be it her position or her magic power, they all felt worthless for her now.

Rachel stares at Sarah’s smile, regretting her past self and joyful to be able to start over. Tears were about to form in her eyes, but then

“Ah, My Lady! There’s something I have to tell you.”

“Hm? What is it?”

“The other day, Master returned from the castle when you were asleep. He took a look at your sleeping face and left a message. Um, it seems like His Highness is going to visit you soon.”

While gazing at the milking Sarah, Rachel’s face stiffened. A cold sweat broke out over her back.

Ah, I completely forgot about that.

I was still engaged with His Highness, huh.

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